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Enix History
"Fortune smiles upon thee. Thou hast found a herb!"
Even for the greatest legends, there are always humble beginings. Nintendo started out orignally as a card-trading company and grew into the giant console and gaming conglomerate it is today. Enix started out similiarly small, establishing the Eidansya-Bosyu Service Centre Corporation in September of 1975. This Corporation was mainly there to service electronics, but really they had other things in mind. The new revolution of the PC, Personal Computer, was just starting to be realized. TheJapanese economy at the time was begining to enter an upswing period that would peak so high it would become the second largest economy in the entire world - all from a small country only a few islands together! To take advantage of both of these convient factors, the Eidansya-Bosyu Corportation established a partner company in August of 1982. This company, focusing specifically on the design of Personal Computer gaming, would be forever marke
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Friends together by johnayanami Friends together :iconjohnayanami:johnayanami 1 0
right of way
\"In this life, man stands between Heaven and earth. He who fails to finish as he starts is no man of honor.\"
as i get pulled in farther by the tide
i cannot help but think of my parents
father so misunderstood, rash, but kind
mother with intentions good but poor action
but they are no longer in my thoughts
as fast as i am no longer on the outside whirl
sucking in deeper what can i think of
for my death here means nothing to anyone
i do not fall for my lord
i do not fall for a country
i do not fall to save another
i fall in a design of my own construction
i fail due to insurmountable walls barring me
walls i have created with my own hands
borne of my flesh and blood, my desire
as much as i wish i could change this current
there is nothing that i can do to stop the water
yet i could always pull a brick from that wall
as hard as it may be
as hard as it could stick
as hard as my mind could be
i ignored the cracks that lined throughout
trying to pull out one large one after another
even w
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gamcube by johnayanami gamcube :iconjohnayanami:johnayanami 0 0 vancouver desktop v001 by johnayanami vancouver desktop v001 :iconjohnayanami:johnayanami 1 4 desktop version 3-0001 by johnayanami desktop version 3-0001 :iconjohnayanami:johnayanami 0 1 desktop version 2-000 by johnayanami desktop version 2-000 :iconjohnayanami:johnayanami 0 0 desktop version 1-000 by johnayanami desktop version 1-000 :iconjohnayanami:johnayanami 0 1
Japan affect on Korean economy
The period of Japanese colonial rule on Korea is still a touchy subject for many people even today. Mailing lists of Koreans who collaborated, that is had anything to do with the Japanese government in Korea that was not fighting against it, are put out every month listing new people's names. Many of these collaborators were killed or had to flee the country after the Japanese left Korea after the second World War. Many Koreans view the Japanese colonial period as a dark period in their history, and it was. Not being able to govern a people and land you have governed for over a thousand years successfully is a crushing blow to a nation. Values have to be changed, ways of life have to be reorganized in your mind as to the new precepts of a foreign government. Usually a foreign power will take over a country for its own gain, as Japan did for the natural resources that Korea had. Japan also had different ideas in mind as well, using Korea as a strategic launching point to try and
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The internet altering text
John Oldewurtel
TA: Joanna Clarke
Question #1: Examine the ways in which electronic media have altered the nature of either the text..
The internet has come as an advent to a lot of professions and careers, courses and interchanges, communities and individuals. One thing has remained constant throughout the history of the internet, even up to this stage of broadbound connections that provide high data-stream rates and superior technology that allows live voice conversations. The overwhelming majority of communication is done through text, be it discussing a text, writing a text, or just conversing between two people. The internet has developed and altered text in such radical ways that some of us in society rarely imagine a world without these conveniences. Things such as instant communication with people through messaging systems such as ICQ and IRC; free use of mail through various web-based e-mail programs such as Hotmail and Yahoo; student papers that can be p
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Christian Missionaries JPN-CHN
Christian missionaries coming from Europe had a lot of things on their minds. These priests were trained in the art of scholarly achievement, put through rigorous testing mentally throughout their entire lives in the monastic order. They also had to be physically powerful as well to survive a long walk or boat ride out to Asia. In essence, these were the finest and brightest people that the Western world had to offer to Asia. Large barriers in language and culture stood between the missionaries and the people they were trying to enlighten with their scripture and teachings. The road ahead had nothing but uncertainly, the path they chose to take was lined with questions, and doubt must have entered even their faithful minds at times. They came to the Asian countries as merchants, as priests, and most importantly, as scholars. Each branch of Asian civilization acted in a different way to these scholars that had come into their countries from lands they had never seen with their ow
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The Subway-Skytrain Story
As I walk down the cold, cement stairs
Smiling as others take the machine down
I relaize how beautiful this place is
A place that I call my home, my hood
It isn't exactly the cleanest spot
The homeless panhandle, sleep on benches
Not that I mind as I'm never standing long
The small vendor as I make my way down
Pass a McDonalds and convience store
I don't really find either place inviting
