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A New Generation

So I saw the new movie.... I liked it! It wasn't the best thing or anything. I was entertained.

There were two songs I liked which are Sunny's and Izzy's songs.. Also I noticed their cutie marks are only on their right side. Favorite ponies were Sunny and Izzy.

Note: G4 will always be the best. I don't think any future generations will be as good that. It holds that special place in my heart.
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Just like all good series there has to be a new generation to take over. Nicely done Mr. Joseco!

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I think I actually prefer your take to the original.

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do you hope netflix will do whole season posting at once or a week by week episode bit?

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I had my reservations before watching the movie, and I still do to some extent... but apart fro ma few minor bits, it did not disappoint.

The impression and emotion and story that was conveyed felt like G4 in a refreshing kind of way, and I am honestly looking forward to what comes next.

There remains a lot of unanswered questions, which I hope will be answered and explored as G5 carries on.

I was glad that a male pony has been established as part of the mane cast although I wish they'd kept the number as six, as they did prior, and perhaps the sixth pony could have been a unicorn stallion, a sort of adorkable shy nerd who evokes Fluttershy to some extent, becuz out of the new Mane Cast none evokes any of the personality traits of Fluttershy. Hitch comes closest to that in how animals seem to like him so much, even tho it baffles him

Another question I have... is the timeline. How long has it been since the end of FiM Season 9 and to this movie? Given the hints and clues we've seen in the movie, I would venture a guess of around a hundred years

Certainly long enough for this kind of setting and long enough for the pony tribes to vilify each other and forget their shared histories

Then of course, how did this happen? It seemed Equestria had arrived at a wondrous age of harmony, not just between ponies but so many creatures, and yet even that's been forgotten as well though ponies don't seem to harbor any (obvious or apparent) fear and distrust of other creatures

And let's not forget Magic. It disappeared - POOF! - Gone, just like that.Pegasi lost their ability to fly (and presumably their power to control weather and walk on clouds) while Unicorns lost their ability to cast spells

Earth Ponies didn't really seem much affected by the loss of Magic. Hay, Sunny didn't know Magic was gone until Izzy told her unicorns couldn't do magic anymore, and they found out pegasi can't fly either while their royals were lying that they still could, which blew up in their faces once the truth got out.

As a matter of fact, the unicorns were clearly the most affected by the loss of Magic becuz out of all the tribes they were living the most miserable existence, one plagued by severe superstition

Now, this may sound off but I can't help but wonder if Twilight has something to do with the disappearance of Magic. On one hoof I don't think Twilight would deprive ponykind of magic and make them vulnerable, but on the other it seemed almost like a friendship problem to be solved. Sunny thought she had to put the tribal crystals together but it turns out the tribes had to come back together in harmony and friendship and put their fear and distrust behind them, which made so much more sense becuz restoring magic wasn't the real problem.

For her deed, Sunny became an alicorn of sorts (given her horn and wings appeared to be made of energy and not flesh, feather, bone and blood) and ponykind is once again united in friendship and harmony

So now we have to wait before we can explroe this new world further and learn more

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I really liked the movie. All the characters were generally well-written, the songs were pretty good and I can't wait to see what comes next. It's true that the story left a LOT of questions unanswered, but I'm positive that the upcoming series will answer them. Heck, learning about what exactly happened in the past that divided the ponies and why nobody seems to remember it might even become the main story arc of G5, although I wouldn't mind if the ponies decided to leave the past behind and simply choose to work together for a better future.

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G5 is making the same mistake as the SW sequels. Relying on nostalgia for a superior saga to get it by. Bad move.

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I gotta see this movie I don't know what I'm waiting for

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Nah, I'll watch it today

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Why did they need to Jak Solo all of the character from G?

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I just watched it last night and i loved it!

I agree, G4 will always have a special place in my heart too, but i am excited to see what adventures await Sunny and her friends.

Phenomenal work on this!

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It was really cute. I like Hitch and Zipp. And Alphabittle was a lot of fun.

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I knew u would luv it bro! I did too!

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You also notice this little detail about the cutie mark being only on one side and not both eh?

You are not alone.

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Loving the new cast!

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I wanna be a winged pomeranian! This is so gorgeous & awesome!

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I really love to see this come back out of you. There was a few years there where your content was few and far between, at least in posts, and now you been way more regular. The wait was worth it. You came back and you came back hard, left and right everything you been posting has been really quality content. Thank you for sticking with the craft and bringing us more of your awesome awesome work! THANK YOU

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