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A Different Kind of Iron Pony

:iconlazyfiz: - Big Mac and Apple Jack, competing in a Cider Drinking competition.

Now they can't drunk off it, but they can say loser is the one who has to go to the bathroom first!
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Lol. Loser is the first one that has to use the bathroom. 
Son-of-Dromund-Kaas's avatar
I've got my money on Big Mac. 
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I see this a lot amongst the fandom, Cider is treated like Beer. The two are very different, stop using cider as a substitute for a common alcoholic beverage. No that statement, this is fun to look at.
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:iconberrypunchplz::iconsaysplz: i can drink anypony under the table. *hic*

:iconapplejackplz::iconsaysplz:is that a challenge?!
openskyline's avatar
If Rainbow Dash was here, she could probably outdrink them both.
CaptainDerpyApplez's avatar
Fun Fact: Apple cider does not foam unless it contains alcohol.
marinus18's avatar
Applejack could never possibly win from Big Magitosh.
I mean he looks like he is about twice as heavy as she is. Of course he can drink WAY more than she can.
WildKnight215's avatar
Then it should be called Iron Bladder.
FlockOfMoosen's avatar
That pony can handle her alcohol...
WildKnight215's avatar
Shade Stryker: (finishing his 50th mug) Sorry did you say something?
AppleJack: (on her 40th) Seriously, you MUST be drunk by now!
Shade Stryker: Oh I have a healing factor.
AppleJack: So?
Shade Stryker: (smirk) I CAN'T GET DRUNK!
AppleJack: SON OF A...
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HailMyself's avatar
Remind me good old times. After hard work day, me and my cousin always end up drink beer together, is was really fun.
DeDrixEarthOC's avatar
cool i like this
CHUG, CHUG, CHUG :beercontest: 
captain77's avatar
Iron Liver more like it. 
I got 50 bits on Big Mac.Clap 
D-omii's avatar
Screw you! 150 bits on Applejack!
Up yours!Steaming Mad!   Big Mac could out-drink a Russian barmaid.  200 on Big Mac.Popcorn 
D-omii's avatar
300 on Applejack! She's smaller than Big Mac and she can buck a hundred trees full of apples!
chevynut's avatar
Statistically men have larger bladders then women and big mac is a much larger pony. But lets face it apple jack is so stubborn if big mac docent go to the bathroom first I sure hope AJ is wearing a dipper.
firestorm310's avatar
wait where's berry punch
timstro59's avatar
The Iron Liver competition begins NOW!!!!!
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