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Britannia and Canni

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Here is Britannia(Not sure if name's final) from B.U.C.K. [link]

and Canni from Gala Con [link]

Both are mascot for respective Brony Cons in Europe! I think it's cool because not many Europeans can cross the Atlantic to check out the U.S. Cons
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Heavybrony1401Hobbyist Traditional Artist
This so frikin adorable! I especially like the roman unicorn. BTW I spelt frikin wrong on purpose!
crabbybear's avatar
aw! there so cute! (^ ^)
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AturoHobbyist Digital Artist
Whats Cannis Cuty mark? .. i looks like a bavarian beer mug.^^
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AskBritanniaMLPHobbyist Digital Artist
Ah, one of the pics that started it all. She's undergone a bit of character development since her first concept art but Britty still is the haughty little madam.

Will be interesting to see if she ever meets up with Canni.

Great job on this. This piece was certainly a massive inspiration and influence on us here at the tumblr blog.
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You know, the Britannia plushie at the charity auction at BUCK sold for one thousand pounds.
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Modus-IndorumHobbyist General Artist
Highhoof to the bronies across the pond.
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*Bronycon is just watching and relaxing*
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HOLY SHATNER! I knew B.U.C.K. was getting big, but one of the greats did a PIC for it? Nice...wonder why Saturn never said anything? Or maybe he did and I missed it...
LilB-7's avatar
LilB-7Hobbyist General Artist
Ohey Otakon, nice meeting you here XD
otakon17's avatar
Do I know you? :P
LilB-7's avatar
LilB-7Hobbyist General Artist
now that I'm thinking about it... there might be more than 1 otakon :P
Sorry, unless you are visiting Bronystate Frequently I don't think that you are the otakon I thought about.

Sorry again for the confusion xD
otakon17's avatar
Holy hell this is an old response, yeah I'm one in the same from there.
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Donovan-TrueBoltHobbyist Writer
That is cool. And I like the name Britannia. It's regal and sweet. =) It's really cool that you're doing this. Rock on! /)
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ditzydewdropHobbyist General Artist
I LOVE Canni's mane!
templar127's avatar
Roman ponies r cool!!!
MidnightWave's avatar
i love the choice in colours for Canni. i can see her being in the show cause the colours actually look good together. the colour of her coat, mane, and eyes just looks awesome.
lovelykloverkit's avatar
i LOVE canni! so adorable! you sir,deserve a brohoof! another great job!
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jimcool93Hobbyist Artist
Roman pony :D
Hazelwolf's avatar
I'd love to make a plush of Britannia. Was planning on making a plushy something for the charity auction they are having there. Don't suppose you'd object if I were to collaborate on a design for her. I'd need to have some clue about her cutie mark f'rinstance. :)
SlightlyEccentricUK's avatar
Hullo there!
I'm SlightlyEccentric, Publicity Manager for BUCK and I would absolutely love love love you to make a plushie or something of our dear Britannia for the charity auction! If you drop me an email- I can give you all her details.
Hope to hear from you soon!
Trinity-Alchemist's avatar
Trinity-AlchemistHobbyist Writer
Awesome! I'm going to BUCK this year. So excited for it ^_^
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Roman helm? Dat pony deserve it
yayayayayala's avatar
omg wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Maddog3060's avatar
Ponies with Roman-style helms = awesome.
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