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Inspiring Deviations#01: Tombraider Reborn Entries

( Disclaimer: The Author do not Intend to discredit the recent results of the contest winners and dishonor  the judges but rather make it as an opportunity to showcase the best of Artists residing in Deviantart Community and to Spark Inspiration among us.  )

Deviantart Has recently launched one of their biggest art contest in cooperation with SQUARE ENIX LTD. and its collaborators.
Check Out the Top 3 winners:  Tomb Raider Reborn Contest WinnersTomb Raider

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Check out the Finalists:   Tomb Raider Reborn Semi-FinalistsIn the Tomb Raider Reborn contest, we challenged you to bring the new Lara Croft to life, based on the trailer and asset pack. We saw amazing renditions of this fierce survivor, showcasing Lara's inherent resourcefulness and intuition. The competition was stiff, but our judges narrowed it down to the top 25. These will now be sent to Square Enix's Senior Art Director Brian Horton to choose the final three Winners. Congratulations to the top 25 Semi-Finalists below!
The remaining 22 Semi-Finalists will receive:
A Tomb Raider XBOX 360 Wireless Controller
3-Month Premium Membership
2,000 deviantART Points
Read Contest ArticleRead Official Rules

I am one among the 4,752 entries that participated in this contest ( what a HUGE number :lol: ). Nonetheless, my entry is not that important anymore AND would rather like to present to you my favorite entries so far ( Mine was not included here ) . In which, I think would serve as an inspirations to all budding artists outhere. My selection process for this includes: Composition, CreativityTechnical Mastery ( Basics, Rendetion, Anatomy, Perspectives, Proportion, etc), Concept and Idea , Relevance to The Character and themeUse of MediumDynamics and Overall Impact .

With the awesome number of entries around the world, I felt there's a need to feature MOST of them , specially the entries that took some tremendous time and effort to complete. Almost 90%-95% of the participants went all out to compete.

Remember, This is only my own opinion and would not be the cup of coffee for all. I hope you enjoy the list anyway.

I browse and choose the entries starting from the Newest Submission till the last submission:…

Here they are.  : 

:bulletred:BEST ENTRIES AND MY POTENTIAL WINNERS (In No Particular Order)

Tomb Raider Reborn by DeivCalviz Chase by Hamsterfly Tomb Raider Reborn Contest by Murilo-Araujo
Tomb Raider Reborn by Peter-Ortiz B A T T L E by Valentina-Remenar Tomb Raider by Charlie-Bowater
Tomb Raider Reborn by Mineworker TOMB RAIDER REBORN by amirulhafiz Tomb Raider by akreon
Tomb Raider by LeoNeal-CP Lara in the forest by hdy9108 Lost in the Rain by jeff80
Tomb Raider by Pencracker by Pencracker The Hunter by fooyee Lara Croft by FangWangLlin
Tomb Raider Reborn Contest by Izaskun Tomb Raider Reborn by Evil-Siren tomb raider reborn by Txusjfuentes by Txusjfuentes
Born Survivor by YannickBouchard Tomb Raider  Reborn by Murilo-Araujo

Mature Content

Tomb Raider contest by danihell-lima

I also love this piece which was removed by the owner
due to technical issues (Let me know if that is the correct

:bulletred:BEST CONTENDERS (In No Particular Order)

Tomb Raider: Will of Fire by spirapride AndreyGevechanov TombRaider by AndrewLeon Tomb Raider by alexnegrea
Tomb Raider Reborn Contest by RodrigoICO Tomb Raider Reborn by Ruihq TombRider Reborn by Tinosukae
Lara by wiltekirra:thumb359225810: lara croft-Wolves on the prowl by zecarlos
:thumb358019004: I'm a Survivor by R-Tan Tomb Raider by kajinman
Tomb Raider reborn contest by chuyDeleon LaraCroft by Jorsch Tomb Raider Reborn - Explosive!! by DiegooCunha
Tomb by PattenClay Ascension by transfuse Tomb Raider Reborn: Stealth by JoeLesaffre
MoVE FIghT SurVIVE by drazebot Lady Croft the Tomb Rider  (* by remoraz TOMB RAIDER: Reborn as a bird by Futago-KawaiI
Amidst All Perils by yarleoj Lara by RaynerAlencar Lara by largee17
Tomb Raider Reborn Contest Entry by kevinTUT Tomb Raider Reborn by Protokitty Tomb Raider 2013 contest-2nd entry by purplewurks
Tomb Raider Contest by JdelNido Lara BornToSurvive by Huue 1 by liutao5267469
Rebirth by alicexz Tomb Raider: Reborn by mad-jill Lara Croft Reborn Contest Entry by chrisnfy85
:thumb359278627: Tomb Raider Lara - The Rescue by frankiewCG:thumb359245257:
DhennisBalontongArt TombRaiderCompetition 3 by dhennisbalontongart Tomb Raider Reborn by logartis by logartis Reborn by bramLeech
Lara Croft - TOMB RAIDER REBORN 2013 by RobinRuan Tomb Raider Reborn 2nd Entry by Txusjfuentes Tomb Raider Reborn by VNC-Children
Tomb Raider Reborn Contest by Guybrush4EVER Cornered Wolf by baldingbadger83 Night climbing by Darkodev
The Survivalist by JophielS Lara Croft by JoshSummana LARA : Hidden prey by BGorilla
Reborn Lara 8 by Terribilus Tomb Raider - Contest Entry by stevegoad:thumb357188942:
Fiery Lara by YannickBouchard:thumb356873623: Tomb by dlrpaqud
Tomb Raider Reborn - Contest Entry by shrouded-artist Tomb-Raider-Reborn by Sanchiko Lara Croft - Tomb Raider by AndyFairhurst
:thumb354670028: A new beginning by Alantyn:thumb353903194:
Tomb Raider - Surreal valley by Matchack TOMB RAIDER REBORN by RUIZBURGOS Tomb Raider by zbush
:thumb358906414: Tomb Raider Reborn Contest entry 1 by Toramarusama lara croft reborn mature content by kokecit

