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Magnetars are highly magnetic neutron stars, which are themselves the endpoints of stellar evolution for really massive stars.
I have my own imagination unleashed on this magnetar
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Magnetars, the most extreme type of star that the laws of physics can allow. Magnetic fields powerful enough to wipe credit cards from the distance of the moon and enough magnetic pull to halt the neurons in you body, stopping your heart and everything else in the body. A gravitational field strong enough to tear most forms of matter apart. And yet you were able to capture this volatile powerhouse in it's purest form with art. That is impressive. :3
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Thanks you for your comment on my work !!!!!!!!!!
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Thanks you for your comment on my work
Hope you like my other spacework  too.:D (Big Grin) :D (Big Grin) 
prachtig . Spreekt me zeer aan!
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Hoi miranda Leuk je hier te zien hoop dat het je bevalt wat ik hier heb gemaakt Groetjes John