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By johnjoseco
From the guys who brought you Attack of the Killer Muffins, comes a heart-warming romantic comedy between a pegasus and his apple pie.

There's a Feather in my Pie!

Coming soon to a theater near you.
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My favorite ship ❤
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Soarin: pie
queen noble heart(me): HEY SOARIN soarin and dashie sitting in a tree k I s s I n g!!!!
Soarin:ahhhhhhhhhhhh spitfire evil pony help!!!!
queen noble Heart:ha ha hes out of my room have to tell luna that!!
dashie: funny
spitfire:geezs what has gone in to you soar!?

thats the end everypony please like the pic not y picture
MaverickHunter13's avatar
Dang it, Soarin! That's suppose to be Rainbow Dash next to you, not flipping pie! (yes, I ship Dash x Soarin like FedEx!)
girl23455's avatar
what the Hay Soarin
u r crazy for pies
why don't u marry one
AHH soarin you and your pies 
PinkieShyFIM's avatar
Pies are just fucking awesome,
BLASTOlSE's avatar
this is my otp <3
twist2death's avatar
Pie instead of rainbow dash ....... strang
JuliaTheGummyBear's avatar
Soarin sleeps in his Wonderbolts uniform?
Detah-Ramet's avatar
...its going to become an american pie later...
ohiopony's avatar
i just ate apple pie lol
kiki-chan319's avatar
Haha Glad I saw this! XD
Nettleheart's avatar
Now with 20% more pies!
pittbull44's avatar
american pie was the first thing to come to mind
kitchkinet's avatar
"We'll just tell Spitfire that we...ate it all."
pittbull44's avatar
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You should do one with Spitfire:3
SmartChickie123's avatar
Now, someone with amazing Photoshop skills put's Rainbow Dash in place of the pie..
ZeoNet's avatar
That's certainly a peculiar way to spell Spitfire.
SmartChickie123's avatar
That is also a very peculiar way to spell "Fuck off" my good sir.
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