:bulletred:MORE FEATURES (In No Particular Order)

Tomb Raider Reborn - Lara Croft by Emeraldus:thumb357148796: Tomb Raider Reborn Contest Entry by ArtofTu
Cradle To Survive by yarleoj The Last Arrow II by JUNAIDI Lara Croft by PeterPrime
:thumb359520102: Tomb Raider Reborn Contest by Tebin-Art
Tomb Raider by TeaInK Lara Croft Reborn by addichim TOMB RAIDER REBORN contest by 6evilsonic6
Natures Finest Archer by FullyGassed Tomb Raider Dalton Muniz 2 by DMUNIZ warm sun for journey by friendhaircut
:thumb359478916: LARA Croft: An Awkward way to survive by lancerdrake Tomb Raider Reborn by felixmack
:thumb359348797: Tomb Raider Reborn: Crashing waves by s2ka Tomb Raider: Reborn by Skaya3000
Lara by chermilla Lara Croft - Survivor by RAPHTOR Lara Croft by amorphisss
Lara Croft Classic by VinRoc Tomb Raider Reborn - A Moment's Rest by pureluck13:thumb356930976:
Tomb Raider Reborn Contest Entry #1 by kashdv8 Tomb Raider Reborn Contest by PatrickBrown:thumb359013752:
Improvisation by Ethrendil From the wreck (Tomb Raider v2) by khuon
Tomb Raider: Reborn by dandonfuga

Late Entries that could have been a contenders too:
reBORN by mkmatsumoto Tomb Raider Contest by jseong88 Tomb Raider by ninejear

I sincerely apologize if your entry or favorite entries was not included in 
my shortlisting. Please Feel free to post your own favorite entries too. :)

Till next time and thanks for checking this out! :)
My 2nd deviantart article. :)
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bernce Featured By Owner May 5, 2013  Professional General Artist
Awww John... i've read your reply... in any consolation we know how hard you worked for it... and for us, you'll always be the friend whose craft was always surprising in a big way. :D CHEERS to you my friend... you are a winner in the eyes of many. :D just being there with the world's finest is an achievement. :D so CONGRATULATIONS to you.
spirapride Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2013
Hey I just want to say for myself and on the behalf of everyone thanks for doing this. Must have taken you quite sometimes to do this but much appreciated and everyone who parttake in this competition. Cheers and have an awesome day.
johnbecaro Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
You are very welcome. :)
ShjakMonde Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2013
There is no doubt that deviantART has a world of talent localized on one website.
However I must say that this contest, along with any extensions of the contest such as your "Inspiring Deviations#1: Tombraider Reborn Entries" has given me some what of an inferiority complex.
I feel that my art has completely gone unnoticed. Perhaps I am missing something that I have not noticed as yet. Of course the problem may be that there are just to many great pieces that we get overlooked. All my friends are scratching their heads over it. But then, they are my friends so I know they will be a bit biased.
Oh well, once again I will link my Entries into the "Tomb Raider Reborn" Contest here, just to get a bit of exposure.
Maybe someone that sees them may advise me to how to get my art to stand out a bit more so they may be more easily noticed for any future contests.
[link] [link]
johnbecaro Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
Hello bro, your work is also awesome. I'ts 3d right? I understand you a lot but don't allow inferiority complex took over your enthusiasm in enjoying the accomplishment of creating an artwork. Competitions are harsh way to discover things , there are always winners and losers. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. Perhaps mainstream has a complex structure for subjectivity in contrast to objectivity and the judges will always have a variation for taste. But believe me, you are a league of your own. I'll try to critic your work in private when I get the chance this weekend. :)
ShjakMonde Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2013
Sorry Bro I guess I missed that Critique.
s2ka Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2013
Thank you very much for the feature, John!
johnbecaro Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
My pleasure!
alexnegrea Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
thank you so much for the feature:)
johnbecaro Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
You are very welcome!
EVentrue Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
Thanks ^__^
johnbecaro Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
My pleasure!
andrewr255 Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2013
Very nice of you to pick your own favorites, very cool idea.
ranka-mei Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
I like what you did here. :) Your choices are very inspired.

And I would much rather have seen you on that jury than the guys they picked.
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