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Eat your Buddha Karma you Taliban Douchbags

We all got Karma! those Taliban jerks blew up two huge Buddha statues thats like the worst thing you can do in Buddhism! with a little help from America we can wipe those douche bags out!
( that goes for Mullah Nazir , Waliur Rehman the Haqqanis, Hafiz Gul Bahadar, and Abu Kasha al Iraqi Hakeemullah Mehsud Faqir Mohammed Gulbuddin Hekmatyar and all those other Jerks!)
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Jeah, with a little help from america, Libian and Syrian islamists now slaughter and force-convert local christians and jews.
Good job Eagleland!
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Well we try to do our part
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At facilitating Forced conversions and slaughter.
Well done, thank you very much.
(Although I belive that common soldiers and citizens are probably well-intentioned)
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argh…. people seem to forget that ultimately buddha is helping America and bikini clad Valkaries crush the Taliban
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My friend, George Carlin would nod in approval.

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[link] good I steel his jokes all the time without realizing it

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This is surreal, horrifically un-PC, insensitive, violent, takes liberties with iconography...

I like it. :)
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thanks you crazy person!
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and then you can eat your ,aztec ,mayan ,and all those tribes u erased from the map and all the countries u attacked to steal their wealth karma you american douchebags
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Someone here failed geograhy...
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yea but we actually balanced that out by creating the modern world geting rid of Nazies, Comunists, creating great Music and Medicine.... those people had their own karma we just followed the flow......and we never attacked the Aztecs or Mayans but I get where your coming from.
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u r not serious about this man .that u got rid of the nazis and the communists ..thats so delutional and untrue and i can smell ignorance here..
dream on..ur american way is an uncivilized way and corrupted ..that money and materialism rule everything
well u attacked the 'indians' maybe not the actuall aztecs or mayans but ur english ancestors slain all of them or made them 'civilized' like u
oh and the music is shitty and as for the drugs u create u take em..
and no u don t have a clue where i m coming from
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well yea actually your right about the Nazies and communist thing I was exsagerating a bit I am mostly drunk while I am philosopizing
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umm I am irish/a I should hate the english but I understand the concept of the time line Past, presen,t future I cant change the past...(well maybe I can!?) but I can change my present and to a certain point the Future and some day my friend there will be bikini clad Valkaries shooting death beams out of their vaginias through the eye of buddha to all My cartoon enemies !!!!!
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Yeah, because this is exactly what Buddhism preaches. I don't pretend to know a lot, but I think the only religion I can readily name that hasn't had a bunch of militant fanatics going out killing people in its name is Buddhism. Frankly, I like that; it's what makes me respect the religion a whole lot more than any others.

Unless this is a parody, in which case, rather than dislike, I'll just give it a vague "Ehhh..."
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I don't know, the Ikko-Ikki movement had a lot of militant Buddhists who wished to topple the Japanese government to impose a particular sect of Buddhism. Very complex movement, though.
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That was Shinto-Buddhism, not pure Buddhism. The Japanese took their cues from the mainland strain, but combined it with their native religion. It's said in Japan, you're born Shinto, are married Christian and die a Buddhist. Personally, I don't see anything wrong with it, but yeah, The Ikko-ikki were a sub-sect that came about due to that merging.
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Those monks get pretty angry a lot in the kung foo movies
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I still wouldnt blow up any huge buddha statues like the taliban did it couldnt have helped... Even those little waving cat things in restaurants I wouldnt mess with them
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Actually, those cats (called Maneki-Neko) are Japanese in origin; it's just their popularity with the Chinese means they're often seen in Chinese restaurants. They're supposed to bring good luck and there are many legends of waving cats saving people's lives in Japan. Supposedly, the oldest is when a feudal [i]daimyo[/i] chanced upon seeing a cat waving to him by the side of the road. Thinking it was beckoning him over, he walked up to it and from that angle, could see an ambush that had been laid for him ahead. According to legend, the first maneki-neko was made in honour of that cat.
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It was a massive historical loss when the Buddhas were blown up, they were a big thing in Afghanistan's history
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yes I agree that was part of my inspiration in making this ..... I also belive the Taliban have something against bikini clad gun toting women
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