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Rons livin rude

By john2dope
an easy freehand but a difficult tat to do, my buddy ron and his blacklite ink I pounded in.
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For serious, could you do a triforce like that? Like, on the back of a hand? My cousin really wants one like that but he can't find anyone that'll do it.
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is that tat going to last... does it show up in the light at all??? this idea would add some really cool new concepts to a tat design...
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ooo where do you live I'm looking for an artist not afraid of black light work for some intresting shit done on me... Please do contact me =]
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Lancaster cali, you can finds out all abouts me at everyones favorite place to hate, myspace. just go to and under the contacts is my link :)
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How long does the ink last?
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rest of your days.
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wiat how does that work. just traditional blacklight ink? is there any trick to it or what?
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Wow. O_O
I had this idea a while ago, I didn't know people were actually doing it already.
Well... darn. There goes all my cool mad scientist experiments. xD
Fucking awesome. I want one. <3
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thats so cool! So that will stay just like a normal tat? I've never seen anything like it.
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LOL wow ok i guess this answers my question from before! very interesting... i've been pondering a tattoo for myself for a few years now i think i would definately choose to have this involved somehow.. looks difficult to do though... you must have had to outline the letters at least with pen or something right?.. still would be a pain if that paint is clear goin on.
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looks like it came out pretty nice, but most of the stuff i had seen about the blacklight inks were that they contained certain types of carcinogens that when put into the body naturally upped your chances of getting cancer. it's all in the makeup of what makes it reactive to the UV spectrum. but maybe someone has made a better type, and that's what your refering to. if so, i'll need to see where i can pick some up at, for my future tat's.
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Ive heard similar things about this glow in the dark ink i guess they had out a while back, but i guess the uv is supposed to be the safest ink out there, fda approved, because its what they used to use to tag fish and stuff, i think i bought mine from chamelean inks or something, sorry about the spelling, its early in the morn.
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np man, thanks for the tip...i'll try to look into it, and see what all i can find. because for the tat designs i want coming up, some additional glow effects would be excellent, but i wasn't willing to start trying to risk cancer or some shit just for a slightly better art which only works under UV, ya know?

i got a theory question for you about it we've seen, it works fine on it's own, but could you readily blend it with any color of normal inks or would than lesson it's effects? basically i'm just wondering if it's gotta be done in two steps, or can be done in one. not that it really matters.
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love the blacklite ink.... Got som did it heal????
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I only heard about this stuff, very nice....ooh, I'd want my whole body covered in writing...that would be awesome...

Boy, you're givin' me ideas...but the ink is expensive, yes?
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that is wicked!! I didn't know this could be done, now you're giving me soooo many ideas!! hehehehe
and how do you get it in exactly, since, as you said, you can't see the ink? do you do it under the black light? :confuse:
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I usually just go from the irraitation of how the skin looks, unless its a touch up.
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Cool! I didn't know you could get blacklight tattoos...I want one. O_O
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Is there anything different with the black light repondant ink, as opposed to normal ink that is. (like fading, cost, ect...) i know absolutely nothing about tattoos, but i hope to get one in the near distant future and this is a rather interesting concept
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everything, it costs more because the ink does, and its apain getting it in there, and all health risks are low because its one of the few inks that is fda approved, because it was used on fish and etc when kept in captivity to keep tabs on them. :)
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hmm... Costs more as in a couple bucks or significantly more? And when you say its a pain is that for the TattooER or the TattooEE? (not that I'm squimish towards pain, just want to have a general idea of what it will be like). Thats really cool about the ink being approved, does that make "unapproved" ink dangerous? I've never heard of tattooing ever causing health problems...
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no it just means its safe for sure, cuz some people trip about ink that goes under your skin, makes sense. and its prolly like 25% more cost wise than a norm tattoo, and its a pain for us cuz youc ant see it the white that is, when your putting it in. its the same pain for you.
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