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Army of Men Prologue Nobody's Home pt.1 :iconjohnathan-katz:johnathan-katz 0 8
Army of Men Story Test
After things had settled down after Helena's arrival, the young raccoon spent the next few months helping around the village to prove she was worth keeping around and not just another mouth to help feed.
She quickly because a valuable asset to those already living there and soon nearly everybody was asking for her help, something that irked Luke greatly, but he quickly got over it when something more important needed his attention.
" Hey thanks for helping me out there in the wastes today," Misty said calmly as she set down her spoils," I'm really glad you're around to help people like me out. Don't know what I'd do without ya."
Helena blushed a little under her fur and set her spoils down next to the lemur's, " Don't worry about it, I just like helping out you know? My dad always taught me to help those in needed, even if it meant sacrificing life and limb."
The lemur scratched her head gently and sat down next to the pile of scrap, " I wouldn't want you to do that just for me kid, in
:iconjohnathan-katz:johnathan-katz 0 0
Army of Men Plot and Setting
The Great War was an event that happened during October 23rd in the year 2077, and was an event that would forever change the world and it's history as nearly every living thing on the planet not lucky enough to have took shelter, was obliterated in the hellfire that rained from above.
The cause of the war was an all out fight over dwindling resources by all major and nuclear capable countries of the world, those being the United States of America, Russia and the now former USSR, and China mainly; the main reason for the fight over the resources being that the technology of the day wasn't very efficient at using the energy provided and those developing the tech wasn't very knowledgeable at creating smaller and more energy efficient means of using the energy such as fossil fuels.
The result of this energy crisis was an increasing scramble by all of the advanced, industrialized nations to secure the few remaining supplies of untapped petroleum around the world.
Ultimately, a series of mi
:iconjohnathan-katz:johnathan-katz 0 1
9 Lives Test
Dull, predictable and boring, that's how life in this town is, nothing exciting ever happens here if at all, just the same old shit over and over again.
Makes me want to kill myself most of the time actually.
My name is Momo Kitten and I live a mostly uninteresting life, I have a dead end job working as a librarian in ES Town and live in a relatively small one room apartment that's charging me more every month because they thought of a new way to charge their tenants by basically making people pay a premium for essential living things like light and heat.
But not all is as bad as I usually make it out to be, the monotonous days are almost always broken up by my childhood friend Pudding, and I've been friends with her for as long as I can remember, since, well childhood, practically from the time we were born.
Unfortunately today she's actually out on a trip with her other girlfriends from her school and won't be back until later in the week, so now I usually just sit around the apartme
:iconjohnathan-katz:johnathan-katz 1 9
Mature content
Fred :iconjohnathan-katz:johnathan-katz 0 5
Army of Men Character Sheet 2
Name: Tommy Hamilton
Age: 11
Species: Naked Mole Rat
Weight: 95lbs
Distinct Markings: None
Body Color: Cream
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Hazel
Skills/Abilities: Has an outstanding ability to take complex machines apart and put them back together, and is also quite skilled in rebuilding weapons with existing parts.
Mother: Julia Hamilton
Father: Maximilian Hamilton
Parents Status: Deceased
Biography: Tommy was raised from a mother and father that both had an extensive gun collection and they taught him how to defend himself should the need arise, with the demonstration of how to discharge a firearm from how to clean it, take it apart and put it back together.
After witnessing both his parents die in what seemed to be a raid on their underground shelter, Tommy managed to kill his parents assailants and since then he has taught himself how to survive in the world above, radiation and all; luckily since his mother and father were pretty much gun crazy, they left him a m
:iconjohnathan-katz:johnathan-katz 0 0
Army of Men Character Sheet
Character List for Army of Men
Written by: Johnathan Katz
Name: Helena Mapplethorpe
Age: 10
Species: Raccoon
Weight: 90lbs
Distinct Markings: Has multiple ring type coloration on her tail and one black blotch on her left cheek
Fur color:
Body: Smokey Gray
Ring Color: Black
Hair Color: Burnt Orange/Blood Red
Eye Color: Emerald Green
Skills/Abilities: Can run quickly over short distances, cooking, cleaning, displays gymnastic abilities from time to time, extremely strong leadership qualities for her age, weapons handling, combat abilities
Mother: June Mapplethorpe
Father: Howard Mapplethorpe
Parents Status: Deceased
Helena's Status: Living
Biography: Raised somewhere in Northern Massachusetts, Helena lived a relatively quiet life up until the age of 7 when the bombs started to fall, her entire town was completely destroyed and left nothing but a scant few survivors in it's wake.
Helena was spared her life due to her parents swift thinking by hiding her away in an underg
:iconjohnathan-katz:johnathan-katz 0 2
Yuki Profile by johnathan-katz Yuki Profile :iconjohnathan-katz:johnathan-katz 4 18
Mature content
Into the Unknown :iconjohnathan-katz:johnathan-katz 0 2
We all miss the ones who pass on under the light of god.
Treated with dignity are the souls of the departed, moving towards the bright blue skies above our busy human world.
Soon to be forgotten are they, the souls of the departed.
Tears dry and fade as time passes under him, then we the living continue on in pain and suffering.
Waiting out our lives until our time to die.
How will it happen?
When? Why?
Hiding in fear for our lives are we, never realizing it comes anyway.
Fear for death, only outrages the reaper giving us slow and painful death.
Suffering are we in our last days of life, said frail life.
Will it happen to me?
I have so much to do on earth.
No one cares about it.
Tossed aside is life, suicide we commit.
Will you miss me when I'm gone?
:iconjohnathan-katz:johnathan-katz 0 18
Mature content
Always Never the Same Ch. 1 :iconjohnathan-katz:johnathan-katz 0 13
Princess Sexy Christmas II by johnathan-katz
Mature content
Princess Sexy Christmas II :iconjohnathan-katz:johnathan-katz 5 5
Princess Sexy Christmas by johnathan-katz
Mature content
Princess Sexy Christmas :iconjohnathan-katz:johnathan-katz 7 9
Merry Christmas Ritsuko Sexy by johnathan-katz
Mature content
Merry Christmas Ritsuko Sexy :iconjohnathan-katz:johnathan-katz 0 5
Merry Christmas Ritsuko by johnathan-katz Merry Christmas Ritsuko :iconjohnathan-katz:johnathan-katz 0 8 Ritsuko by johnathan-katz Ritsuko :iconjohnathan-katz:johnathan-katz 3 3


