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clrSharp - Classic Shell Skin

Classic Shell skins - 'clrSharp Light, Light Floating, Dark & Dark Floating'

Four skinsets for Classic Shell [link] designed to match the windows 7 visual style Clearscreen Sharp [link] by K-Johnson.

There are four different sets, Light and Dark, with default and 'floating' styles.
All sets have Big and small icons, both with caption and without one.

Light Floating was originally inspired by the 'show hidden notification icons' popup of the Clearscreen Sharp VS.
The Dark style was made to better match the taskbar and original start menu.
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Where's the download link for these skins?  
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I'm using v. 3.6.2 with windows 7 and cannot change windows start button. Is that feature for windows 8 only? I have some button images I downloaded but the start button image under the start button tab in settings does not do anything. Any ideas?
Thanks for Classic shell!
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It works with win7.
You might have to restart explorer.exe for it to work, so try rebooting.
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Can you do "blue"?
Like the WIN 8 !!
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Can you do "blue"?
Like the "WIN 8" !!
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I use this....and I want to thank you, as undoubtedly countless others do as well, and to say that I appreciate the incredible work you did with this.
If I had not known about this from Ivo (Windows Seven Forums from 2009) when I tried Windows 7 in a laptop, I would never have put Windows 7 in my new computer as the disappearance of the classic start menu was a huge mistake that was never rectified. We were left with the monstrosity that they call a Start Menu with no options to change it. And Microsoft state that 'they gave us what people asked for' in Win 7...yeah right.

Thanks Mr.Edward, you're a star.
I am looking for this effect [link] with trasnaparency.
I have tried all 4 skins but there is no transparency.

Any help would be appreciated.
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This skin was made when ClassicShell didn't support menu transparency, so there is no way to enable it with this skin I'm afraid.
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Classic Shell is great and your skin too. But I cannot stand these ugly XP icons for shutdown and log off. Is there no way to get rid of them?
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You can change the icons from StartMenuItems.ini.
Find the "LogOffItem.Icon=shell32.dll,325" and "ShutdownItem.Icon=shell32.dll,329" lines.
"shell32.dll,329" means it is an icon from shell32.dll, icon group ID 329.
Use Resource Hacker to see what the icon group ID's are for all the different icons.
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Thanks! I will do that.
will this work with a basic theme?
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It does, but the lack of glass effect makes both of them really dark.
Yes! Thank you so much! I'm not a fan of large start menus, and the classic menu was just so hideous. Great job!
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