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Apple Family Bonding

That eagle sure is strong....
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*Reads the description*
My thoughts exactly.
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the fact that the Eagle was able to pick up Big Mac alone, eeenope
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Reminds me of those Epic Rap Battles with Abe Lincoln and the eagle lol
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I just notice something...

Big Mac's mane color is the same fur color as Applejack's fur color. Applejack's mane color is the same fur color as Applebloom's fur color. Applebloom's mane color is the same fur color as Big Mac's...

What the heck!?
BubbleNinjaNuggetOOF's avatar
Nice eyes gurl.. I didn't know dat till now.. :P
Brainstormer623's avatar
That eagle does not have the physical ability to give a flying f*ck.
Anti-Viruse's avatar
Lucky they get to fly first class.
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Who's got the map? I got the map!
M-to the A-to the yeah, that's right, P!
Ain't no other pony find a map like me!
I'm apple... uh oh
godfight57's avatar
XCOM2016's avatar
OMG! Where are these crazy ponies flying to? Definitely AMERICA 
They are definitely related to pinkie, 'cause physics could only bend like this to pinkie.
Gojihunter31's avatar
AMERICA, ponies!!
DankTheWolfHog's avatar
Don't worry!
Mericas got you!
what are we going to do with you?
TheSmilingLion's avatar
This is further than Pinkie Logic..
This is...

...Jesus as an eagle!
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Pinkie, lift your leg up, you're ruining the background.
goldfencer422's avatar
No, that's the cloud they just passed.
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That was a good episode. 
Cyberiver's avatar
yaa it was 1 of my favorites
Tenjen's avatar
AJ does not appreciate Pinkie's positive spin about the wonderful photography that is now possible.
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I wonder what Big Mac did to make the eagle mad, throw a rock @ it?
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