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Ninmu Nanmu All Pages PDF

So the Ninmu Nanmu site is down. No idea if it will ever come back. I still have the domain name so maybe?

Here's a PDF with all the pages of the comic that were on the sitee when it went down. There is no page 17 in chapter two which is not a mistake; page 17 was an experimental VN style thing that I pulled down a long time ago. Nothing in it was necessary for understanding later pages.

The pages will probably display at different and seemingly random sizes. This is because I generated the PDF directly from the original high resolution files. This gives the highest quality possible, but full page sizes changed throughout the time I was making the comics. Further complicating things, some of the files have DPI information saved in them and others don't. Your well-meaning PDF viewer will try its best to make sense of the random mix of page sizes and DPIs and it will fail. I recommend downloading the file and viewing it in Adobe Acrobat Reader or whatever. Set the page display to single, set the zoom to page height or width. This way you can see one page at a time and they should automatically zoom to seem the same size.

I could make a better PDF maybe but honestly looking at my old comics still makes me super anxious and/or depressed. This is the best I can do for now; I wanted to upload something since I took the site down. 
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I remember reading it back in the day... it was one of the first TG comics I ever read. Good stuff.

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I always liked this comic. I hope you'll come back to it or finish the game or do something with it someday but I also get that sometimes we just move beyond our work before it is finished in a matter that is satisfactory for others (just take a look at all the unfinished projects on my dA account). But it's good to know this is still here in some form.

Love this comic. Still come back to it

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I really liked that comic.
Thank you for putting an archive. It's nice to have the possibility to read that in the future too. :)
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*immediately downloads*
I'm still sorry for the negative response your work elicits. It's gotta be weird, knowing how much pain it causes you, despite the joy and emotional catharisis you've brought others.
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Ah memories... whatever the future holds for Nimmu Nammu, I've always enjoyed time spent with it.
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The website,, is archived on the Wayback Machine in its entirerity. So, if anyone wants/needs to go back look at it, you can.
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A bummer that the site is down!  Your work has always been enjoyable, and I'm glad this much got saved.  I don't know if you have the other comic still (where the guy gets transplanted into a female cyber body), but that was also one of my favorites of all time.  Thank you for everything you've done!
have you thought of rebooting the comic start from the beginning and redo the entire comic???
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I have thought about it but that definitely won't be happening any time soon if it ever happens at all.

well if u don't it is a real tragedy a lot of comics die before their time some good tg ones two like abstract gender and Venus envy just 2 name a couple it is a real shame n&n might be joining that sad club 
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sad to find the comic is down, hope you can bring it back some time, it was a good comic
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I really liked Ninmu Nanmu. Thank you for keeping it alive, even though it triggers an old art reaction =p
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Not really an 'old art' reaction... it's closer to a PTSD reaction.

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Well I hope you contiue on this
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