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Crux Sweet Rebel - 8

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This would be a good costume for a vicar and tarts party but you’d probably regret the skirt being quite that short at the end of the day - either that or pretty tough knickers. Neither and you are going to have bruises on your bum the next day. Sorry to be so practical girls.

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I know; I’m a spoil sport but I just can’t stand it when men pinch my bum. I had a boyfriend who did it ; so i made him wear a pair of my nylon knickers under his trousers for the day so that he could feel how much it hurts when you’re only wearing a pair of thin panties.

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How did you know he didn't enjoy it? ;)
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You know I never did get those knickers back and they were decent knickers too. Maybe he did.!!! :hump:

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Fabulous outfit!
I also really like the boots and stockings.
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delicate stockings
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The outfit with those boots is so sexy!
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I really love her deep blue eyes and her long badass nails *.*. And btw the outfit is totally awesome! =D
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Nicely Done. I'm not sure if this is a commercial morph or an original one... well done!

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Like the addition of thigh boots
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She gives the impression of being intelligent, no-nonsense (unless it's her nonsense).
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Outfit's even better with the boots.
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Wonderful new artwork, John :-)
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