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Don't go crawling inside the refrigerator
I heard my aunt Winnifred call
When your old aunty Sue crawled inside it, it ate her
Gobbled her up, boots and all
The last thing I heard, was a sorrowful mutter
She said it felt cold on her knees
She only went in for plateful of butter
And a nice hearty slice of blue cheese
But the door - it slammed shut, and the light - it went out
And the fridge started rocking and shaking
And I couldn't be sure if, or not, she did shout
Over all of the noise it was making
So remember, the next time you fancy some cheese
Your poor aunty Sue's terrible fate
And resist you, the urge to go in on your knees
Or you might find you're refriger - ate
:iconjohn-ticklesocks:John-Ticklesocks 1 0
The wingly-wongly-woo (a cautionary tale)
Inside of my grandmother's teapot
Lives a wingly-wongly-woo
I'm not sure I know what it is yet
But it's yellow, and orange, and blue
It has legs growing out of its armpits
And has eyes where its legs ought to be
And long flowing whiskers as long as its arms
In the shape of an ongybong tree
It speaks French on a Wednesday and Thursday
And Italian on the weekends
On Monday, and Tuesday, and Friday, it's Greek
And it likes to impersonate hens
It eats nothing but jam and bananas
And occasionally spreadable cheese
But whenever it swallows, there usually follows
A small chirping sound, from its knees
And that, my dear friends, is the story
Of the wingly-wongly-woo
So please check your teapots, the first chance you get
'Cause you could have one living there too
:iconjohn-ticklesocks:John-Ticklesocks 0 0
Pesky little hair
Checks into eyeball hotel
With spiky luggage
:iconjohn-ticklesocks:John-Ticklesocks 0 0
I've been wanting to write you a poem
I've been wanting to write you a poem
And that's what I've decided to do
That would partly reveal
All the things that I feel
All those times when I'm thinking of you
I've been wanting to write you a poem
Since we met on that wintery night
When I suddenly found
Myself spinning around
In a world full of joy and delight
I've been wanting to write you a poem
And there hasn't been one single day
That I've not thought of you
And the things that you do
To me every step of the way
I've been wanting to write you a poem
It may sound clichéd, but it's true
Though you're miles away
You're with me every day
And you've turned all my grey skies to blue
:iconjohn-ticklesocks:John-Ticklesocks 0 0
Ode to my stairs
My set of stairs
You´re always there
Like a slopy and carpeted ladder
And with each one I climb
I realise that I´m
One stair nearer relieving my bladder
:iconjohn-ticklesocks:John-Ticklesocks 0 0
Animal wardrobe stupidity
None of my shoes, would fit kangaroos
And my coats would look silly on goats
A giraffe in my scarf, might just raise a laugh
And be subject of weird anecdotes
And if I owned pyjamas, I'd hide them from llamas
The same way I keep hats from the bats
But a large jungle lion, is welcome to try on
The lot
(I don't argue with predatory cats)
:iconjohn-ticklesocks:John-Ticklesocks 1 6
Brown and wet
Smaller by far than tangerines
Tastier than trampolines
Sit inside the mug much better
Lurking slyly at the bottom
You'll be really glad you got 'em
Just as soon as they get wetter
:iconjohn-ticklesocks:John-Ticklesocks 0 0
November the fifth
Spinny spinny whoosh bang
Whooshy whooshy whizz
Only one day when that should be
And today's the day that is
:iconjohn-ticklesocks:John-Ticklesocks 2 0
Beware the thruggle of woe
The zarbo of magical wonder
Contains many great treasures inside
Such as musical goats
Lithuanian stoats
And then anything else he can hide
But don't let him get near the thruggle of woe
He'll befriend the young zarbo, but then
With appropriate drama
Turn into a llama
And you'll never see either again
So that's why when I look in my cupboards
There's a space where there weren't one before
There are signs of a struggle
'Tween zarbo and thruggle
And a llama shaped hole in the door
:iconjohn-ticklesocks:John-Ticklesocks 0 5
Magical hippo
"Flim flam flum"
Said the hippo to his mum
And unwittingly turned her to cheese
Then this hapless young lad
Said the same to his dad
And transformed him to biscuits with relative ease
:iconjohn-ticklesocks:John-Ticklesocks 1 2
Ferrets of infinite dumbness
The ferrets of infinite dumbness
Set up business, just outside of Troon
Warning all of mankind
(and in Braille for the blind)
"This soup may contain traces of spoon"
:iconjohn-ticklesocks:John-Ticklesocks 0 4
For my sweetheart
Somewhere outside London
There's a road with a church on
Somewhere outside London
There's a flat – first floor
Somewhere outside London
There's a princess who loves me
A wonderful, beautiful
Girl I adore
Somewhere further west
There's a house with a driveway
Somewhere further west
There's a Mini in blue
Somewhere further west
There's a fella in love with
A wonderful, beautiful
Sweet dream come true
:iconjohn-ticklesocks:John-Ticklesocks 1 2
DeviantID by John-Ticklesocks DeviantID :iconjohn-ticklesocks:John-Ticklesocks 2 2
Twenty little prisoners
In a cardboard cell
One by one I send them
To a painful and fiery hell
:iconjohn-ticklesocks:John-Ticklesocks 1 0
Life as an undertaker's son
He sleeps in his bed,
Unaware of the dead,
Asleep beneath his head,
And he wakes to see another day.
:iconjohn-ticklesocks:John-Ticklesocks 0 0
Darth Vader's paintwork
Darth Vader’s paintwork
Reminds him of his daughter
With each new Leia
:iconjohn-ticklesocks:John-Ticklesocks 1 0


