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Commission for Bloodrose83 by johnbecaro Commission for Bloodrose83 :iconjohnbecaro:johnbecaro 22 2 Commission: Morgana by johnbecaro Commission: Morgana :iconjohnbecaro:johnbecaro 118 5 The Dragon warrior police by johnbecaro The Dragon warrior police :iconjohnbecaro:johnbecaro 30 1 Commission: Goblin transformation by johnbecaro Commission: Goblin transformation :iconjohnbecaro:johnbecaro 20 1 Commission: Spectre by johnbecaro Commission: Spectre :iconjohnbecaro:johnbecaro 31 3 Deviljho vs Rajang by johnbecaro Deviljho vs Rajang :iconjohnbecaro:johnbecaro 63 6 GOKU by johnbecaro GOKU :iconjohnbecaro:johnbecaro 64 6 KDA Ahri by johnbecaro KDA Ahri :iconjohnbecaro:johnbecaro 474 9 Bowsette by johnbecaro Bowsette :iconjohnbecaro:johnbecaro 239 5 Armored Batman_BvS by johnbecaro Armored Batman_BvS :iconjohnbecaro:johnbecaro 142 7 Cover Art : RUIN Beast Inside by johnbecaro Cover Art : RUIN Beast Inside :iconjohnbecaro:johnbecaro 57 6 ALL MIGHT by johnbecaro ALL MIGHT :iconjohnbecaro:johnbecaro 187 8 Venom vs Riot by johnbecaro Venom vs Riot :iconjohnbecaro:johnbecaro 435 20 Voltron by johnbecaro Voltron :iconjohnbecaro:johnbecaro 80 7 Vengeful Spirit by johnbecaro Vengeful Spirit :iconjohnbecaro:johnbecaro 90 3 Pennywise x Raptor by johnbecaro Pennywise x Raptor :iconjohnbecaro:johnbecaro 51 3

:target: $80 Standard Commission SALE

This Promotional Listing is for March 8 to APRIL 20,  2019 . It will close anytime upon my prerogative and if I deemed necessary and will revert
back to  $150 regular rate. 
$80 is only applicable for one character, additional details can be discussed via note or email.

The purpose of this promotional list is for me to have an immediate fundraising for my moving to a new house and other immediate expenses.

Samples to expect:

KDA Ahri by johnbecaro Bowsette by johnbecaro ALL MIGHT by johnbecaro Minamoto no Yorimitsu by johnbecaro

REDHOOD by johnbecaro Black Panther by johnbecaro THANOS by johnbecaro Wonder Woman_BvS by johnbecaro

The $80 Promo Commission includes a digitally painted  single character similar to the samples given above.

Character/s can be your own characters (O.C.s) or existing favorite characters from Marvel, DC, Image, Dark Horse, etc. 

Turn around period (ETA): 2 months after payment
Promo Duration: Immediate 

Mode of Payment: PAYPAL
Preferably Upfront Payments (50% downpayment and 50% upon completion

Please send note or email me at johnbecaro(at)yahoo(dot)com if interested and for more inquiries.  1-3 artworks only per person/slot
(This List is random and will not always be in order) . Number of slots will also vary depending on the number of overall artworks that are ordered.

Random List ( 10 slots only ):

Target Here are the terms and conditions of my service:

1. Please seek approval of your commission from me first before you pay me.
2. Please make sure you have read all the contents of this terms and conditions.
3. The working period will start around March 8 to MAY 20,  2019 . This is a promotional commission and the ETA is 2 months longer than regular
commissions/projects. This is in order not to create a hindrance on my existing projects as well as giving more ample time for the quality for each artwork.
4. The list will not be in order because it will depend on the characters (complexity and details) and for me to avoid being burnt out from  "status inquiries".
5. 1-3 artworks only per person/slot.This is to give way to others.
6. Please do not demand my time to immediately respond if its nothing of importance  related to your commission.

7. Important: Please do not deprived me from earning a decent living   by comparing the completion  of your purchased commission to  other commissions who was completed and posted in my gallery way before you realized they were completed or paid before

  you were listed.  Sometimes, I am needing more time to be inspired on certain artworks, It assures  my quality work.