I try not to hear what other people say
Mandarin flows in and out of my ear
I do not get it but silenty sing
As strings from an ochestra fill my brain
Down another flight of stairs
People hustling and bustling to get there
I'm not worried though I never wait long
I do not bother looking at the constant ads
Nothing impresses me as much as the scenery
Cold hard cement curved like a half dome
A bristle wind comes by as I get to my stop
Stand behind the yellow line or get taken back
Fingering the white and blue electronic paper
I try to keep my mind off of the guard there
Rarely do I see one of these where
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desktop of eros by johnayanami desktop of eros :iconjohnayanami:johnayanami 0 2
Acceptance of War
i do not want this
curled up against the dirt
my hands - i can't tell where they are
the 3rd week for this shirt
and i know i'm not too far
far from the front
where the battle rages on
but it is here we hunt
we continue to deal pain with scorn
scorn for those that kill us
hatred of our own actions
yearning for the ration trucks
denied those daily satisfactions
satisfactions that have been lost
underneath the destroyed shrapnel
all vying to pay the cost
of the death of the colonel
i do not want this
the trench in the mud
the body covered in blood
the shell that wasn't a dud
the unmoveable rud
neverending battle
marching like cattle
shocked by the prattle
the machine guns rattle
deafened by the bomb
thinking of mom
tobacoo nor words can calm
never went to the prom
a pull of the pin
wanting to grin
questions of sin
what is there to win
i do not want this
we tear them to shreds
bayonets and lead
the gun to a skull
all in a moment
the battle changes
heels dig in their holes
and the bullets
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More Than Life Itself
More Than Life Itself
Forget what I said for if it means nothing
to you, it means nothing to me.
but you mean everything to me.
Forget that I love you more than life itself,
forget that I could be real if you only
looked deep enough into my eyes
you would see my purpose
my soul that gazes into yours.
I'm here, I have not left you without my love.
I'm here, I have not forgotten a single word you've said.
I'm here, I have not cried for this long before.
Do not leave me here to my loneliness
in a world deprived of you and your wonders.
Do not forget my words, my arms around you,
my quintessence living inside you.
I'm always living inside that part of you that
is still alive and well.
I love you more than life itself.
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death comes to us all by ketsugi death comes to us all :iconketsugi:ketsugi 1 6 mandelbrot tat 01 by davidian mandelbrot tat 01 :icondavidian:davidian 21 21
The Phoenix
The Phoenix
The bird shimmered,
Like the shine of the sun,
Like fire.
Its feathers,
Red, orange, gold,
Its feathers glowed.
The creature's deep, green eyes widened.
The sun was at its highest.
Suddenly, flames flew from the bird.
It let out a sole screech,
A spine-tingling screech,
A death screech.
Then nothing
No fire,
No sound,
No bird
Everything stopped.
Even the wind in the trees stopped,
In anticipation,
But for what?
Suddenly a red orb,
Appeared in the crater the bird had left;
It levitated
And grew.
Still, all was silent.
Seconds, minutes, maybe hours passed -
All remained idle;
Then there was light
Blinding light,
White light
And a screech,
This time louder,
More powerful than before.
The orb flamed;
It started to wobble distortedly.
An orange feather appeared
It floated down to the ground
Slowly and carefully.
Then as it touched the ground,
The orb exploded.
As if the feather was a starting-gun in a race.
Through the beaming light,
One thing could be seen,
:iconrampart:rampart 1 8
Elvish cyberpunk
Chapter one: Copyright of Filament Inc.
Stranger things than Aarana had been invented, or resurfaced from long forgotten genes. But, as of yet, she was the only fully of her kind, and lived in the luxury and anxiety of one who is without peer but also without kin. The few who found themselves in her apartment saw something like a meaningful dream. Modern technology and black slates reigned supreme; even the walls, one of which had a slight dent, were a concrete metallic mixture to keep out the impurities of the outside world. Computer components occupied a great percentage of the small space she occupied making it necessary to double the uses of some objects. Her bed and a table were one in the same, so she had to clear off a large amount of junk before she could sleep. She had an interface for the Cyberworld for which a monitor covered an entire wall. She also "made use" of floor space by leaving equipment in heaps and letting input disks for every program imaginable rest and collect
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Orange Graphics V7 Promo by cranial-bore Orange Graphics V7 Promo :iconcranial-bore:cranial-bore 3 16



John Henry
Artist | Literature
Current Residence: Vancouver, British Columbia
Favourite genre of music: Hip-hop, Rap
Favourite photographer: Blake
Favourite style of art: Photography
Operating System: Windows XP
MP3 player of choice: Sony (Minidisc!)
Wallpaper of choice: Anime rotations...
Skin of choice: Anime rotations..
Favourite cartoon character: Arima Soichiro
Personal Quote: futari ni ita hihi
Woop.  If you actually want to check out my journal, you can follow the arrows..

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the name, johnayanami, is a very old one from when I was a young lass, just starting to explore anime and watched evangelion, if you wanted to know. :D


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John was a really sweet guy.

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Have you ever had a dream, that you were so sure was real? What if you were unable to wake from that dream? How would you know the difference between the dream world and the real world?

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You take the blue pill, the story ends. Your browser closes and you believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill, you stay in wonderland. And, I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes.

I offer only the truth, nothing more.

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