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As I walk down the cold, cement stairs
Smiling as others take the machine down
I relaize how beautiful this place is
A place that I call my home, my hood
It isn't exactly the cleanest spot
The homeless panhandle, sleep on benches
Not that I mind as I'm never standing long
The small vendor as I make my way down
Pass a McDonalds and convience store

I don't really find either place inviting

I try not to hear what other people say
Mandarin flows in and out of my ear
I do not get it but silenty sing
As strings from an ochestra fill my brain
Down another flight of stairs
People hustling and bustling to get there
I'm not worried though I never wait long
I do not bother looking at the constant ads
Nothing impresses me as much as the scenery

Cold hard cement curved like a half dome

A bristle wind comes by as I get to my stop
Stand behind the yellow line or get taken back
Fingering the white and blue electronic paper
I try to keep my mind off of the guard there
Rarely do I see one of these where I'm going
But that's not my real worry right now
Not too many people are getting on this place
But I'm sure I'll be able to sit down soon

As long as I hear it coming down the line

The line picks up now and the sound is noise
I slide off the headphones and stop the strings
Only to hear metal sreeching against metal
As the thing I came for starts to stop
There aren't any mirrors here like in Toyko
It's nice there is no businessman to clean up
Still we are delayed at the stop for a second
The woman with two children also missed us

The electricity flows and air pushes shut

I look around to see who is who
I do not think I recognize anyone this time
Still, these people are like family to me
We all have one thing in common at least
To watch as we get pushed along racing the tide
I look over at the girl in the corner
Her hoodie pushed over her long brown hair
Green eyes glare back and a smile comes

The world is full of cute but scary deeds

Next to me sits a woman and a child
Unrelated by blood and style but here
The small child looks at me and wonders
The woman looks down and thinks about him
I can see her fingering her ring
Red spots around the eyes tell me her story
I can't help but turn down my music a bit
But she stops, and lies back to enjoy the trip

Underndeath it all still lies emotion

Not my stop but the mall is closing
Filled with talk and laugher unrelentless
I hear about the newest game in the arcade
How the sashimi wasn't perfect but good
The customer that stole a 100 dollar dress
The hot new CD that sold off the shelves
I take it all in and wonder what I am missing
Then I look out my window and see the sky

I've been surrounded but not captured

Freeing me from this place of laughter
I look back on my journey as the chime goes
I realize that even though I am now home
The one place still calls me back
As the Canon in D comes back to life again
I hum on my merry way up the stairs
I relax and take my time to observe
Ponder about life and my own personality

The unseen love between man and the machine
A revised version of an old poem I wrote in Grade 11 during religion class. This was originally about the New York Subway, but I converted it to the Vancouver Skytrain system - both are basically the same thing, the same idea - so therefore, it's my own little hybrid.

Just a piece of my world, folks.
lowra Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2002   Writer
I like this and the simplicity of it. I like how you've told a story and let the reader know that this is what you saw. Isn't it wonderful to see the world and put it into words....

johnayanami Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2002   Writer
I'm sorry about that - I forgot to tell you guys..

This is my "poem image" now. malachi was close - this anime is made, and created by the same people that did Neon Genesis Evangelion - Gainax and Hideaki Anno.

However, this is 彼氏彼女の事情

Oh.. uhh, Kareshi Kanojyo no Jijyoo for those who cannot read Japanese kanji ;) (Wink) His or Her Circumstances..
malachi Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2002
First commen whoo-hay

Very nice, and if I'm not mistaken, the image is a screen shot from the Neon Genesis Evangelion video game Iron Girlfriend. I'm an anime geek if there was one.

cON raiNdowN
on me
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