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Danny's Journal #14- Baba Yaga Gang Pt. 1

(This page seems to have a bit more of an uneasy handwriting but still comprehensible.)
Got kidnapped.
Not the first time, probably won't be the last. Fucking Baba Yaga Gang. Got me locked up in a box and barely have enough light to see where I'm going. Barely have enough to see my writing. Thankfully found some lead to write with (or at least hope this is lead that I found in this... Blegh). Got a clear to go from the Street Docs, but as soon as we got out, not even a couple of steps down the sidewalk until Jazz took a bat to the back of the head and a sleep spell cast on me.
Hope Jazz is okay.
Can see *just* enough through the cracks of this box to know that the sun is out and feels like a sauna in here, had to take my jacket off. Smog, flotilla, and the city skyline usually blocks out the sun... Wait... Are we outside the city walls?!? Holy shit!
Where the fuck are these wannabe-witch gangoons taking me? Oh by the Last Great Tree, heard st
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Jericho's Wasteland Survival Guide #6

Guide #6: Always check your food and water...
We fucked up. Knew it was too good to be true that we happened upon those supplies like that. Turns out that the food was spiked with some type of drugs or something. Knew it tasted funny but was too hungry to even care. We blacked out and woke up to find out that we've been imprisoned in some kind of settlement built out of a Supermarket.
See a few others here and they seem to have gotten tricked just like Albert and me. Eh, at least I won't die alone I guess.
Head felt a bit woozy. Amazing that I can even write properly. Head feels like it got punched by a Giant Mutie.
Felt a itch on the back of my neck and when I tried to scratch it, felt like a scar or brand or something. I took a closer look at some of the others and noticed they had these markings on different parts of their bodies.
A+, B+, AB+, A-, etc... The hell is this? I reached around to my neck again and felt the scar a bit more and it says "
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Mature content
Danny's Journal #13 :iconjohnis1:johnis1 0 0
Danny's Journal #12: Valentine's Day

(This torn off page seems to be drawn in crayon and is decorated with glitter and hearts. It was recently discovered in a Small Chest of Elvish design, along with many other notable items like a broken Green Gasmask with a Skull Design, a bottle of Elvish Wine, and a holo-cube. The Holo-cube is heavily encrypted so it'll be difficult to crack it, but it may have a goldmine of information yet to be discovered, so for now we'll have to put that aside)
Dear Danny,
Hey! I know ya don't like me going through your journal but I felt like since today's a special holiday, I wanted to write in it: I found some Chemistry puns online and I wanted to share 'em with you. : )
Are you made of Copper and Tellurium? 'Coz you're Cu-Te.
You are a Photon Quanta to my Valence Electron because you excite me to a higher energy level.
Are you made of Fluorine, Iodine, and Neon? Because you're damn F-I-Ne.
You are as sweet as a disaccharide of glucose and fructose.
Happy Val
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Jordan's Spacelog #10: Venus' First Spacelog

Spacelog #10: Stardate 11E021417
joredn let me have a spesslog todey
i gave him a valentnes day card dat the nannee bot helped me wit n joredn relly liket it
spesslog is relly cool n joredn told me him an nannee bot will tech me how to spell rite wen he gets bak frum his job
i m relly happee n i hope he brings bak moer musik
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Danny's Journal #11: Shopping List

(This note was found folded in half in Danny's Journal)
Shopping List:
Case of Spam
2 loaves of Bread
2 bags of Potato Crisps (Salt and Vinegar for me and Original for Jazz)
5 Pistol Clips ( .45 ACP)
2 Boxes of Shotgun Shells (1 Box of Buckshot and the other, Slugs)
5 AR Magazines (5.56×45mm NATO)
Carton of Cigarettes (Strawberry Flavor)
Gun cleaning kit
Canister of Pixie Dust
Package of Giant's Toe
3 Bongs (Jazz needs to stop breaking so many of these...)
Canister of Battery Acid
Canister of Red Phosphorus
Canister of Benz-Ul-It-Tyde (Benahyde? Benutuzyde? Ah fuck it...)
2 Bottles of Whiskey
4 Bottles of Rum
Case of Beer
3 Bottles of Vodka
5 Bottles of Wine
3 Boxes of Alka-Seltzer (Extra-Strength)
Can of Coffee
Canister of Nitroglycerin
Canister of Fertilizer
Gas Mask Filters (NATO 40mm threaded)
Syringes (For Jazz's Syringe Gun. New or used. Hm... Can probably get 'em for cheaper if I get the used ones...)
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Jericho's Wasteland Survival Guide #5