8. Important: If your slot is approved and already paid:

  Any Commission updates inquiry and correspondences shall be done STRICTLY via notes only or emails. This is to avoid violating the provisions that is stated
  on TOR #7.
9.  Concept Art, or any characters without existing designs for reference  is allowed. Provided you will be charged of extra $15 (optional on my part) .
10. Characters that needs to have an exact similarity on real persons or a "portraiture" type of design is allowed. Provided you will be charged of $50. This type of artworks requires me a lot of time.
11. Adjustments and Editing on the artworks are allowed until the client  is satisfied with the output. However, you will need to give me specific  guidance and more time on how to nail it.
12. Original characters are very welcome. You will have a complete permission on using it to anywhere you wish may it be profitable or not.
13.  Status and Work Progress will be posted bi- weekly or anytime I can.
14.  Please see my Work process below this journal, so that you may have an idea how  this artworks went through before completed.

Target What I will need from you:

1. Please include "$80Promo" as your subject on your deviantart notes or email for me to immediately track it.
2. Any Brief Description/ Background info/ Personality  of the Character. (If Any)
3.  Any references/ pictures/ screenshots or links to   the character. (If any)
4.  Include your email address on your note or email  for Work in Progress reports.
5. This is Preferably Upront Payment due to the banking processes here in the Philippines or at least 1 week duration after confirmation.

Target Percentage Completion is based alone from my own work processing (may vary from complexity of different artworks, but this is the usual percentage) .

for confirmation - unpaid or no details sent
processing -commission details encoded 
on-going- working in progress
10% -thumbnail studies
20% -actual size sketching
30% -pencilling (inking can be added here)
10% -scanning and digital preparation
10% -color flats
20% -Rendering colors
10% -finalization (digital lay-outs,quality checking, 
  edits/corrections, etc.) Bullet; Red


Commission SALE
I will have 2 incoming major life and family milestones within this month or early January 2019.
This December 20th will be the turn over or "take out'  of our newly owned house. And we are expected to transfer here within 6 months
or as soon as possible before my daughter's 6th grade. ( We have been renting a house for more than 10 years, and the billing is a pain in the arse.)
2. Despite everything that took place, we are so grateful that we are expecting to have our 2nd child (after 10 years) on this 3rd week of December 2018 to 2nd week of January 2019. My wife is no longer bleeding and the doctor's conclusion was that our baby is safe now. Thanks God. We were blessed to have survived the trauma of pregnancy bleeding, threatened miscarriage, threatened pre term labor and hospitalization. (3 months ago that wifey was in full bedrest while me acti

Do you own an ORIGINAL Character/s ? If Yes, please post your character/s link or thumbnail to the comment section to showcase here. Thanks. 

111 deviants said Yes. (I use them to create story and everything.)
19 deviants said No.
15 deviants said Others. :)
10 deviants said Yes.(But they are adapted from existing stories and I use them to create my own fan fiction)
6 deviants said Yes. ( But I only use a personal and customized design from Games)
6 deviants said No. But I am planning to have one.
2 deviants said Yes. (But I only adapted them)


Sharing here my work in progress for Gally, ALITA: Battle Angel. I just watched the anime and the movie deserves 2nd viewing. :)
ALITA WIP lr by johnbecaroALITA study by johnbecaro
After almost 5 months of struggle, it was still dreamlike seeing my baby boy and wifey safe and sound. Now, I can focus working and becoming more excited of what the future promises for my family. I am resuming all works today and hopefully regain my momentum in drawing. Thank you so much for all the care and prayers.
For all people who cared and was asking. It's been 5 days since our baby boy was born and admitted at the Newborn Intensive Care Unit (NICU). 3 days ago he undergone a minor surgery (CTT insetion) to prevent pneumonia, pneumothorax and being treated from meconium. It's been really stressful for our family. Yesterday wifey was been discharge at the hospital while our baby is still at the NICU for recovering. Today, we are waiting for him to have his breastfeed since the doctors already gave us a signal. I hope and pray he becomes stronger each and every day and we get to transfer to the ward for further recovery. Thank you so much for all the prayers.
Thank you, Lord for protecting my wife and baby NEO. 
Please help us pray for my baby's fast recovery at the NICU.
Untitled by johnbecaroLet me end our 2018 by saying THANK YOU to all our friends and relatives. You have always been a great part of our life. I also would like to THANK YOU to all my art clients and colleagues for all the trust and support. Join me in conquering 2019 and become the best we can be against all odds. Here's to good health, prosperity and joy. Let us all start the new year tomorrow with a fresh mindset that we can be what we think we can. God Bless us all.
MERRY CHRISTMAS and Advance HAPPY NEW YEAR to all. We wish you all the best.  This 2019, I plan to stay more here in deviantart and post more artworks as much as I can.
48406993 10158274879164569 1470298834499272704 O by johnbecaro
Cinema seats are almost sold out so we accidentally watched at 4DX. I have to admit I am distracted by the gimmicks of a 4DX Cinema although I already have experienced it before with a kid-friendly 3D movie. I still enjoy the 3D feature of it. Despite of this, Aquaman was one of the best CBMs I have watched. DCEU got a masterpiece that is truly non-divisive and brilliantly executed. I think this earned the 3rd spot for my most favorite CBMs of all time. The director really invested a lot of effort for intricate details, concept art and team work , the result was visually breathtaking film. You can believe that a man could talk to a fish. I am predicting a box office hit and sequel. I will watch this again on regular theaters, probably 2 more times.

