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Jack of all trades, master of none.

After many years of not keeping up with my DeviantArt profile, I've decided to consolidate my online dealings here and move away from using separate platforms. Where I was trying to keep all these online lives separate before, I've now decided to merge them into one big mashup. You can expect to see me post periodically about my music production, general thoughts and feelings, or just doodles from my sketchbook.

Artistically, I like traditional mediums so even though I do most of my work digitally, I usually try to replicate a more traditional look and feel. I often leave my work unfinished because I like the rough lines and how they look. (And I tend to not have enough time to finish most of my stuff.)

On the music side, I release music under the name Achira. I tend to focus on Downtempo Electronica and Ambient music typically built around piano/keyboard sounds. But, that said, I'll make whatever music makes me happy that day. You can find my work here:

I'm pleased to announce that my latest album, The End of All Things, is now available on all the platforms! I wrote about this a bit before when I was maintaining a Wordpress-based blog but with all the changes I've made lately, I'll repost some of that here. This album ultimately became a story about relationships, loss, and all the feelings you have in between. For me, the story takes on that of two people who had built a life together. They were happy and had all the things that you’d associate to a happy and healthy relationship, but then one of those people were taken away from the relationship. Whatever the reason, the remaining member is angry, grieving, and wishing it could have been them instead. From the viewpoint of that remaining person, we work our way through the relationship – remembering the good times at first and then becoming bitter about being left alone and being unable to connect to the world that is still around us… Drifting aimlessly until finally coming to
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I was recently at a party. Well, actually, I hosted said party. Okay, fine, my partner hosted the party and I just participated. We have a lot in common but when it comes to interfacing with other people, she's far better at it than I could ever be. So there we were, having a party, and I did my usual party-going routine. I found my way to the food station, got a bite, and then found my way (with drink in hand) to the least occupied room in the house with a defensible position. In this case, it's the kitchen. You aren't familiar with my kitchen so imagine a box. No, smaller than that. Keep going, even smaller. Now shove oversized, modern appliances into that tiny box - and you're probably still thinking of something larger than my kitchen. In no way was this kitchen designed for anyone that enjoys cooking. Or eating. It's the kind of kitchen that if you saw it on an HGTV show, all the renovation budget would be spent on opening up that kitchen. Anyway, it's the best room to be in
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You know, I’m a pretty busy person. I try to draw, paint, make music, blog, raise kids, occasionally interact with other humans, and along the way - I have to fit in work too. I think I’ll try something new. I’m going to consolidate down to just this portfolio. I’ll probably still post once every few months but maybe now when the mood strikes, I’ll toss up a journal entry and share my thoughts with the world. Why not? If nothing else, it’ll be easier for me to keep up and the same number of people will read it. 😂 Until I get around to redirecting the domain, you can see my previous blogs at (After I get around to the redirection: It feels good just to think about tearing it all down! I’m looking forward to being here instead.
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