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Long time no see folks, busy week here with 3 books coming out!  This week Green Lantern 21 comes out, and looking at my last diary entry featuring Green Lantern 17, that means a lot of books have come and gone that i wasn't able to post about ( including green lantern 18 through 20- and 20 was the monster that kept me from having time to post!)…
Robert Venditti
Billy Tan, Richard Friend
Alex Sinclair, Tony Avina
Dave Sharpe
Billy Tan, Alex Sinclair, Rags Morales
DC Comics
Wed, June 5th, 2013

Looks like Astro City is finally coming out. I swear I was working on pages for that book a year ago, but the way the past few months have been, maybe THAT was last week. Alex Sinclair is on colors, looks like a typo on the credits on the webpage.…
Kurt Busiek
Bent Anderson
Alex Ross
Alex Ross
Wed, June 5th, 2013

And finally, i've started working with Gabe Eltaeb on Invincible Universe. My work on issue #3 was minimal, but i'm digging the series and especially Naucks Artwork, which is well suited to these heroes. (not sure why Rauch is credited as the colorist here either, but it might be the case with Gabe doing backup on this one)…
Phil Hester
Todd Nauck
John Rauch
Todd Nauck
Image Comics
Wed, June 5th, 2013
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One of the downsides of being a flatter is you are never sure whenever anything is coming out. The upside is going to the comic book shop and seeing a magazine and saying "oh yeah. that one"

this "that one" is Green Lantern #17
Personally i dig the 2 page spread later in the book. Alex is at his best when he gets to play with ALL the colors…

Geoff Johns
Doug Mahnke, Dan Jurgens, Phil Jimenez, [more...]
Doug Mahnke, Mark Irwin, Alex Sinclair
DC Comics
Wed, February 20th, 2013
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Another week goes by... *poof*

this week Comedian #5 hits the shelves

previews can be found here:…

I was really impressed by J.G. Jones artwork through this series. Looking at the black and whites, every panel looked like a period photograph, with deep shadows in the eyesockets (I never had to flat so few eyeballs!). It's not the type of style I immediately like in a comic book, but it was very suitable to the story and effective. No knocks on Alex's colors, but seeing these pages in black and white was a treat.

Brian Azzarello
J.G. Jones
Alex Sinclair
Clem Robins
J.G. Hones, Gary Frank, Brad Anderson
DC Comics
Wed, February 13th, 2013

And we have Threshold #2…
Which has been described as green lantern meets hunger games. I have only done a few pages in this book (i just finished all of #3), and I had to stop and ask andrew "what is this book!?"- I love the individual character designs as the protagonists have to navigate a city of alien lifeforms. Definitely worth a look if you are interested in exotic character designs.

Keith Giffen
Tom Raney, Scott Kolins
Andrew Dalhouse, John Kalisz
Dezi Sienty, Dave Sharpe
Howard Porter, Hi-Fi
DC Comics
Wed, February 13th, 2013
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Oops- missed a day- can't believe they already have earth2 out again this week (#8 was 2 weeks ago). Guess that happens when you are so busy with the issue that 2 down the line.

here's the link and info…

Written by:
James Robinson
Art by:
Nicola Scott
Trevor Scott
Cover by:
Nicola Scott
Trevor Scott
Variant Cover by:
Nicola Scott
Trevor Scott

Color/B&W: Color
Page Count:  32
U.S. Price: 2.99
On Sale Date: Feb 6 201

colors by :iconsinccolor:
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I've decided to be more diligent about promoting the books that I'm involved with.. even if it is from my little corner doing the flatting work.

(Last week was GL and Earth2 by the way)

This week it's Teen Titans #16
Scott Lobdell
Brett Booth
Norm Rapmund
Andrew Dalhouse

Great shots of the joker as well as robin and redhood being forced to work together. Definitely worth a look.…
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Did you know that today was colorist appreciation day?

Considering it didn't even exist 11 hours ago- don't feel so bad.
Right now twitter is exploding on #coloristappreciationday… and apparently it's all because of this post.…

I understand her frustration- half the timeI feel like i have to jump through hoops to try to register as a professional at conventions despite having worked on Justice League, Green Lantern, Earth-2, Teen Titans, Comedian, Fairest, Fathom, Broken Pieces... and that was just last year. But that is as a flatter.

