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Theo and Kelly in Times Square. by JohnDavidbiehl Theo and Kelly in Times Square. :iconjohndavidbiehl:JohnDavidbiehl 1 0 Bunny Milfs by JohnDavidbiehl
Mature content
Bunny Milfs :iconjohndavidbiehl:JohnDavidbiehl 2 0
Mature content
A Very Special Favor. :iconjohndavidbiehl:JohnDavidbiehl 1 14
Fink by JohnDavidbiehl Fink :iconjohndavidbiehl:JohnDavidbiehl 3 8
The Trip.
It was a cold winter's day in Jasper Park Canada, the packs were gathering food for the winter. Kate and her sister Lilly, were helping their mates Humphrey and Garth chase rabbits around the park while Eve and Winston watched from above their den...well, Winston was anyway, Eve just stared down at Humphrey sternly and in thought.
" What's on your mind dear? " Winston asked his wife, whom jolted when he spoke to her.
" Hmm? Oh nothing, I was just thinking about spending time with Humphrey, get to know him a little you know? he always gets frightened when I stand next to him, I can tell! " Eve explained.
" Well, you do tend to have this air of aggression about you. " Winston pointed out, avoiding a hard swipe from his wife.
" I'm. Not. Aggressive! " Eve shouted, proving her husband's point.
" * Sigh * you just need to control your temper, Honey. " Winston told her.
" Maybe you're right, Winston...maybe this quality time with Humphrey would do me some good! " Eve thought aloud.
" If you
:iconjohndavidbiehl:JohnDavidbiehl 0 0
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Jack and Hank, Chapter 2. :iconjohndavidbiehl:JohnDavidbiehl 0 0
Reclaimation Day. by JohnDavidbiehl Reclaimation Day. :iconjohndavidbiehl:JohnDavidbiehl 3 0
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BookLover. :iconjohndavidbiehl:JohnDavidbiehl 0 0
Planning. by JohnDavidbiehl Planning. :iconjohndavidbiehl:JohnDavidbiehl 3 12 Snowflake and Nadine. by JohnDavidbiehl Snowflake and Nadine. :iconjohndavidbiehl:JohnDavidbiehl 2 0 Eat My Flank! by JohnDavidbiehl Eat My Flank! :iconjohndavidbiehl:JohnDavidbiehl 1 0


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Bunny Milfs
Two cute bunnies that interested me.
Happy the Littlest Bunny 1994. Good Times.
The Great Easter Egg Hunt. 2000. Golden Films

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Suzanne's Den. West Virginian Forest.

" Yeeeeeaaaahhhh, Mmmmmfh, Ooooohhmm, " Suzanne moaned as Julius massaged her while getting rid of cricks in her back, his cheeks bright red for hearing her groans and moans. " That's it Oedipus, you're really good at this! "

Ignoring the embarrassing nickname the milf bestowed upon him, Julius continued his good work.

" I massage my mom all the time..." He told Suzanne, who then started snickering. " ...Shut up! " he said in his defense with a visible blush on his cheeks.

" I ain't saying nothing, it just speaks for itself! " she told him between her immature giggles.

" And here I thought you were the mature one! " Julius snarked, earning a lick on the side of his face from the fox.

" You thought wrong there, Bunny-Boy! " Suzanne smirked as she rolled onto her back and gave an relaxed sigh, giving the rabbit behind her a good view of her auburn vulva and teats, causing him to salivate at the sight. " Enjoying the view? " She teased with a wink.

Julius gave out a gulp as he tried to cover up his growing erection between his legs.

" Julius, I'm a grown woman, I know what a dick looks like. Don't be so bashful about letting it out! " Suzanne told him as she poked at it with the tip her tail, making the rabbit giggle from the ticklish touch.

" Hehehe-heheh It tickles! " Julius giggled some more.

" And since you've been so helpful to me against those hunting dogs these past weeks...Allow me to return the favor! " Suzanne continued in a sultry voice as she gently pushed the rabbit over onto his back and held him down with both paws.