James Cameron thinking about Avatar 2 focusing on the oceanic moon of Pandora should really have to take his game into the next level.
Untitled by johnbecaro

 OMG! AVENGERS 4 Trailer is Finally here !!!!
46806648 10158202484794569 6164857543983104000 O by johnbecaroYesterday's OB-Gyn ultrasound result has indicated that our expected baby is safe and sound. The Doctor also concluded that our baby is in great condition. Thanks God, despite everything we have went through (from wifey's bleeding, threatened miscarriage and 5 month old pre term labor ), our baby is now away from danger.  Although the Doctor recommended to us the possibility of my wife's CS Surgery, we will know by Dec. 12 as we expect our baby to be due on the 1st- 2nd week of January 2019 or earlier. We have been through a lot and I think I felt peace of mind for now and will only need to prepare and work hard for the medical, hospital bills and baby's need. Might be opening my commission listing again soon. Thank you for all the prayers and care. 
(And yes, I was sick also for a week and getting back to work as well. It's a nasty flu season here in my place. Being absent in the gym for 4 months finally took a toll on me. ) 
I'm slowly getting back to my drawing groove. Here's hoping to catch up to everything. It felt like I am also slowly overcoming my anxiety and trauma. No more bleeding episodes from my wifey. God is good. More than 1 month and half to go and we are about to see my son. Here's praying everything will be ok in the end. By the way, I am currently OPENING UP For COMMISSIONS for my upcoming baby and getting ready to transfer to a new and our very own house in the next 5 months ( paying monthly bill for house rental is such a pain for 11 years). Commission list is only limited slots, please message or note me for quotations and scheduling. Or email me at johnbecaro (at) yahoo (dot) com . :)


Artist | Professional | Digital Art
I was a graduate of Bachelor Of Fine Arts Major in Advertising in La Consolacion College- Bacolod (2002). I work fulltime as a Graphics Artist in a certain well-known Sports Equipment Dealer.After Office, I work as a freelance Illustrator / comics or concept artist. But most of the time, I accept Commissions via monthly pre-order listing here in Deviant Art.I already worked with several small press publications locally and abroad and were able to design several characters for comics, books and games.

I am also a professional advertising practitioner and strategist. I do the following specific task: 1. Concept art and Digital Illustrations for games, videos, films, books and comics2. Print ad Design which includes newspapers, magazine, books and comics. 3. Business Card design 4.Banner Ad , Poster and Billboard Ads Designs.5. Logo and Mascot designs. 5. Corporate Presentation Design6. Audio and Video Editing7. Other Multimedia needed for business and corporate affairs

Oddly enough, I am also a part time dance choreographer for hiphop , jazz, festival dances and several creative dancing as an extension of my creative endeavors.

But most importantly Im addicted to drawing.

Current Age: 30, Current Residence: Pasig City, Favourite genre of music: rock, tribal, lovesongs, hiphop, hardcore, Favourite style of art: digital painting/comics art, Operating System: Windows, Wallpaper of choice: Digital artworks, Favourite cartoon character: Daffy Duck, Personal Quote: AAAAAAARRRRGHHHHH1

Journal History


Please click the image to
proceed to my facebook page

I specifically created the page to my fans who always have more time spending in facebook than deviantart. The Fan page will still be catching up from my previous works but will be updated with contents not posted in my deviantart, Im still contemplating to merge all my art blogs and concentrate more on the facebook updates for a while.



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