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Please note I don't take request.

Mature Viewer Discretion Warning By Xdialinnx D673

If you are a minor or easily offended by adult oriented material, please move along, these are not the deviations you're looking for.


Warning! This is a naughty page for naughty people. My deviations are all(almost, 99.999%) NSFW and rated R18+. They are mostly 3D renders of sensual and seductive females with a lot of nudity. The themes mostly centers around erotic fantasies where the female plays the dominant role by using sex/supernatural/scifi means to seduce, tempt and ultimately enslave or sometimes devour men.(not dominatrix, more like succubus, vampire, witch and vixen). These are just depictions of erotic fantasies, so don't take them too seriously and just have fun. Why do I like this genre? First of all, the female characters have a reason to be seductive and to want to have sex and secondly the male characters get to have lots of hot sex just by playing along. The girl's doing all the work, what's not to like? And those cheesy story lines that comes with the images? They are just excuses for the things they do that I make up as I go along, so please bear with me. Of course they are completely fictional and any resemblances(image or story) to real life are completely coincidental.

A little bit about me. I'm an introvert, not the worst kind but an introvert nevertheless and I have terrible communication skill. Socializing tend to drain my energy not like a succubus(at least you get something in return) but more like kryptonite. I just want people to know that I appreciate the comments they left on my postings even though I may not always reply to them.

Other Interests
Daz Studio, Blender, GIMP

Commission Info

Things are not going well at work. I've got a lot on my mind.

So I won't be taking commissions until further notice.

1 Character render: $10 USD

2 Character render: $20 USD

3 Character render: $30 USD

Text Bubles: Extra

You can combine any of my existing characters, cloths, hairs, etc to create your own character. Cloths and hairs are normally available in various original color, they can also be manually modified to any color but the results may vary. For clothing or other 3D assets that I don't have, you can sponsor me to buy them from the following sites:

Pose reference can be from any source.

Example Commision request:

Character and hair from

Shirt and skirt from

Boots from

Background from

Pose from

1 Character 360 rotation animation render: $30 USD

Animation is delivered as a mkv or mp4 file, resolution 1080x667, 120frames.


Watercolor effect: $5USD


Prices subject to changes without notice.

Other special requests will need to be quoted separately. No violence, gore, vore, decapitations or underage sex. Visit my gallery for samples of what I do.

1 - Describe what you want with as much detail as possible, quote my gallery image or provide reference image if available.

2 - I'll let you know if I can do it or not.

3 - If we come to an agreement on what to do, you can transfer the payment by paypal to my account and I'll start work.

4 - You will be given a preview for confirmation via email. At this point you can do minor adjustments and corrections. A final preview will be given if there are any adjustments or corrections before the final render.

5 - Please note that I own the commissioned artwork and can post it to dA or any other site as well as use the custom created characters for other renders. (unless agreements otherwise have been made)

6 - You may upload the commissioned artwork to your gallery, use them for non commercial as well as commercial purpose but do not claim them as your own work, expressed, implied or otherwise. Credit is always appreciated.

7 - You will be given a HiRes(2000x3236) version of the artwork in jpg format. The one I post in my gallery will be a LowRes(1000x1618) version. If you don't want to be credited for the commissioned artwork just let me know.

8 - Payment is in Advance and No refund unless I feel it is my fault or I reject the proposed commission.

9 - Delivery time may vary anywhere from 1 to 7 days or even more depending on my availability. I do commissions on weekends mainly.

Note me if interested.

Guys, Is there anyway to stop the user info from popping up every time I mouse over a user's name? It's seriously annoying, it keeps blocking what I actually wanted to click.
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So... How's everyone coping with the Eclipse switch over? I just relearned how to post a status. Why does everything have to take up more screen space...
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mmm.... I've noticed some users adding my pictures to their favourite collection minutes or hours before they deactivate their accounts. I wonder if my naughty pics got them into trouble. 
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