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By johnjoseco
First pic with my 2012 signature. Took 1 day to ink and color.

Happy New Year Folks! Let's Party!
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MarissaSunshine's avatar
Octavia in the top hat and monocle! XD
ashlynnlora's avatar
lauren faust (pony princess LOL!)
Ziggie1o1's avatar
Molestia spotted in top left corner.
evodraconis's avatar
That's Fleur De Lis
Creamandcheese1's avatar
I thought so too, but it's really Fancy pant's trophy wife...
Pix3lW0lf's avatar
That's not her! That's the pony that hangs around Fancy Pants...
Green-Dragon13's avatar
And nobody is able to remeber the evening.
lTofSMITIA's avatar
Wow. A year ago.
wevert's avatar
I know... It's funny how time flies. I remember seeing this a year ago, 3 months after I had become a brony xD
CRaZyAnimeLoverGirl's avatar
is just me or does it look like their all drunk and spitfire`s the only 1 staring at her cup saying "WTF is in this?"
jadevanitydrewdjpon3's avatar
you should make a 2013 one
Alvin-Row's avatar
Lauren looks awesome with a sombrero. Everypony should wear sombreros. Discord is Magix.
AceTrainer44's avatar
Can we expect one for 2013?
Igors20's avatar
I was in New York when this happened, and I totally JIZZED IN MY PANTS
Moonstone436's avatar
lol AJ and RD so awesome
Nova20CP's avatar
Faust wearing a sombrero...
*Me gusta*
I'm surprised rainbow isn't wearing the SWAG hat.
Twenty-Two22's avatar
One of the best Pony group shots i've seen. :D
Akzyra's avatar
i spotted Octo Octavia, Seapony Lyra
wWerefoXx's avatar
oh oops forgoy :iconbadassplz: (rainbow) and :iconlikeasirplz: (octavia)
wWerefoXx's avatar
Dat Discord Statue :icondatplz:
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