Back to the colorists. The job is so bad that half of them leave the position when they reach the top. (see Christina Strain and Mark Sweeney. Even Nei Ruffino is going after pencils right now). I'm second guessing my own interest in pursuing comic coloring as a career because of what I see in the industry. The pay is low proportionate to the hours and the training. But the worst part is being on the ass end of a production line. Ideally the penciller does a page a day- the inker does 2 pages, and the colorist has to do 4 pages. But then the penciller takes 2 to 4 days on a page here or there, the inker gets backed up and takes and extra day, so that in the end the colorist ends up having to color up to half the book the day before deadline. Not always- but often. Colorists pull more all nighters in this industry than anyone else, with the exception of the editors themselves (maybe). It's a shitty lifestyle, and when people say "colorists do it because they love it"- they don't mean it in the "Teachers do it because they love children" sort of way. They mean it in the "why the fuck would someone stay with that abusive tyrant lover that sucks the life out of them" sort of way.  That or they're fucking crazy.

In appreciation of the day, here are the DA links for the colorists I currently work with, go tell them you appreciate their work.

Alex Sinclair Thanks for keeping me alive for the past two years!
Beth Sotelo Thanks for being so leniant on the workflow!
Andrew Dalhouse Thanks for working with my own borked up workflow

and even though i don't work with him as often anymore:
Chris Sotomayor thanks for getting me into this industry... I think.

and last but not least
Steve Oliff for being my chief inspiration all those years ago.  (he quit comics at one point because becoming mayor of his city was the easier and more righteous thing to do.. see what i mean about this industry?!)
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I'm sure a number of you have been following the (psuedo)-drama of DC's  outing of a "major character."  I was intrigued as well. My guess was going to be the flash. Last friday I found out i was wrong.
It's Alan Scott, green lantern of earth2

The funny thing is, I'm reading the article and it says "in issue #2 of earth2...." and i realize: I FLATTED THAT BOOK!
All this time I had been wondering about that and I had been flatting the pages of the book that the action happened in!

I went through my files and rediscovered that I had only flatted 15 pages of the book, so I never saw the pages that feature Alan Scott coming out. At least its not because i have bad memory.

Either Way, Earth2 issue #2 is out today.  Nicola Scotts artwork is ambitious as ever and Sinclair is the usual uberness on colors.
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Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr--- LOL

Not bummed by it, but just missed out on the comic-con resale tickets that were put up for sale this morning.
I queued about 30 seconds after the turn of the clock and found myself 3500th in line (!)
I was about 1500th in line when friday and saturday sold out. and I was down to 350 when i was suddenly popped into the room, theoretically while there were still sunday and thursday tickets left to buy. And then...

it glitched on me.

I already knew why, but I was able to backtrack, use a different ID and saw that they were all sold out.

bummer... kind of.

I'm just not that thrilled with comic-con as a means of networking, so i took the fail in stride

depending on how my portfolio is and what my contacts are telling me, i might try hitting the hotel bars though.. we'll see
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Free Comic Book Day (FCBD) and the most insane image I've ever had to flat.

If you didn't know, tomorrow is Free Comic Book Day. I'll be headed down to my local  shop to witness the carnage. The Comic Bug in Manhattan Beach has rented out the storefront next to it and set up tables for artists signings and vendorings, as well as lined up several cosplayers/performers to show up in costume.  
Looks to be fun, what are you guys doing?

One of the things I recommend looking out for is the DC new 52 free comic book offering, which features a 4 page fold out insert drawn by Jim Lee, colored by Alex Sinclair, and is probably one of the most intense images I've had to work on as a flatter.

You can see a preview of it here:…

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Wondercon starts tomorrow and this year it's located in Anaheim CA. I used to love making the trek to San Francisco every year for this show, so i'm a little bummed at the change of venue but excited to see what the Anaheim convention center is all about.

So- for anyone else that is going I offer up 2 things to see there:

For the comic colorists out there, Alex Sinclair will be doing a panel on how to color a page. I've been flatting for Alex for the past year and some months, which has been a privilege given that I've seen pencils from none other than Andy Kubert, Jim Lee and Dave Finch (amongst others).
His panel is at 4pm on saturday, and if you can't make that, stop on by his table and check out his work. As you can see from his deviant art page, there will be a lot to enjoy:

And for the independent comic connoisseur, might i recommend the works of Alejandro Lee:
His comics featuring the adventures of Sally Sprocket and Piston Pete are a riotous delight, and the artwork easily surpasses any other (up till now) unpublished comic  artist.  

Did I miss anyone?
Who else is going?

What are you guys going to check out?

