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clrSharp2 Glass

Classic Shell skin - 'clrSharp2 Glass'

Requires Classic Shell 1.9.1 or newer.

A skin for Classic Shell [link] designed to match the windows 7 visual style Clearscreen Sharp [link] by K-Johnson.

Minimalistic skin made using the new "FullGlass" opacity.
Also uses the new Settings system.

Works best with the Clearscreen Sharp visual style for windows 7 by k-johnson.
If using some other visual style and the skin looks weird, see the troubleshooting section in the readme.txt


4.3.2010 - Fixed the caption always showing if main menu float was disabled
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how the hell u applie this skin i tryed and it dont show up i read th read me nothing?

Looks good but I prefer if it all had round corners
Does this work on a windows 8 System?
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At least it should.
Classic Shell version 3.6.0 and newer support Win 8.

How my skin plays with the themes, I don't know.
Try it and tell me, if it doesn't, I'll see if I can fix it somehow.
How do I get that black start button? I don't see it in the options...thanks for an awesome theme. I love it
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Actually, forget that, it seems that with ClassicShell 3.5.1 you can change it.
I extracted the files for you, you can dl them from here - [link]
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That cannot be changed with ClassicShell, you need to use something like this - [link]
The icons themselves were extracted from the Clearscreen Sharp visual style, more specifically, the 'explorer.exe' file that comes with it.
You can use ResourceEditor to extract them - [link]
how do you enable real glass on classic shell...???
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This is amazing. I love it!
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perfect !!!!!!
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This is fantastic- Finally, this skin with Windows Classic Shell gets the Windows 7 Start Menu finally looking like it should, instead of the useless, long winded new one. You deserve a medal for this.[link]
very very nice :)
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Very, very nice! Thank you so much for this. I love Classic Shell and was hoping for some more skins.

I already made a screenshot while using your skin, please look here: [link]
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