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Couple's Portrait by Johndennis4209 Couple's Portrait :iconjohndennis4209:Johndennis4209 2 1 W.I.P. 4 by Johndennis4209 W.I.P. 4 :iconjohndennis4209:Johndennis4209 3 0 W.I.P. 3 by Johndennis4209 W.I.P. 3 :iconjohndennis4209:Johndennis4209 1 0 W.I.P. 2 by Johndennis4209 W.I.P. 2 :iconjohndennis4209:Johndennis4209 2 0 W.I.P. 1 by Johndennis4209 W.I.P. 1 :iconjohndennis4209:Johndennis4209 0 0 Sage by Johndennis4209 Sage :iconjohndennis4209:Johndennis4209 1 3 Sage WIP by Johndennis4209 Sage WIP :iconjohndennis4209:Johndennis4209 0 1 The Salty Key Twitch Channel Banner by Johndennis4209 The Salty Key Twitch Channel Banner :iconjohndennis4209:Johndennis4209 0 0 Happy Mask Salesman by Johndennis4209 Happy Mask Salesman :iconjohndennis4209:Johndennis4209 0 2 Happy Mask Salesman (WIP) by Johndennis4209 Happy Mask Salesman (WIP) :iconjohndennis4209:Johndennis4209 1 5
The Dreamer's Tale
The Dreamer's Tale
Prologue to The Dreamer's Tale:
Listen now to the tale of the Dreamer's imagination,
The grand tool by which he brings about his creation.
From a very young age, he thought of grand things,
Of castles, and dragons, and magnificent kings,
Of adventurous knights, and legendary swords,
And dangerous dungeons hosting villainous hordes.
He detailed his stories with incredible care,
And painted vast landscapes both rugged and fair.
Each place he imagined, he created completely,
All aspects, fitting together quite neatly.
Even in the settings which were foreboding and dark,
He filled in the spaces, he left nothing stark.
His stories he created he struggled to tell,
For they were so vast they made the mind swell!
Or so he claims, for none other can truly know,
The unfathomable imagination that is the Dreamer's show.
But I have gone on too long, and so now let me try to relay,
A tale that the Dreamer told me one day.
The Dreamer's Tale:
He told me this tale was inspired by a
:iconjohndennis4209:Johndennis4209 1 6
Aspiration to Greatness
Aspiration to Greatness
I aspire.
I aspire to become great.
No, not for others, but for myself.
I value the opinions of others, of that have no doubt.
I cherish the words of praise or critique my contemporaries honor me with.
I cherish them all positive or negative, because no person's opinion of me impacts me as deeply as my own.
For I am not so great.
I am my harshest critic.
What I produce is never truly satisfying to my own eyes.
Although I may take such great care in my work, it is bound to have at least a single flaw.
Perhaps no one will even notice or say anything.
But I will know it is there.
And I will know I can do better.
Then I will strive to overcome that flaw.
And I will.
And I will see another.
And I will overcome that flaw too.
Yet I have come to the realization that there will always be flaws, so I do not aspire to be perfect, only great.
For if I cannot improve, then why should I create more than just one perfect thing?
This is why my work will never be flawless in my
:iconjohndennis4209:Johndennis4209 1 3
The Original Captain Falcon by Johndennis4209 The Original Captain Falcon :iconjohndennis4209:Johndennis4209 0 0 Portrait of a Friend by Johndennis4209 Portrait of a Friend :iconjohndennis4209:Johndennis4209 3 6
Absent Friend
"Absent Friend"
Like the changing of the wind
You come and you go,
Where you're at now
I have no way to know.
Oh but how I miss you dear,
I think of you night and day,
Oh how I long to hold you near,
How I wish that you would stay.
I love you with all my heart,
I love you till the world should end,
I just can't stand to be apart,
From you my absent friend.
:iconjohndennis4209:Johndennis4209 2 3
Fire Field (Cylinder Knot) by Johndennis4209 Fire Field (Cylinder Knot) :iconjohndennis4209:Johndennis4209 1 3


new fatesona by Katrov new fatesona :iconkatrov:Katrov 10 3 Anankos's Regrets by Matarra Anankos's Regrets :iconmatarra:Matarra 3 0 Little Astral dragon by Latias-gem Little Astral dragon :iconlatias-gem:Latias-gem 2 25 Of Blood and Silence by amas-art Of Blood and Silence :iconamas-art:amas-art 3 0 2016 Art Summary by kumaokaa-san 2016 Art Summary :iconkumaokaa-san:kumaokaa-san 14 0 Precious Dragon Maid by AceTrainerHope Precious Dragon Maid :iconacetrainerhope:AceTrainerHope 13 3 In Dragons Tears by MegnoliviaArts In Dragons Tears :iconmegnoliviaarts:MegnoliviaArts 10 3 Lilith Dragon by Dzookitten Lilith Dragon :icondzookitten:Dzookitten 2 0 ~Fire Emblem Heroes: Loyal to a Fault Banner~ by KunaiKevlin ~Fire Emblem Heroes: Loyal to a Fault Banner~ :iconkunaikevlin:KunaiKevlin 4 2 Lilith - Fire Emblem Fates by Arisa93 Lilith - Fire Emblem Fates :iconarisa93:Arisa93 4 0 Lilith by Spiritdragon1217 Lilith :iconspiritdragon1217:Spiritdragon1217 5 0 Lilith by Frostfang269 Lilith :iconfrostfang269:Frostfang269 7 11 Lilith - Fire Emblem Fates by Arisa93 Lilith - Fire Emblem Fates :iconarisa93:Arisa93 6 0 Smaugust - Lilith by Squabblelobster Smaugust - Lilith :iconsquabblelobster:Squabblelobster 8 6 Lilith - Fire Emblem Fates by SpirasSummonerYuna Lilith - Fire Emblem Fates :iconspirassummoneryuna:SpirasSummonerYuna 4 0 Halloween Lilith by KawakineAlice Halloween Lilith :iconkawakinealice:KawakineAlice 16 0



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Couple's Portrait
Graphite on paper
Faber-Castell 2H, HB, 2B, 4B, 6B
Time ~10 hours

The first portrait I have completed without creating a temporary grid to measure proportions. I am happy with the result. Also the first portrait I have completed in which I used dark tones to clearly define facial features.
:) Just leave a comment and I will...........

1.Tell you something I learned about you by looking at your DA page. deviantART

2. Tell you a color you remind me of.

3. Tell you what movie, TV, or video game character you remind me of.

4. Ask you a question, and you must answer.

5. Tell you something I like about your art. Clap

6. Give you a nickname.

7. Tell you what animal you remind me of.

8. Tell you what am I doing right now.

9. Tell you what food/ flavor/smell you remind me of.

10. Tell you to do this in your journal too, if you haven't already.


Johndennis4209's Profile Picture
Artist | Student | Traditional Art
United States
Hey I'm John. I'm an occasional artist and poet and I don't post much, but when I do, I put all of my passion into what I create.

Other stuff:
Big fan of Nintendo, especially Legend of Zelda, F-Zero, and Smash Brothers
Also a fan of the manga/anime BERSERK

Smash Bros Tag SM4SH: Berserk
Mains: Captain Falcon/Link

More stuff (music):
I listen to music a lot; VG music, some classical, sometimes modern stuff.
Long-term goals: become a graphic designer


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