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Aden! Wait!

We know where Leona's heart belongs to....
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I wonder how Chief Mendez, Ramon Salazar, Jack Krauser or Osmond Saddler will look like?

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capcom remaking this better be worth it.

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The only thing that would have made this perfect is if Aden had more an ascot or neck gator instead of that ribbon....but then again maybe Leona wouldn't be as infatuated! :D OK so who else wants the game modded to so this version! :giggle:

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Anyone else want to see Mr X with boobs now?

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Oh no. Don't stop there. I need to see what Aden is wearing! ♥

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How sexy and cool hehe

Aden works better but given how much fanservice Ada provides at times maybe you should have just gone with Adonis and made him shirtless. Not that a tight, bright red undershirt of some description doesn't work in this rule 63.

P.S. before I forget the obvious, lovely art! Rule 63 isn't usually my jam but I must admit I'm getting a good chuckle out of this. Of course, it helps that you do the job much better than the majority of rule 63 I see just getting slapped together.

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Jackie or Jacqueline Krauser :P

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Sorry but I can only imagine Aden in a red dress with heels

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I wonder if she takes Adam up on his offer at the end.

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That thought bubble makes me think he's still wearing the red dress lol.

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XD so much yes. ^^

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Now we just need Christine Redfield, Jack Valentine, and Alice Wesker.

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Ramona Salazar

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thank you for that. RE 4 is my favorite game of all times. and this is cute as hell. Because with rule 63 Leon, I can finally love him. ^^

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