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Dungeons and Ponies Plus One Dragon


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A while back, Stria donated a large sum of money to Cancer Research. This donation received a drawing from me. He requested Luna and the Mane 6 playing Dungeons and Dragons.

Princess Luna - Dungeon Master
Applejack - Warrior
Twilight Sparkle - Wizard
Fluttershy - Druid
Pinkie Pie - Bard
Rainbow Dash - Rogue
Rarity - Jewelmancer

Spike - The dragon who serves refreshments!

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A very beautiful RPG scene, johnjoseco :)

In February I am going to hold a little presentation about pen and paper rpgs / Tails of Equestria etc. at an online meetup of bronies in Germany. May I perhaps show your image in the presentation slides?

It would be a great cover image for the presentation.

The image would not be printed or replicated in any way and there is nothing commercial involved (I hold that presentation for free) and of course there will be a slide with thanks and credit for images used in the presentation.

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This is a really great work

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this makes sense both worlds have magic

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And dinky the emotional support.

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rw:IDK but i rly liked that episodes and If only Discord and Big Mac was in this pic aswell ^_^

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this is great lol I fully see Luna dming a game.

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Ok, making up a class for Rarity is both silly, unimaginative, and failing to recognize many aspects of her character.  Off the top of my head, an Illusion-focused Sorcerer would probably be suitable, for the idea of being able to create beautiful things as an innate aspect of her very being would appeal to her.  An Artificer that focuses on the elegance and beauty of her creations just as much as their functionality might appeal, too.  (Bard would also suit her for similar reasons, but Pinkie always calls the role).

Also, Twilight being a wizard seems... off, too.  I mean, being an *actual* wizard is her *day job*.  Who wants to play and RPG to play their actual job, however gamified and abstracted it is?  I'd peg her as a Cleric-  why?  well, she's absolutely one to jump in a needed role, and every group needs a Cleric.   Second, she's also the type of person to read the entire rulebook cover to cover and recognize how powerful Clerics can be- and third, she seems like someone who would absolutely love playing a character who worships a sun goddess. :3
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Wow, killjoy much?  Honestly, making up a class is a lot of fun for us that run in homebrew campaigns.  It actually shows how imaginative the players can be without using cookie cutter classes.  And what if it happens to be a silly campaign, and not a serious one?  I pity you if you've never participated in either one of those types of campaigns.
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Looking at this one again, Rainbow and Twilight's facial expressions suggest that they have a cunning plan in the works! Meanwhile, Applejack is having a difficult time working out how to make her paladin handle a situation that required deception!
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Beautiful work! The detail is amazing!
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is it bad that I know which class they are playing by what costume they are wearing?
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An oficial Roleplaying manual for My Little Pony just came out. I freak out in my chat room. Found your draw by dumb luck and share it. We were having a debate on what Rarity class was. Mystery solved
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I don't get how enchanter wouldn't be the first thing everyone thought of. I mean it's so obvious. Dash, Monk. Fluttershy, Druid. Twi, Wizard. Pinkie, bard. AJ, Paladin or warrior and Spike scullery maid. Dash is really the only one off here as Rainbow wouldn't steal stuff. That would be Derpy the Kender. 
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Luna is best Dungeon Master or should I say Dungeon Mistress
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my most favorite things combined. holy shit. YYYYYYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I think Spike should've been dungeon master. xd
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Hahahaha. This is both cool and adorable. The Mane 6 gather for a game of D&D. And the title is clever. ;)

I am familiar with everyone's class except Rarity's, only because I have only ever played 4th edition of it. But seeing as the others have classes which suit their personalities, I am positive whatever the "Jewelmancer" suits her benevolent and posh nature. Seeing as Spike enjoys making snacks for his friends and Luna still speaks in a medieval accent (Until later seasons where her dialect has become more modern in MLP's time) is good for being the DM since their job is to describe what is happening while laying out the path for the travelling heroines.

Very good. :)
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