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Anneli Heed at the Studio

So Anneli Heed who does the voices of Swedish Spitfire, Spike, Cheerilee, and Sweetie Belle requested a drawing of her pony in a recording studio.

She's recording voices for My Little Human. Har har.
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cool i did not know that was who played Spitfire i love her rough scratchy voice
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You should make here who voice Rainbow dash and Korra at the same time on danish
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Nice! Did an actual voice actress from the show requested you to draw a picture for her?
ShiroKusakabe's avatar
is little known secret that if you voice ponies then you become a ponie
YinReneeMoonveilYang's avatar
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Isn't she the chick who made Spitfire sound like a dude? That day was good 'cause I got to see people yell. :D
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lucky to get to know the actual people.
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so she's the voices of them in Swedish, not in Englesh?
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Wait a minute, SHE requested a drawing from YOU?! ...lucky:icondashieohokayplz:, I wish I could get talked to by special people besides my friends/family, I wish I could meet famous people, I wish I could come to Bronycons, I wish I could come to Brony Fan Fair, I wish I was a somepony...I'm a nopony online... and offline, nobody knows me either...I'm the only one that knows me, The JTAC of ALL Trades (insert picture of my OC, JTAC, here)...I have 2 Tumblrs [link] [link] , Youtube [link], DeviantArt, Facebook (message me if want), XBOX LIVE (JTAC5), and an email ( sorry...I just don't like to be ignored I've already had plenty of that since Elementary and ever since becoming a Brony last year, I've wanted to make my life actually mean something, my B-day is in October and I'll be 19...oh excuse me, I talk too much don't I?:iconmlpdiscordplz::iconsweetiederelleplz:
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You are such a sad person. And I don't say that in a nice way.
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...I know, that's why I'm gonna join the US Airforce
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Oh that's a good one. XD Great pic. Good job with the mic and poster in the background. I like her hair to. XD
g-weegee's avatar
i forgot to say that my mom also have the name anneli
Wesdaaman's avatar
The Swedish dub, eh?
CherryBlossomShadows's avatar
Swedish Spitfire is sexiest pony.
I've seen her at the Galacon today but I missed the chance to get an autograph... still it was awesome to hear her voice immitation. She's really good.
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She is the only reason to watch the Steedish dub of My Little Human!
g-weegee's avatar
well she really looks like a swedish person (my swedish eyes can see that)
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A voice actress come to you for ponies? AWESOME!!
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Episkt!! Jag skulle tippa på att det är hon som gör rösten till Annie Tsukino (Sailormoon), Annelie Berg numera Heed?
Även om jag är inget fan av MLP - Vänskap är magiskt, så gillar jag denna!
Liggliluff's avatar
Tyvärr tar du fel =(
De stavar sina namn olika och Heed hette tidigare Ahlgren. Annelie Berg är en annan person.
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