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Celestial Couple by PassiveIre

By johnercek
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Lines by :iconpassiveire:

I love passiveire's pencils, have a look at her gallery, she has a lot of nice ones. although she never finishes most of them...

I have no idea what these characters are supposed to be, or even if I colored them the right way, but I had fun doing it and coloring in a more painterly style.
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Wow. Her lines and your colors click surprisingly well! So very good! I love it. :)
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thanks. i'll have to color her lines again sometime soon
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"Although she never finishes them..." Hey! .....there are one or two that are. ^___^; (You're right)

You just made my week! They look amazing! I'm sorry if you wanted some color hints, but you did so well!! You actually guessed the man's coloring perfectly, I'm so impressed! Her coloring is interesting to me, because at this moment in the story she's being possessed or channeling a celestial being, so it fits really well.

Eeeeeiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii! *squeal of doom* (I am perfectly aware how immature that is, but I don't care. )

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I love squeals of doom!
doitagaindoitagain! =)
happy to hear about the colors jiving alright, kind of happy I was free to choose, I was just worried about getting them so far off it might have irritated you. They certainly feel "right"
I'm tempted to try your erin's panties piece now, i need more practice with the pin-up type work.
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Go for it! *fully encouraging*
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See how official your work looks when it's colored? :3
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Eee! I know, he made it look awesome! Makes me wanna draw mooooore!
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Just watched you finish this on on your stream it's very nice!
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ah- so that's who that was- thanks for watching. Sorry Ustream bugged out and I had to keep restarting.
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:) i enjoyed your process
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