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A Mane-iac on the Loose

By johnjoseco
I liked her, but there were times I thought it was Luna. Luna are you a comic book villain with Dr Octopus-like-hair?
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Mane-iac!  You're my favorite non-reformed villain!  Can I have your autograph?!
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I love to see this crazy pony. nice job.
Aprion's avatar
shes best villain ever XD  omg can you imagine her and discord together XD
Noveo2's avatar
It's f*cking tentacle monster!
wumboni's avatar
i am an octopus just looking for my career
MinccinoAnimations's avatar
Love the Mane-iac! Great job!!XD
Holycrap1992's avatar
... An earth pony mare with alicorn-like proportions and hair made of tentacle hentai... I'm strangely okay with this...
susanzx2000's avatar
my favourite mare very pretty
BipolarInsomniac's avatar
She's my favorite MLP villain! I couldn't draw her even if I tried! Amazing job! :D
Benthehyena's avatar
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More Mane-iac PLS!
M00N-CHASER's avatar
Best MLP Villain!
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i thought her voice sounded like Nightmare moon sepcially her laugh <.<
Havocktheslayer12's avatar
i thought it was Dr Octogonapus
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I never expected them to base a MLP:FiM villain, even a comic book villain, on the Joker.
RetiredAccount984's avatar
could i make a vector with this pic ill give you full credit for the original
GL-Adopts's avatar
she's a maniac maaaaniac on the floor! ^.^
DianeTheKillerPony's avatar
I must bond with you XD
Hey that looks suspishous ly like vegeta's big bang attack
Green-Sama's avatar
Hi John! I wanted to ask you something, could i have permisson to use this picure to make a yugioh card?
I'm making a whole set of MLP yugioh-themed cards and i'll love to made a card of this xP

Here's an example of the cards i make:…

Sorry for my hard english, have a nice day!
superslothpants's avatar
This is amazing. 
Transposition...the only thing in the picture that's  real is the orb...
...and the only heroes available at the time to the orb to save reality were ponies!!!

Ponies!!! Are you kidding me eternals????Interface,interface,interface...comic book(file drawer slams)?Lousy construct job, set up...horrible, interface wing and a prayer, Spike???Sigh..why not?In..3...2...1...

Huh...should have just taken the dragon...all done? Good,bye....and they took cupcakes with

(The cupcakes are not what they seem!)
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I have no idea what I'm reading. :iconrainbowdashderpplz:
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