Visualize Whirled Peas (w poem) by Jade-Pandora Visualize Whirled Peas (w poem) :iconjade-pandora:Jade-Pandora 16 0
Kitchen Blues
Sunday was chicken and collard greens with rice.
Yesterday was fried ham and chit'lins served twice.
But today, yes sweet Lord, it's now in your hands,
Ain't nothin' shakin' now but the baby grand.
I'm tipsy when bread dough rises, like my love.
Oh dear God, I can't help myself, like my love.
On the stove, butter melts on hot slabs of bread.
I'm tipsy when the yeast goes straight to my head.
Can't hear you, you know what I'm talkin' about.
Soon's the weather breaks tonight she's goin' out.
She'll be dressed for sin, and won't be stayin' in.
She's smellin' BBQ from the chicken shack
Near the house of ill repute across the track.
But this sinner don't care what the hell she wears,
Or doesn't cook for dinner, and I'm beggin'
As darkness swallows her and laughs at my tears.
:iconjade-pandora:Jade-Pandora 97 93
The world glistened with abandon
in the electrical parade,
when and where the night skies too
seemed receptive and robust,
yet even while I'm still awake
I'm content in the quiet of my dreams
like the creatures and those who sleep
in the opposite place and time
where plans and promises of a new year
become folly, and no longer exist.
:iconjade-pandora:Jade-Pandora 32 23
falling leaves -
the young jedi
with his broom
:iconbogbrush:Bogbrush 4 11
CS Lewis, It's All Your Fault
So, here I am in a clone motel on the edge of an industrial town. The room is comfortable, but impersonal, soulless. In an attempt to bring some feeling of home, I hang the little stone wolf on its leather thonging from the mirror as I shave in preparation for the day ahead. A day that will be spent in a dimly lit warehouse watching numbers scroll on the screen as the clatters and roars of industrial ovens and shakers fill the air.
Thank goodness then, for that hour between work and darkness, a time to explore the roads and paths that lead away from the hotel. Maybe to the ruined abbey across the fields, whose grounds will be closed for the day by the time I arrive, or across the interchange to the wooded paths of the nature reserve.
Today I take the road to the harbour where the lights of the power station shimmer on the grey, surging waters and the great ocean liners bellow a challenge to the lines of geese that straggle south across the sky. Before the light fades, I fill the compan
:iconbogbrush:Bogbrush 20 23
Summer Soliloquy, 7.30am
It's one of those days, you know the sort I mean
One of those days with a clear blue sky
And the white clouds are few and far between
I'll climb behind the wheel of the car, wishing
To be somewhere else, just anywhere else
Than where I need to be today
But duty calls and I head off to work
Or shopping or the hospital or whatever
That will take up my time for the day
There will be a day however
When the lure of the road becomes too strong,
I will drive past the shops and the office
And just keep going until I can go on no more
Go until the moon rises over high places -
The barrow downs with the chalk-cut figures
And ancient, lonely fortresses,
The Welsh hills with their ruined chapels, crosses
Nestled amidst the tree-crowned summits
Out onto the bleak moors, the endless soaring sky
All heather, wind and time worn stone
Or up by the lone tree on the headland
Where the gulls cry and the waves rush
Against rocks in the darkness below
There will come a day, that one perfect day
I will just
:iconbogbrush:Bogbrush 7 24
Storm Crow, Gallows Crow
Ragged and black, you cold-eyed crow
Feasting beneath the gallows pole
Spreading dark wings as chill winds blow
To whom does your allegiance go
In time worn years living this role?
Ragged and black, you cold-eyed crow
What have you seen, what can you know?
Waiting there on that shadowed knoll
Spreading dark wings as chill winds blow
No compassion left, an ended flow
A hardened heart, a six foot hole
Ragged and black, you cold-eyed crow
Yet ill-starred one, omen of woe
Witness for a departed soul
Spreading dark wings as chill winds blow
Perched on tombs in patient row
When chapel bells begin to toll
Ragged and black, you cold-eyed crow
Spreading dark wings as chill winds blow
:iconbogbrush:Bogbrush 3 24
A New Year Haiku Collection
new year -
smashing bottles
at the recycling bin
little thief
she rolls the egg
with dainty paws
paper wrapped
fish and chips
- falling snow
grey skies
the best of the day
in bed
frying bacon
the meter reader's
insistant knock
on the bench
a mismatched pair
of wellies
frosted grass
the cheerful song of
the icecream van
:iconbogbrush:Bogbrush 1 22
Little Pieces
in the pond
three beer cans
one shoe
blowing curtains
spring air disturbs
winter's dust
the elderly gent
scares pigeons
sunny streets
so much mating plumage
on display
too tasty
this heart attack
on a plate
:iconbogbrush:Bogbrush 4 15
Today I Made Fire
Today I made fire
She danced in the grass
Hissing and popping
That one small flame
- I fed her on tinder
- I fed her on twigs
And she grew, she grew
With each piece that I gave
Today I made fire
She ate ravenously
Of the fallen deadwood
From under the trees
- Roaring with power
- Roaring with flame
Knelt by her side
I tended her needs
Today I made fire
She shared of her warmth
As we lay down together
Under the sky
- She flared in the darkness
- She sparked to the stars
And there I was happy
In her comforting glow
Today I killed fire
As I lay asleep
Unable to tend to
Her demands and her needs
- She died to a smolder
- She died to a spark
And only ash remained
Once I awoke
Today I make fire...
:iconbogbrush:Bogbrush 2 17
Silly Solitary Sock
Doesn't he realise he's been left behind?
The silly solitary sock sitting this one out,
a stick in the mud.
As his friends go round and round
he sits there grumpy, a spoilsport
Doesn't he realise he won't get a free ride in this house?
If he misses his train that's it til the next one
smothered, struggling for space
like all those sad sorry commuters
off to earn a living
Maybe I'm also a silly solitary sock
defying the barked orders of the grey man in his suit
and I realise the silly solitary sock isn't a grumpy spoilsport.
He's got all the other silly solitary socks to keep him company
whilst he does what all silly solitary socks do!
:iconserein79:Serein79 1 0
click, click, click, click,
shiny metal casing
warmed in my hands
distracted, daydreaming.
thud, thud, thud, thud,
heartbeat racing,
agonising absence.
anticipation, exhilaration
:iconserein79:Serein79 1 2
old fashioned -
no masochists
in my Chambers
:iconbogbrush:Bogbrush 2 11
The Burgerman's Song
I'm the man who cooks a thousand burgers
Standing in the sun
I flip the burgers, turn the burgers
Never do I burn the burgers
Not a single one!
Come and try my tasy burgers
Sizzling on the grill
All meat burger, homemade burger
Put some relish on that burger
Make sure to eat your fill
:iconbogbrush:Bogbrush 0 13
Science Jam
Scientists can have bad days
Franklin's lost his spark
Fleming's caught a nasty cold
And Curie glows in the dark
Nobel caused an explosion
So Galileo's seeing stars
Pillinger's lost his beagle
Somewhere out near Mars
Now Darwin held a party
To put everyone at ease
Einstein brought a relative
Mendel just brought peas
Tesla's built a death ray
And hidden it at Brunel's station
Newton's totally failed to see
The gravity of the situation
Heisenberg was uncertain
If Schrödinger's cat's alive or dead
So he used Occam's razor
To shave its fur instead
Faraday wanted to show his friends
How to make electricity for a dime
Bell's not answering his calls
And Hawking can't make time
:iconbogbrush:Bogbrush 58 121