OH! and one more thing- if you are an artist (or if you are a writer, but at this point writers are going to have to sneak in)
the creators collaboration is a shitload of fun.…
although I have to admit, i've yet to have any serious hook-ups from the event, but that's partially my fault
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Thumbing through the Comic Book Resources website and I see a review for batman and robin #22 :…

and wouldn't you know it all the pages that they show are pages I flatted for alex sinclair.

Sometimes it's the little things.
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Apparently, today (april 9th) is mini comics day- anyone working on anything?…

This and 24 hour comic day are the kinds of things I really want to get involved with, but I have no ideas!

Fortunately, my local comic book shop might be having some activities, so I'll be popping on down there to find out what the local haps are.…
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So the work I did on the cure project is finally seeing print. Copies of the book are available on pre-order, and if there are enough orders, the book might even see full-fledged distribution.
So if you like my work, and want to see all the pages to this project, and can part with a low $4, (i know this all is a lot to ask) then head on over to dimestore distro and put an order in.…

Thanks much!

The Cure by johnercek   The Cure page 08 by johnercek The Cure page 11 by johnercek
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Hey all,
I'm heading to the Long Beach Comic convention.

I'll be there all three days and if anyone else is going, send me a note and we can try to meet up.

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on ustream

Coloring Frost Fire page 23 tonight. Going to start with some flatting, then colors, then go to some speedpaint fun.  

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I'm on ustream- going to be coloring a cover and doing some flatting stuff…

lets see how long it takes before ustream producer crashes again
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SDCC 10 recap

Wow- only 3 weeks later, but hey- it was a large con!  I was also hoping to get some pictures online-- but maybe after the weekend.

Sorry I didn't get a post before I left, but for those not in the know- I went to San Diego Comic Con this year with my girlfriend Jenn. I had been to the 2007 Comic-con, but this time I had come along toting business cards and a portfolio, (woot!) So- what were the highlights and how did I make out? Here's a handy dandy list:

1) Alex Sinclair

By far, the highlight was having my portfolio reviewed by Alex Sinclair :iconsinccolor:. Jenn and I were wandering the (artists) alleys, and when we happened upon his table when he happened to be unnaccosted by other customers. I immediately reached out, shook his hand and told him that I use the colors from the book "hush" as a reference when I'm coloring my own pages. And, (similar to when I ran into steve oliff)- he offered to look at my colors. That immediately qualifies as awesome in my book.
To sum up his advice- he recommended I try adding a second layer of cuts to my work when I use cuts, and he also reinforced the notion of the core shadow (which- funny thing, is the same thing steve oliff said.... ).
We came away buying one of his prints, at first I wanted a Batman one, but Jenn wanted the triumverate because it had Wonderwoman, and in retrospect I'm glad we went with her selection.
DC Comics Trinity by sinccolor

Disney did something way freakin awesome to promote the movie, and if it hadn't been for our ambling search for nonconvention food, we'd never have found it.
On saturday, Jenn and I decided we wanted non-convention food for lunch, so we hit the avenues and then ended up looking up fast food places. We got some directions to a nearby subway and started crossing over blocks on our way there. Well, we came around one corner and I saw a relatively blank facade to an abandoned building and the word "flynns" in neon hanging over it. Jenn probably wondered if I had a sudden sex change at the way I squeeled. There was a little line outside, so Jenn and I resolved to get some food first and check it out.

Basically, the building they had used had previously been a bar (as near as I can gather). In the front portion of the building they had an arcade that was seperated into 2 halves, one in which you could play old 80's coin-op arcade games (dig-dug, pacman, and i think i saw a Space Harrier) - and on the other half you could test out the new tron video game that will accompany the movie (it plays awesome!).
If you didn't pay attention though, you would end up thinking that was it and walk out the front door, or be mystified if the doormen wouldn't let you out the front. In the back there was a "hidden" door that led you into a second room with a diorama of the scanner equipment they used in the movie. Frankly- it looked like there was something they were trying to do, and it didn't work, so the room was kind of bleh.
But Fortunately the last room made up for that, because in it they made a reconstruction of "the end of the line club", a set in the movie. It was basically a bar with a raised lounge in the center and an illuminated floor. Three of the bars walls were covered by huge jumbotrons, and then there where additional wall fixtures to complete the look. THe walls and the floor were the main sources of lights in the room, and made for a surreal and very awesome experience. Every 5 minutes or so, they would show the trailer for the film on the wall displays.