" Aren't we going a little too fast for this? " He questioned with a slight panic in his voice. " Will it hurt? "

" To be honest, yes it will. But, that will subside once you get a rhythm down, Squirt. " Suzanne told him as they nuzzled.

" I don't want to hurt you, babe..." Julius said with earnest concern for the predator's well being.

" I've been around the block, honey. I can handle it! " Suzanne assured him, then proceeding to lick the rabbit's cock with her tongue, giving the tip multiple kisses.

" Ohhhh, that feels really nice, but can you use your teeth for just abit? " Julius suggested, feeling nervous for the odd request. Suzanne stared at him with incredulously.

Shrugging her shoulders, she proceeded to do what Julius asked for and gently pressed her teeth onto his penis as she felicitated him, resuming her licking.

The rabbit groaned in pleasure as he scratched the top of the fox's head every time she lowered it and her whines vibrated his warm cock.

Suzanne then upped her sucking rhythm as she started to bob her head furiously up and down, her claws unsheathing and started digging into Julius's legs, drawing little pints of blood from the wounds.

" Oh Fuck, I love foxes, I love foxes, I REALLY FUCKING LOVE FOXES SO MUCH! " Julius screamed as he ejaculated into the vixen's mouth, coating the inside of it with his pent up seed.

Suzanne rolled her eyes in response to the rabbit's remark, swallowing up all of his cum and wiping her mouth afterwards.

" Now that's done, It's my turn now, kid! " She said as she turned around bent over, and shoved her large ass into Julius's face, covering it in auburn pussy pie. " Let's see you work those carrot munchers, Fox-Lover! " she said, reworking the insult the other rabbits gave him into a term of endearment.

" As you wish, you sexy deathmachine! " Julius cooed as he rubbed his paws on the vixen's luscious ass and giving both cheeks some good hard slaps, enticing some shrieks from her.

" Damn, just made me feel like a teenager again! " Suzanne chuckled as she rubbed her ass. " Butt go easy on the slapping, I ain't getting any younger you know! "

" Just a little ripened..." Julius grinned as he salivated. " like a sexy rose! "

" Ugh! Just shut up and eat my pussy! " Suzanne groaned at the horrible joke.

Julius did as he was demanded and started to work on the vulpine pussy, with some strokes of his tongue before he buried his face into it, licking the juices within.

" Oh yeah, right there! Shove your ugly fucking face into me, you motherfucker! " Suzanne moaned. " Don't you dare stop, Or I'll rip your damn ears off! "

The rabbit sped up his licking after hearing this threat, wanting to keep his hearing and not to wanting draw the milf's fiery ire.

" Uhmmf, Ohhhh, OH SHIT I"M CUMMING! " Suzanne orgasmed all over the rabbit's face, coating it with her release.

After having his face splashed by the fox's juices, Julius proceeded to lap it up to clean up the mess, making sure to groom her backside of any left over residue.

" Mmmm! that was great, kid...and now for the fun part! " Suzanne purred while she lowered her ass to accommodate for the size difference between her and Julius.

Julius wagged his little tail as he gently and carefully eased himself inside of the fox, which was like a desperate sheep dog trying to get busy with a mare on a lonely and horny night.

" Are you in yet? " Suzanne chuckled, intentionally throwing off the rabbit's concentration. " Cause I'm not feeling anything! "

" I'm trying, woman! " Julius exasperated.

" Vixen. " Suzanne corrected.

" Same thing! " Julius told her, frustrated over disappointing his lover, his ears falling to the sides of his head.

" Hey, don't beat yourself * hehehe* up over it, It's your first time and you don't want to screw * snrk * this up. " Suzanne told him as she pulled the lagomorph close for a hug. " I'll guide you through this, you have my word! "

" Thanks, Suzy..." Julius thanked, hugging her back, making her whine adorably.

" You're welcome, kiddo! " She then licked the rabbit's cheek. " now, let's get started shall we? "

Taking a few deep breaths, Julius gulped and gently pressed himself against Suzanne's pussy, pushing his penis inside of it, making the fox moan a little.

