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A Hug in the Dark

Black Friday and Sales and other things took my time. I liked the amount of AppleDash in this episode.
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Any Dio fans out there realize this is basically a "Rainbow in the dark"?

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*sneak up behind them wrap my arms around them* scared of the dark lady's ?

Meanwhile, I hear a loud but distant scream.
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Ahhh Appledash! So beautiful! <3
Thank you for making this gorgeously amazing piece of art! A little bit of these two always melts my heart. Hopefully you can make some more of these two some day! It's so beautiful. :'D
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RD, AJ, you have been playing too much Dead Space... XD
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You could they needed that space xD
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(XD) (+1 Watch simply for that joke alone.) (I kinda want to see if you can make one for this:)

You two have watched WAY too much FNAF.
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Was the AppleDash shipping happening in the Season 4 epiosde, "Castle Man-ia"?

Oh boy, they do look scared.
Rainbow Dash (Scared) Plz Applejack (Flabbergasted) Plz 
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Scaredy Ponies, Scaredy Ponies  Giggle 
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Rainbow Dash: I'm really starting to question my sexuality at the moment.
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If they were an inch closer I could make a "Who's penis is that?" joke.
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Aw this is super cute
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season 4: tis the season of shipping and r34 fuel
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Rainbow is reeeeally considering going for it.
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Dashie: don't be scared, Applejack...

AJ: Scared of... what?? I'm not scared...
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You are a fan of Appledash? (My English is bad :S) I'm too! :D
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