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Call Me Mistress Rarity

There's a picture of Rarity with a similar hat photoshop on the net. Let's run with that.

Special thanks to PonyGaf and adelorlyon!

P.S. Rarity didn't complain about being spanked.
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Not afraid but gonna enjoy it. 💖💗❤😍😉
ABB0002's avatar
I’m not afraid
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I would absolutely love to rp this
"DIRTY" You say.....uh oh!
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:iconraritydreamyplz: PREPARE YOUR ASS SPIKEY WIKEY.
:iconspikeisarousedplz: Mmmhmhhmmm... 
NinjaRarity's avatar
Oh i think i'm in the wrong rape dungeon but i'll think i'll stay AWWWWWWWWWW YEAH! ;D
Zowen2001's avatar
No, God please no, NOOOOOOOOO!
MrELVeeJay's avatar
Oh-my...spank me hard and call me Spike... ;-)
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Rarity confirmed for Timelord.
I call her "Missy" <3
knSOAD53's avatar
Sure it's great but I can't see anything :v
Chrzanek97's avatar
Oh yes, I am ready for punishment...
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I made a picture like this
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Heheh.. this ties in so well with the Simple Ways episode ;)  winks       Love that Raarity :D
Phenometron's avatar
That's perfect, John! :D
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you do some really nice works, J.J.
and, I will admit that I didn't initially embrace Ms. Rarity at the opening episode, she has grown on me. as has Dashie, but I would just rather not share too much of this with her. :p
anyway, this is awesome! :3
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Dear Mistress Rarity:
I found your other half.


Have fun, you two. :eyes:
shutora's avatar
funny!!! :p 
Myredhulk's avatar
catluvr2's avatar
I didn't draw either of them, I just found the artwork. :shrug:
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Im, Not Afraid of Anything Mistress *Wink, Wink*
yes my mistress
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