The End of All Things

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I'm pleased to announce that my latest album, The End of All Things, is now available on all the platforms!

I wrote about this a bit before when I was maintaining a Wordpress-based blog but with all the changes I've made lately, I'll repost some of that here.

This album ultimately became a story about relationships, loss, and all the feelings you have in between. For me, the story takes on that of two people who had built a life together. They were happy and had all the things that you’d associate to a happy and healthy relationship, but then one of those people were taken away from the relationship. Whatever the reason, the remaining member is angry, grieving, and wishing it could have been them instead.

From the viewpoint of that remaining person, we work our way through the relationship – remembering the good times at first and then becoming bitter about being left alone and being unable to connect to the world that is still around us… Drifting aimlessly until finally coming to some form of acceptance. It’s a realization that all things end, and that’s okay.

You can find it on Spotify, Apple Music, or my personal favorite Bandcamp. I hope you enjoy it!

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