3) Portfolio Reviews
I got really lucky when I hit the portfolio review aisle in that I signed up for 3 reviews, and ended up with 2 (missed out on one from disney).
Radical Publishing
Radical publishing has an artstyle that is vastly different from mine, but the editor I spoke to seemed interested enough in my artwork to give me her e-mail and I'll have to make good on sending her more samples.
Committed Comics
Committed Comics had two very fun dudes working the table, and they recommended I try some sample pages from their website.

4)Small Press
I found myself showing my portfolio off a lot in the small press area of the center, and that was a surprise to me. But after a little bit of yammerin about what was on the table, it was almost impossible not to share what I had tucked under my arm.
Of the small press books I bought, my proudest procurements were "The cartoon introduction to Economics" and "The American Constitution." Jenn and I having the treat of talking with the artist on the second book who had also been a guest on the Rachel Maddow show (another personal fave of mine).

I pretty much only do the "how-to" panels when I go to the cons, and the best of these was "how to break into comics." Ironically- it was being put on by the director of , so I first thought I was being sucked into an infomercial. But the panel and the advice from the others was very helpful.

(funny side story- the panel quickly delved into the lifestyle of a freelancer, and one of them asked "out of everyone here, how many of you can say you were up at 3am last sunday working?"- I actually had to think for a moment because i had been up working on 3am several days the week prior. Anyway- out of a room of probably 60 or 70 people, I was the only one that raised my hand)

The worst panel was the "writing for comics"- but mostly because they focussed more on lifestyle of the writer and it's demands than they shared anything useful about creating stories, so that's personal opinion there.

I was amazed at the turnout for the "hi-fi" coloring for comics panel. ( the room was full- maybe 300 or 400 people.  Looks like there are a lot of us wannabe colorists out there.  I'm not a big fan of the Hi-Fi book (their advice for flatters is way off), but I was very impressed with how much of a great team Kristy and Brian Millar are, and i've even caved and bought their "more advanced" book:…

I also came away from the Con having a better idea of what I want to do with my portfolio, and with the next big con in october in Long Beach, I need to get crackin.
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my one cent on writing for comics:

your story is not THAT important.

Let me explain.
I'm cruising through teh digital webbing site in their collaborations section and I see this post:…

and I'm thinking- wholly shit, this actually sounds pretty cool, and he might actually get someone to work on that project for free.
and then i see this at the bottom of the ad:

"This first issue is mostly set in the cockpits of the various ships, so there's not a lot of action. Just a fair warning."


People do not want a 22page primer to understand a comic. People want a 22page backstory that accents the main story.

What do I mean by this?
Lets take a basic premise. Humans are using giant robots to fight off an alien invasion.

DO you
a) devote 2 pages to discovery of the invasion, 3pages to the internal strife about what to do, 3pages to building robots, 8 pages to the character development of your team of characters and their inner drama, 2 pages to the aliens actually attacking, and 2 pages to the emotional drama of the attack and one team member saying "we have to fight now" and one scientist saying "but we aren't ready yet"?
and 2 pages of robots finally launching into space with the last page finally showing a teaser of action.


b) (apologies in advance for not using/straying from the proper punctuation for script form

page 1: location space: earth hangs at the bottom of the page.  there is a spacehip with a huge explosion that's obviously come from the rocket trails leading up to it.

(ok- we don't know what the hell is going on, we're probably going to turn the page to find out)

page 2: panel 1: cockpit shot- character is very excited "booyah- eat rocket you alien scum!"
panel 2: exterior: 2 giant robots floating in the foreground with the alien spaceship behind it.  Dialogue comes from one of the robots: "nice shot but...."
same shot
panel 3: same shot- the alien spacehip is returning fire "maybe you should have aimed for the bridge"

(ok- humans versus aliens, human number 2 sounds like a dick)

page 3: pan 1)cockpit- same character from before "bite me simmons"
panel 2)cockpit- new character "before or after these freaks roast your sorry ass"
panel 3) cockpit, yet another new character- "I'll shoot both you fucks right now if you don't take that left flank"
panel 4) the giant robots zooming away from the return fire to go to "left flank" (wherever the hell that is)

(human #2 IS a dick, human #3 is obviously the leader, and he sure doesn't seem to have attended the Richard B Hamilton school of middle management)

page 4:
panel 1) the same 2 giant robots shooting smaller fighter robots approaching them
panel 2) alien fighters zooming across the panel one exploding from being shot
panel 3) cockpit of human #2 "come on you lousy tracking system...."
panel 4) external of giant robot firing a shot with earth in the background

(the dick's gun isn't working... I heard there was a pill that will fix that)

page 5:
panel 1) laser fire obviously missing an alien fighter
panel 2) panoramic- lots of alien fighters, not enough human robots. one's laser shot is hitting an alien space craft
         dialogue: there's too many for the tracking system
         dialogue: switch to manual and do it the hard way
panel 3) cockpit human #2: "lousy piece of shit hamilton electronics"
panel 4) Robot firing on and hitting alien fighter "oh yea...."

