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By johnhmaloney
My birthday is coming up this Wednesday and, while birthday wishes are always appreciated, for those who might be inclined to do a bit more I have a bit of an unusual idea. I've compiled a list of my favorite media (movies, music, anime, books etc.), most of which are fairly obscure, along with links to find them online (usually for free) and in lieu of a gift or anything of that nature, I'd like for you to find something on the list that looks interesting, that you've never seen/heard/read before and check it out. In recent years, I've realized that as much as I enjoy creating my own art/media, I prefer promoting the work of others' that I really enjoy and so I'm using this occasion to do just that. If you can't find anything on the list that appeals to you or in the off chance that we have the exact same tastes and you're already familiar with all of it, I'd ask that you find some creative work in any medium that you haven't experienced before and that might be a bit outside of you're usual and try it out. Thanks in advance. :)
Here's the list ...…
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