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Superior Spider Man By Ryanstegman

these inks are up over on the BA artist groupsite :iconbattle-artist:
I thought i'd try to play around with it. Normally I LOVE colorholding spiderman's webbing, but I decided to hold back this time because the setting is so dark.
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nice call to go from, what looks to me, converting your flats to grey scale and painting in the tones for highlighting, looking pretty good :D
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good eye- that wasn't exactly what i did, but yes. =)
Technically i put a desaturation adjustment layer on top of the flats and painted it back on the opacity map, basically revealing some of the flat color, and then painting the highlights on a layer on top of that. It's a little convuluted, but I was being indecisive and that approach gave me versatility.

What worries me is the muddiness of the greys though.
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ok, no I get exactly what you did :D

If I may be so bold, what I prefer to do (as I've just moved to the greyscaling route), I create a new colour fill layer above the flats, set to 88888 and then change that layer to 'colour'

Give it a try, it gives me some serious crispiness :D
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That's cool! Looks great! :D