(ah yeah- the old "the only way to do anything right is to do it yourself" story. We americans like it when we see this)

page 6:
panel 1) human robot is being hit by fire in the shoulder "..eaaahh!!"
panel 2) (within panel 1) cockpit- human 2 with a grimace on his face, maybe a motion blur that show's his cockpit is in motion
panel 3) wounded robot in the background, another in the foreground that looks like it's turning towards him. "simmons- status!"
-"in diagnostics- one gun down"
panel 4) cockpit human #1 "I got cover"
panel 5) the wounded robot floats a little lower in the panel, the other is firing a barage of shots across the top of the panel obviously without aim.

(awe- human #1 cares. I bet he ends up dead)

page 7:
panel 1) cockpit human leader "zig-zag a chicken back to base"
panel 2) cockpit human 2 doing something on his dashboard "sir, repairs initiated  , eta 63 seconds- and i still have one gun functional"
panel 3) Exterior- different robot (the leader's) fighting alien ships on his own "well fuck- do that then!"
panel 4) reverse cockpit human leader, pushing a comm button on his panel, we should still see the fighting outside his cockpit window "swarchz!"
swarchz (OP): "sir!"

(who's swarchz? and what's with the spelling on that name?!)

page 8:
panel 1) Half page layout, sexy human robot piloter enjoying what she does
Human leader (OP): "how are the drops?"
swarchz: "like shooting pigs in a barrel"
panel 2) earth in the background - little dots seem to be descending towards it, and two human robots in various stages of the foreground are plucking them off
Robot 1: "I thought it was ducks in a barrel"
robot 2 (swarchz's): " you aren't talented enough to hit ducks in a barrel"

(meh- i've waited longer for sex appeal.  Obviously these two have some sort of "thing" going on. oh- and the earth is imperiled)

page 9:
panel 1) cockpit human 4: "damn girl, you gotta go bust balls along with busting hearts?"
panel 2) cockpit swarchz: "hey- if i can target it"
panel 3) alien dropship being split in half from from fire from above
swarchz (OP): "I can split it"

(maybe that "thing" is already over and done with)

page 10:
panel 1) cockpit leader: "spare me the anatomy- what's the numbers"
panel 2) cockpit human #4: "%42 percent"
panel 3) close-up leaders face, not happy.
panel 4) external of rio de janeiro, kids playing futbol in the foreground. There are white dots in the blue sky behind them.
leader(op) "fuck... rio's going to end up like paris"

(we don't know what happened to paris, but it sounds bad)

page 11:
panel 1) cockpit human #4 "Permission to fire EM arc phaser sir?"
panel 2) reverse cockpit leader "granted"
the dashboard has a screen that comes to life with the picture of a scientist:
panel 3) laboratory, same scientist hunched over a screen, two technicians working on something else in the foreground.
scientist: "the arc phaser hasn't been field tested, and your'e aiming it at earth!"
technician #1 "why'd they attack paris anyway"
technician #2 "I don't know, maybe they thought the eiffel tower controlled the worlds communications...."
panel 4) cockpit leader: "andrews...."

(obviously the human response can be described as "hastey" at best)

page 12:
panel 1) cockpit human #4 (apparently his name is andrews and he's smilinig). Human leader (OP) "permission to FIELD TEST arc phaser GRANTED, but downswoop. Swarchz cover"
panel 2)robot accelerating past alien drop ships
panel 3)cockpit swarchz "don't hit the FAT pig... got it."

(Richard B Hamilton school of middle management strongly dissapproves)

page 13:
full page layout- one robot in foreground, dodging alien fire from ships behind it. Swarchz robot in background, plucking one of the aliens off

(I'm going to rip this page out and tape it to my door)

page 14:
cockpit panels on the left, exteriors on the right
panel 1 cockpit andrews: "invert"
panel 2: human robot rotating to face back up
panel 3: Cockpit andrews: "initiate"
panel 4: there's a shoulder mounted device on the robot, and judging by electrical discharges, it's doing something
panel 5: cockpit andrews: "fire"
panel 6: that same exterior shot of rio de janiero we saw before, only everyone has stopped what they are doing as something in he sky is casting long shadows and is brighter than the sun

(damn complicated weaponry and their complicated set-ups, let's see what it does)

page 15 and 16:
Reverse interior swarchz cockpit, but most of the pages show the expanse of space out her cockpit window. She's grimacing and turning away from the brightness, electrical plasma charges are arcing from alien ship to alien ship, all emanating from a very bright robot at the bottom of the spectacle.