Guide #5: Keep calm and carry on.
Sooo... It looks like that thief may have tricked us.
Albert and I found out that she randomly drove from place to place, intentionally misleading us. She's smart, I'll give her that. She made a lot of tracks and disturbed many different abandoned places. Her trail went cold.
Tension between Albert and I were increasing slowly but surely. Morale was low and we were getting tired of eating dogfood.  
And yet we carried on.
We came upon a facility that didn't look like it was in too bad of shape. We stayed outside for an hour to make sure it was clear of any mutants or bandits. Nobody came in or out. It was all clear.
When we came inside, it looked as though our luck was turning around a little bit. We found a small cache of supplies. We didn't question where it came from or who's it was and frankly we didn't care. We chowed down and set up camp.
Albert was still angry at me but this calmed him down. We talked a
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Satoko's Scrolls #9: Instructor Su

Satoko’s Scrolls: Age 16
Everyone was told by the Instructors to start practicing our fighting art skills with each other for a couple of months. Tom and I have been sparring nonstop, never holding back. He's suprisingly good and it made me think that he's actually a good listener and a fast learner and hides it with his goofy personality. I haven't even been able to beat him once. Seems like he's been taking a few queues from Instructor Chao. He decieves his opponents by making them think he's simple-minded and goofy, making them put their guard down. That's pretty smart...
We had to put our sparring matches on hold though for we were going to began our lessons with Instructor Su.
Unlike our other teachers, Instructor Su was quiet and there were times where I saw her staring at some of us whilst sparring with each other, often times for a VERY long time, it was rather creepy. It's like she was studying us and our every movement. Didn't make s
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Satoko's Scrolls #8: Instructor Yijun

Satoko's Scrolls: Age 16
Our training under Instructor Chao was shorter than we expected. He said that we were fast learners and that due to this, he taught us all that he knows. He taught us in the ways of not only fighting our enemies but to outsmart them and use their strength against them.
Instructor Chao started growing on me in the short time that he was teaching us. While the other instructors were a bit more uptight and orderly, Chao seem's to treat his instructions as more of a fun game, much to the chagrin of the other instructors. Often times he joked around with us and pulled a few pranks on students and even on the instructors. There was this one time where he did this prank on Instructor Chun using Pink Food Coloring on his Fur while was sleeping. Instructor Chun didn't realize why everyone was laughing at him until late at night. Heh, he was furious.
Gah, I'm getting a bit off track now, this Scroll is suppose to about Instructor Yiju
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Satoko's Scrolls #7: Instructor Chao

Satoko's Scrolls: Age 16
I trained for about a year now, under Instructor Chun. The training was rather rigorous... To say the least... But our hardwork paid off, sad to see that some of the recruits go though. Those of us who didn't quit were reintroduced to Instructor Chao. We were patiently waiting for him for about 3 hours. He was late. When he arrived he smelled rather strange, he had blood shot eyes, and giggled from time to time for little to no reason. Most of the students thought he was just crazy (Probably is), but I was born in N3ON so I knew exactly what was up.
... Anyways, Instructor Chao gave a short lecture about how useful it is to think on one's feet. Sometimes opponents can be rather smart and find ways around our attacks and that we should be unpredictable to counter this. He asked
Tom to come up to him so that he may demonstrate this. He told Tom that he was going to punch him and that he'll need to defend himself. "Eh, no
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Jericho's Wasteland Survival Guide #4

Guide #4: Don't get weak when you think you're safe.
So... This is how it feels to start from scratch all over again.
This sucks.
We barely have any ammo and food.  Albert was understandably pretty pissed, but luckily his anger is directed more towards that little thief who stole our RV.
We've been tracking her for days, following the tire tracks. Albert often times fiddled with the tracks, rubbing his two fingers on the ground, even tasted the dirt (Blech). Sometimes, the trail went cold though... Other times, there were herds of mutants that we needed to avoid and had to go around them, taking us much longer to pick up the thief's tracks again... But we still kept going.
We've been pretty much surviving on a steady diet of dogfood, roots, wildberies, and dandelions, and boiling dirty water to stay hydrated (Blech!). It's not as terrible as it sounds and I will say I've had worse, but yeah...  
Albert thinks that maybe we've gott
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Jordan's Spacelog #9: Crash Landed Pt. 3

Spacelog #9: Stardate 11E071716
///Spacelog has automatically updated to the newest version. Enjoy!///
They found me. Dozed off. Been asleep for hours... They caught up to me.
I think they heard the notification of my Spacelog updating. They're coming closer.
Can't type anymore. I'm sorry Venus. I love you.
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Danny's Journal #10: The New World- Part 4

Entry: 90
Age: 31
Hey again journal, been a shortwhile since I last written in you. I lost you for a few weeks after getting drunk on that Dwarvish Beer (VERY strong stuff... Would love to try it again)
But everything has been rather slow going... I guess I'll just write about The City's key locations.
The Wall- The Wall surrounds the city and protects us from the the numerous Muties, Cannibals, and Raider Warlords outside. A lot of Gunderson Corps stand day and night and watch for anything dangerous that might come our way. Jazz likes to compare it to the Black Gate of Morder from Lord of the Rings or The Wall from Game of Thrones. "Take The Black Gate and The Wall and mash them together... Then churn it with The Berlin Wall... You get that thing..."
The Sewers- Fuck the sewers... The thing about it is that the City has a lot of a large network of interconnected sewer systems. The sewers are dark, disgusting, and mysterious labyrnths of tunnels and
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Jordan's Spacelog #8: Crash Landed Pt. 2

