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Commission information

At first, here are some essential things. (I ask you to read everything carefully! I didn't write this for fun, but that you are well informed - should you still have any other questions, I'd be glad to answer them! <3)
:bulletblue:Klick here for the German version:bulletblue:

:bulletgreen:What I draw…:bulletgreen:
- Canines, mainly dogs and wolves
- Felines, mostly big cats like lions, I'm very bad in drawing cats
- bloody and gloomy pictures are some of my favourite motifs
- romantic pictures

:bulletred:… and what I do not:bulletred:
- I don't draw sexual actions as commissions
- pedophilic and zoophilic actions certainly not!
- anthros, I have to practice them way more
- mechanical things
- humans

So, after you got an idea of what I draw now here are the options by which you can pay!

:bulletblue:Options of paying:bulletblue:
I basically agree with two of the "typical" ways of paying – Paypal and bank transfer just for people within Germany!
The best and also the safest for you, how I think, is the bank transfer - if you want to pay with Paypal, you also have to pay the charges (because, as you should know, Paypal keeps some money with every transfer you make).
-> of course I'll tell you the banking- or Paypal account when you should pay

:bulletblue:The process:bulletblue:
I'll start with your commission when I get the money!
For you it may sound like a risk, but I also need my safety that right in the middle of it you're not saying "Well, no. I don't want the commission anymore. The money you won't get anyway". And then I'm sitting here with my nearly finished order and I'm just thinking "Thank you very much for the unpaid work ^__^"
Should there be problems from my side, due to which I can not draw your commission, even though you have already paid, I'll retransfer your money. Of course + the costs you had to pay because of the charges!

First you fill out an information profile, which you send to me via Note with the subject "Commission order from *insert your username*".
I'll post the information profile further down ~
We then discuss everything else via Note. Once I tell you my data, I ask you to pay.

So, after I receive the money, I'll start with the Commission - I'll show you the sketch when I'm done with it. Then I ask you to tell me errors/dissatisfactions, which I will fix of course! If I then have your permission, the picture will be completed. If you want to know how far I'm with your commission, you just have to take a look at my front page. There's a box called "Art Status" in which I list every picture I have to do along with the information how far I am! :)

:bulletblue:Picture rights:bulletblue:
An important question is of course the question of law - to say it at first: The rights of the picture are all mine! (the rights of the characters of course not.)
I ask you to :bulletred:NOT:bulletred: upload my commission on your DeviantArt, FurAffinity or whatever account, even if you give copyrights - I don't want to see something like this!
However, it is something different when you want to use your commission on your website or your blog - in such cases it is important that you give copyright and I put my watermark on the picture. So - before you want to do that, you have to let me know! Just ask me and I'll send you the picture with the watermark. c:
Also, if you want to use it as an avatar/profile photo, write it in your signature so other people can read it well!
Nor is it lawful for you to reproduce the picture and resell it!

Phew, so ... I think that were enough of basic information!
But as I said before: If something is unclear, just ask me!

Now we come to the equally important - the prices!
Sooo ... here we go!

:bulletblue::bulletblue:Prices + Examples:bulletblue::bulletblue:

Chibi –> 8$
Chibi Aussie by johndimplechester

Icon –> 9$
Icon Test by johndimplechester

Partner Icons –> 15$
Partner Icons by johndimplechester

Headshot (optional + pattern/texture) –> 8$
Art Trade - Vinko by johndimplechester

Headshot + shading (optional + pattern/texture) –> 10$
Adult Kovu by johndimplechester

Headshot + shading + simple background –> 10,50$
Commission - Nova by johndimplechester Takumi Headshot by johndimplechester Commission - Nikki by johndimplechester

Full body
Full body (optional + pattern/texture) –> 12$
Every additional character + 6,50$
IDDD by johndimplechester

Full body + shading (optional + pattern/texture) –> 16$
Every addiotional character + 9$
Kitty Cat by johndimplechester

Full body + shading + background –> 18$
Every addiotional character + 9$
Osaka Sun by johndimplechester Commission - WereFox by johndimplechester

Headshot + pattern/texture –> 9$
Every additional character + 5$
Tuerchen 06 by johndimplechester Beispiel - Bookmark 02 by SFRexamples

Full body + pattern/texture –> 13$
Every additional character + 8$
Bookmark - Lady by johndimplechester Bookmark - Australian Shepherd by johndimplechester

The bookmarks will be forwarded laminated!

Because I logically have to send the bookmarks to you, you'd also have to pay the delivery charges – the same goes to the following badges.

Headshot –> 10,50$
Badge - Wilson by johndimplechester Badge - Jam's Mate by johndimplechester

The badges will be forwarded laminated!

I also offer sets for you to buy so everything will get cheaper for you! :)

With the purchase of 3 bookmarks with Headshots / Full bodies, the price is only 24$ / 33$

With the purchase of 3 badges with Headshots, the price is only 28$

:points:Prices in Points:points:

Headshot (optional + pattern/texture) –> 450:points:

Headshot + shading (optional + pattern/texture) –> 600:points:

Headshot + shading + simple background –> 650:points:

Full body
Full body (optional + pattern/texture/simple background) –> 750:points:
Every additional character + 500:points:

Full body + shading (optional + pattern/texture) –> 1000:points:
Every additional character + 700:points:

Full body + shading + background –> 1200:points:
Every additional character + 700:points:

And here is the profile!

:bulletblue:Profile: :bulletblue:
Your name on DeviantArt: Your Username
Order: e.g. Headshot bookmark with a texture and two characters
Character reference/s: Here you have to add the reference sheet/s of your character/s. If you don't have one, just add pictures of your character on which I can see his/her markings clearly!
Pose: What should the character be doing on the picture and how should his/her pose be like?
Background/pattern/texture: What should the background of the picture look like? If you choose a pattern, please tell me the colours and your rough imagination. If you choose a texture, you can choose one by yourself or you leave it to me
Way of paying: Do you pay via Paypal or bank transfer?
Other: Is there anything else I have to pay attention for?

I really hope that you like my offer! It would really please me to draw commissions for you! :)

© 2011 - 2022 johndimplechester
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oh man meine eltern haben mir verboten im internet mit geld zu zahen bis ich 18 bin
und so viele points habe ich auch ned ^^;
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Aw, das ist schade D: