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Did Someone Say Sick?

What an entertaining episode. As always, Discord steals the show. Love his little song
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Hellooooo, Nurse...
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Great job, Discord.
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I like a glass of water please
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Discord...why are you wearing eyeshadow?
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I am k with this
FelixCapibara's avatar
jajajajaja that´s why i love discord XD
MlpSugarBlossom's avatar
Lol cadence's face
MLPcomiclover's avatar
Lol discord's face
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Discord... really? -_-
Alastia-The-Catpony's avatar
lol Discord has eyeshadow XD
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Eeeek! So cute help!!!
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Gumball: *tries not to vomit*
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First there's French maid dress now there's nurse dress, I wonder what costume Discord will wear next.
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Discord is :iconfabulousplz: FABULOUS
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nice sparkly eyeshadow Dissy!
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Discord did want to spend time with his, "special some pony."
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Okay I am discord becouse i seriously have a problem of anoying every one araound me (sorry for my bad english)Hatsune Miku-06 (Smile) 
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I am WAY behind, what episode was it?
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Season 4 episode 11 threes a crowd
here's a link to it if you'd like to watch it:…
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