Spacelog #8: Stardate 11E070816
It's been 3 months since I last crashlanded. The experience has been rough to say the least. Stolen a Loranor's Dirt Rider. VERY risky, they don't take too kindly to trespassers on their planet, let alone thieves.
Had to outride a giant Dust Storm. On this planet the Dust Storms are usually filled with all types of pathegons that could lead to Rust Lungs, Flay, or worse... Say what you will about the Loranors, but the fact that they evolved to resist the many things on this hostile planet makes 'em some of the most toughest creatures in the galaxy.
Wished that my suit didn't get damaged...
Snuck into a Loranor Tribe's camp today and stol all the food and water that I could get. Haven't eaten, slept, or drink for a few days now, and I'm exhausted. Think I slipped up last night, forgot to cover my tracks. Those bastards are really great at tracking, one little thing out of place can set them off. For all I know they mig
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Satoko's Scrolls #6: Instructor Chun

Satoko's Scrolls: Age 15
It's been a few months since I last written in these scrolls. I didn't have enough time due to how much training I did and how exhausted I was after each day, but now I finally found the time. Our first lessons were by Instructor Chun, The Tiger. We focused on raw strength for our training.
For months, we punched a piece of paper on the wall for 2 hours straight and if the paper ripped, we simply replaced it. My hands bled a couple of times and I was in constant pain, but after a while I became use to it and I felt like my bones became stronger.
Afterwords we had to carry two pots of water and jogged 5 miles.
We usually took a short break and meditated.
Them we took to breaking wooden boards with our palms, legs, and heads. It started off with one board, then two, and afterwords three... And then came the stone slabs...
After that, we were put in teams of two (I had the misfortune of being paired up with Tom) and we held eac
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Jericho's Wasteland Survival Guide #3

Guide #3: Don't trust anyone.
Albert and I were scavenging for supplies yesterday and we ran across a Scavenger that was badly injured. She got attacked by a Bloodsucker and Albert suggested that we just let her die and loot her body, but me being the upstanding Citizen that I am, I decided to carry her to the RV and medicated her to the best of my abilities, I even gave her some of my own blood and stitched up her torn clothing and handwashed them (You know how hard it is to get blood out of clothing?!? There's a reason why I still wear this red jumpsuit...)
And, uh... Hm, well she pickpocketed me and grab the keys to the RV...
... Yeah, that's definitely what happened... 
She started up the RV but before she left, she lowered the window down and said "Thanks for the tricked out ride, ya doohicky! Wooo!" and then she did a burn out and drove off. (It was a rather sick burnout, I have to admit...)
Albert was... Displeased to say the l
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Hard Gay WAFUU by Shozen Hard Gay WAFUU :iconshozen:Shozen 685 146 reminiscence by greno89 reminiscence :icongreno89:greno89 2,115 123 Heads 2 by seashade Heads 2 :iconseashade:seashade 46 5 Desert witch by HetteMaudit Desert witch :iconhettemaudit:HetteMaudit 155 6 Portrait Painting by Whails Portrait Painting :iconwhails:Whails 116 4 Magic butterfly by Shleger Magic butterfly :iconshleger:Shleger 144 31 Milo by KicsterAsh Milo :iconkicsterash:KicsterAsh 670 54 Battle Angel by raikoart Battle Angel :iconraikoart:raikoart 8,679 249 MYO Kebanzu [APPROVED] by LiLaiRa MYO Kebanzu [APPROVED] :iconlilaira:LiLaiRa 2,802 71 Asakusa Backstreets by Pajunen Asakusa Backstreets :iconpajunen:Pajunen 1,382 163 Azula by Sinto-risky Azula :iconsinto-risky:Sinto-risky 2,068 94 delicious velocity by OctopusSteak delicious velocity :iconoctopussteak:OctopusSteak 73 14 Storyboard Lesson by rufftoon Storyboard Lesson :iconrufftoon:rufftoon 1,822 517 Avia Longheart, Peregrinating Princess by TheFerfleFleef Avia Longheart, Peregrinating Princess :icontheferflefleef:TheFerfleFleef 5 2 kh3 by OctopusSteak kh3 :iconoctopussteak:OctopusSteak 131 8 CELORI SSJ-GOD commission by ERIC-ARTS-inc CELORI SSJ-GOD commission :iconeric-arts-inc:ERIC-ARTS-inc 35 5

From :iconflicker-show:'s journal:
"kikyoyaoi because she's homeless now and Mimkage, Silverknight and I are all tryna help her QwQ it would mean a lot to me if you'd share this on you page or in a journal or status post anything like that………

Life is rough and we all need a little help sometimes. If you could donate a little something I'm sure it'll go a long way.
:iconkikyoyaoi: "

I hope this helps! :)


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