Poet, artist, musician, juggler
Artist | Literature
United Kingdom
Current Residence: Farnborough, Hampshire, UK
Favourite genre of music: Rock
Favourite style of art: Abstract, Surreal
Operating System: Vista
MP3 player of choice: Sony
Wallpaper of choice: One of my own
Favourite cartoon character: Marvin the Martian
Personal Quote: If 66 is clickety-click, and 22 is two little ducks, why isn't 62 clickety-duck?
Howdy kids,  :wave:

I think I can now safely, and happily, say that Tickledrivel has returned at last.  I had been dry for a few months, but one particularly wonderful woman has re-ignited my spark, and for the first time in ages, I feel like I actually want to write again.

:D :hug: :D

I didn't want to jinx anything by promising goodness before I was certain, but now I am, so it gives me great pleasure to offically announce my return to these here parts.

Thanks also go to one of my very good and very long standing friends, Jade-Pandora, who has always shown great support for my drivellings and magnificent patience in my times of absence.  :hug:

Thanks also to Bogbrush.  Why I forgot to include him on the original journal entry I have no idea, as he has also been a constant supporter of everything Tickle.  Yours and Jade's constant support are always very much appreciated.  


Anyhoo, that's enough waffle for now, I'll be popping by some galleries over the next few weeks to appreciate lots of stuffs, so be prepared for some Ticklefaves.


We have a new member of the DA family.  She is masquerading under the name of Serein79 and is the reason for my re-emergence into the wonderful world of writing, as it is she that has re-ignited my spark.  Please feel free to head on over to her page, and give her stuffs a look-in.  I know she'll appreciate it.




Ash (also Cigarash)

Please also take the time and give these wonderful people (in no particular order) some love:-

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