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Being a Potato is a Sport

:iconjimmi-yay-yay: Perhaps only indirectly sports related, but Lyra sitting on her bum as she usually do in front of the telly, watching other ponies do that sweaty sports thing. In celebration to everyone to lazy to do sporty things during the olympics =P OH and as always I forget to mention BonBon standing next to Lyra all decked out in training gear and ready to be all, "lets go for a run!" and "come on one more pushup!"
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"I am in shape. Round is a shape."
Anansi spider art in the background?
KrazyKari's avatar
Oh God, that spider Twilight poster in the background. ;v;
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Twilight's so ugly she could be a modern art masterpiece!!!! And I was right! After all these years, I'll see who's laughing last...
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APPLE chips. Of course. :iconepicfacehoofplz:
EqFAzrael's avatar
Spider sparkle. Now with wings Terror..Ahhh..Onion 
ArcanePhotographer's avatar
Sadly I am the same :(
Xemnas-sama's avatar
Most of us are, specially when a new episode comes up.
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I'm like this with any good TV or just lazy :/
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LOL Lyra is exactly like me
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what's with that twilight sparkle picture...
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OMG LOL THAT SHOULD BE IN DUMB RUNNING PONIES TUMBLR!!! i have to admit, that is so adorable. XD :iconcannotevenplz:
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that painting reminds me of spiderjack
Emaldon7's avatar
Lmao at that Twilight modern art piece XD
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Lyra, you so, lazy, but cool)
FacilierFan93's avatar
I totally agree with you, Lyra
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XD The Twilight Sparkle picture is hilarious!
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Lyra is EXACTLY like me.
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lyra.. are you watching the simpsons again?
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