(going to tape these pages to my FRONT door)

page 17:
panel 1: human leader cockpit "oooh baby, that was a bright one. Swarchz status."
panel 2: swarchz rubbing her eyes- "If i could fuckin SEE!"
panel 3: human leader cockpit " damnit ... andrews- what you got?!"
panel 4: human robot is floating listlessly in space. human leader (OP): "andrews"
panel 5: cockpit andrews, he's unconcious. human leader (OP) "ANDREWS!"

(and everything was going so well....)

page 18:
panel 1: human leader: "damn... computer: drop analysis"
panel 2: dash monitor shows a network of hollow dots, each representing termination location. One dot at the bottom isn't hollow. on the side is a readout with a percentage that's very readable: 01%
panel 3: human leader's robot, very far from the planet "Damnit, they missed one!"
simmons (OP) : "i'm on it"

(at this point I don't care if I'm being rescued by hitler. also, how much damage can one of those little drop ships do?)

page 19:
panel 1: Simmons robot is already gloriously rushing to earth. human leader (op): "Simmons?! you're functional?!"
panel 2: Reverse cockpit simmons, his panel is glowing red with warning indicators.
Simmons (whispering off radio): "functional enough."
panel 3: cockpit leader: "what about kent!?"

(lol- kent! ... the name fits)

page 20:
panel 1: Human #1 or kent (so that's his name!)- robot is shooting down alien craft.
Kent (singing): "Swweeet swwwwwweeeeet suuuueeeee...."
panel 2: an alien ship explodes. kent (singing, OP) "Cooomiiinnng to take me hooome..."
panel 3:cockpit andrews: "he's fine"
leader (OP): "think you can get that bogey before it gets to earth?"
panel 4:cockpit leader.
Andrews (OP): "yes"
scientist (via dash panel in leaders console) "NO! the suits aren't designed for atmospheric transition!"
panel 5: a gloved hand hits a switch.
SFX: "click!"- and the screen is blank

(little worried about kent there, but more pressing issues at hand)

page 21: back in the lab
panel 1:Scientist staring at his blank screen in frustration. lab techs in background, but already rushing towards the scientists console.
Scientist: "there ca.. wha... that motherf.. i .. LAB TECHS! EM-SIM NOW!"
panel 2: side shot of the three working at the console with a lot of overlapping dialogue
"aerodynamic profile"
"model type?" "a-profile j-005"
"altitude" "speed" "twenty k p s" "175 ki"
"target speed" "ignore it" "incipient angle" "90" "90?" "worst case" "local barometer" "no time" "wind speed?" "run program" "but... nm then"
panel 3: Subdivided into three panels eaching zooming into screen demo of robot with various altitude lines intersecting it. the last shows the robot broken up into crude pixelated graininess
panel 4: lab techs look despondent, the scientist is pushing a button
scientist: "upload"
panel 5: reverse cockpit human leader. The grainy image of the broken up robot on his dash panel.
leader: "Simmons, I don't know how this is going to end son"
Simmons (OP): "I know how this will end"

(turn the page turn the page!)

page 22:
panel 1: human robot starting to glow red hot and losing panels from atmosphere reentry.
panel 2 (inset). cockpit simmons screaming maniacly "SOMEONE IS GOING TO DIE!"

(guess i was wrong about the nice one dieing)

The important thing here is that I think it's a common problem for writers because these days stories do have to have the answers to the questions that readers will ask. And if you can't rely on the simple plot points of yesteryear, you are going to have to be a little complex in your story line. So when you accumulate all the research and plot points, you begin to think that you need to put it all in the first issue.


You have to get the reader to want to ask the questions first, and you can only do that by giving them the action that gets them to turn the page first.

Besides- it gives you an opening to do a "prequel" to boot =)
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Just a quick post to say that I'm always looking for work. Anything photoshop production but especially anything comic coloring related.

comic coloring
price list
$5-18 flats.
$20 pin-up simple background
$30 pin-up complex background
$45 sequential page.

rates negotiable based on quality of project, non-disclosure requirements and scope.
All payments must be made before hi res file will be released or the rates will be affected.
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Do you realize how messy my room would be if I actually knew the spell 'levitation'?
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