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clrSHARP3 Dual

Classic Shell skin - 'clrSHARP3 Dual'

Designed for Classic Shell 3.2.0.

A skin for Classic Shell [link] designed to match the windows 7 visual style Clearscreen Sharp [link] by K-Johnson.

My third skin, this time utilizing the "Two Columns" mode.
This skin combines the looks of a windows 7 start menu with the functionality of Classic Shell.
Based on the start menu of Clearscreen Sharp.
Full utilization of the Two Columns and No Icons Mode require editing Classic Shells "Customize Start Menu" settings.
Instructions in the readme.txt, settings and options section.

Tested and designed for the Clearscreen Sharp Visual Style.
If using some other visual style and the skin looks weird, see the troubleshooting section in the readme.txt

The skin defaults to Aero mode, if using with Clearscreen Sharp, please enable "Font Fix" and "Invert Text Colour" options!
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Using it. Loving it. How do I increase transparency?
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Perfect! Just what I was looking for. Thank you.
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Love this. The best skin for "Classic Shell".
freakin amazing skin, how can i add "Computer" to the menu?
Best skin for Classic Shell and clrSharp !!!
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Classic shell is very under rated!Have been using for quite some time.every one is into images in the stock win7 menu.i like the much easier to use.Please build more themes for this application.NICE JOB!
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