He then built up a steady rhythm as he pulled it in and out, his testicles gently slapping the pussy as he continued to gain friction inside of Suzanne, who moaned each time.

" Mmmfh! That's it. keep it going, kid! " She gasped, her tail wagging with excitement. " Fuck me like a rabbit! "

Julius picked up his pace and proceeded to do just that, thumping the vulpine as hard and fast as his tiny body could muster, their hard panting echoing throughout the den.

Suzanne let out a pleasured yelp as she felt her peak starting to hit, sucking in air through her teeth, her tail slapping against the ground and her teats bouncing erratically with each hard thrust that Julius delivered.

The two lovers screamed out each other's name as they both orgasmed all over each other, cuddling up with one another afterwards, Suzanne pulling her little lover in for a passionate kiss.

" Almost heaven...West Virginia..." She started to sing her favorite childhood tune breathlessly as she laid next to a worn out Julius. " Take me home...Country Roads..."

" I love you, my Mountain Mama... " He told her.

In response, she shook her head. " Now Julius, don't say that to me...ever again... you mustn't tell those other rabbits about us fucking, especially your mother! " Suzanne warned. " She hates me enough already! "

" Okay, I'll keep my trap shut, Baby " Julius promised as he nuzzled his " girlfriend "

" Good, because if you don't...I'll hunt both of you down! " Suzanne chuckled with a sadistic tone in her laughter.

" Hehehe...yeah..." Julius uneasily laughed along with her, his blood running cold at the thought of the fox tearing into his flesh for a good meal.

Suzanne licked the rabbit's cheek to ease his mind and calm him down, her tongue and warm breath feeling really nice against his face.

" So Honey,...wanna go for round two? " He asked his lover.

" Babe, I'm beat and you wore me out! Let's rest for awhile. " Suzanne yawned as she curled up with Julius and whispered into his ears...

" Your mother's next! "
A Very Special Favor.
A steamy one-shot starring Suzanne and Julius.
Here's someone evil and adorable flipping the bird.
Fink, Ok K.O. Let's be Heroes. 2017- present.


John David Biehl
Artist | Hobbyist | Design & Interfaces
United States
I'm a artist. been drawing since.......I'm not sure when i started... but anyways hello.
I can do requests if asked or noted. If it's from an animated movie or tv show I'll do it!
if it's a obscure or foreign cartoon I'll draw it for y'all just ask nicely
My Favorite Movies.
1. Jungledryet Hugo. 1-2. ( 1993-1996)
2. Frozen. (2013)
3. The Fox and The Hound. (1981)
4. Macskafogo / Cat City. (1986)
5. Alpha and Omega. (2010)
6. The Elm Chanted Forest. (1986)
7. The Fearless Four/ Die Furchtlosen Vier. (1997)
8. Catnapped!/ Totsuzen! Neko no Kuni Banipal Witt. (1995)
9. Seven. (1995)
10. Dude Where's My Car?. (2000)
11. The Addams Family. (1991)
12. The Big Lebowski. (1998)
13. The Seventh Brother./ Vacak a hetedik testver. (1995)
14. Toy Story. (1995)
15. Finding Nemo. (2003)
16. Felidae. (1994)
17. The Lion King. (1994)
18. The Lion King 1/2. (2004)
19. Banjo the Woodpile Cat. (1979)
20. One Stormy Night/ Arashi No Yoru Ni. (2005)
21. Willy The Sparrow/ Vili a vereb. (1989)
22. The Secret of Nimh. (1982)
23. Max & Co. (2006)
24. The Cunning Little Vixen. (2003)
25. The Star Wars Trilogy. ( 1977-Present.)
26. Cats and Dogs. (2001)
27. Wayne's World. (1992)
28. Stay Tuned. ( 1992 )
29. Starsky and Hutch. ( 2004)
Movies I Absolutely Hate.
1. Baby Boy. (2001)
2. The Great Gatsby. (2013)
3. The Little Rascals. (1994)
4. Shinbone Ally. (1971)
5. Tyler Perry Movies.
6. Mr Magorium's Wonder Emporium.


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