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Blue Robot Player Sprite



This is the sprite sheet for Blue Robot, as seen in the work-in-progress flash game Blue Robot. Use that link to go and see the latest version on Kongregate. While you're there, be sure to leave some feedback and/or bug reports!

As for this sprite sheet, it's fairly basic but works well in play. Quick rundown of what the sprites are supposed to be:

* Row 1, Col 1: Standing still
* Row 1, Col 2-7: Six frames of running
* Row 1, Col 8: Skidding to a stop
* Row 2, Col 1-8: The same as row 1 while holding a gun.
* Row 3, Col 1: Jumping up
* Row 3, Col 2: Near top of jump
* Row 3, Col 3: Falling down
* Row 3, Col 4-6: Same three frames while holding a gun.

That random blue stuff off to the bottom is just the color ramp used for drawing the sprites.

Feel free to use this sprite under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike 3.0 Unported license. He'd be a pretty good base for a more detailed sprite, but he also works well as he is.
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I used the top row of this one in the HTML standard for an example!


(Attribution is both in the example source, below the example itself, and in the acknowledgements section at the bottom of the spec.)