Massagelover sheep girl(term33) by Ikemura-Hiroichi Massagelover sheep girl(term33) :iconikemura-hiroichi:Ikemura-Hiroichi 236 19 Bowsette by Enmanuelart20 Bowsette :iconenmanuelart20:Enmanuelart20 711 12 Renamon going Social Media (part 2/2) by HyenaTig
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Renamon going Social Media (part 2/2) :iconhyenatig:HyenaTig 149 27
Scorbunny by TwistedScarlett60
Mature content
Scorbunny :icontwistedscarlett60:TwistedScarlett60 597 24
Queen Bowsette by ReddGeist Queen Bowsette :iconreddgeist:ReddGeist 712 15 Sophia by CoffeeChicken
Mature content
Sophia :iconcoffeechicken:CoffeeChicken 396 17
Bea Practice Drawing by TeaDook716
Mature content
Bea Practice Drawing :iconteadook716:TeaDook716 48 3
Sawyer is a Good Girl by Gannadene Sawyer is a Good Girl :icongannadene:Gannadene 654 27 Peachy Keen by Gannadene Peachy Keen :icongannadene:Gannadene 666 21 Bowsette by Gannadene Bowsette :icongannadene:Gannadene 582 18 Midna + Grapes by ManiacPaint
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Midna + Grapes :iconmaniacpaint:ManiacPaint 322 53
Sticks Love Bite by Gannadene Sticks Love Bite :icongannadene:Gannadene 876 25 Newgrounds Super Crown Contest by lypotatoes Newgrounds Super Crown Contest :iconlypotatoes:lypotatoes 102 11 Free me by Shnider Free me :iconshnider:Shnider 648 39 Bowser by OppaiHobby Bowser :iconoppaihobby:OppaiHobby 767 34 Bowsette .png by aekah Bowsette .png :iconaekah:aekah 166 0


Real or heavily photoshopped? The image blurs the lines between the two so much that I can't even tell, but that is in no way a bad thi...


Momo Mammari by TheDJTC Momo Mammari :iconthedjtc:TheDJTC 8 18 Amy Fall by TheDJTC Amy Fall :iconthedjtc:TheDJTC 17 9


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Every now and again I visit my DA page, just to save something I might like in the rare instances I'm ever bothered to login.
Nothing too interesting to really see here, just felt like posting for the first time in ages.


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