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The Emperor's Dragons

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First piece in two months, running around on holiday! So good to get back to work, though I thought it would be great to get on with a brand new fun piece to kick start!

This is a captain from the third company of the 1st battalion, Emperor's Dragon legion. Last legion of the Emperor. Comparing him to my first one 12 months ago:… I'd say I've come a long way!!

Hope you like it =)

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As a dumb or silly question. Can you make a primaris Emperor's dragon Marine? And cataphractii? But I absolutely love your art.😁
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I would love to and have plans already, just need time. I've got a mental amount of work to do!!

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Since they are the 21st legion, which orginazational structure did they go with? If I remember right, each of the 18 First Founding legions had their own unique take on the same thing.
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Full strength of the Emperor's Dragons is unknown, with 10 battalion's of anything between 1000 to 10,000 marines under the command of a Commander.  Dragonatus, the Eternal Dragon and primarch of course leads the Legion as a whole.  Organisation of each battalion is similar to that of the Space Wolves, if only in organisation and nothing else, with squads of 10, 15 marines, command, etc in over-all similarity to the wolves, reason being that since the Dragon's roam the extreme fringes of the empire, they need a loose, adaptable formation to take on any of the Emperor's foes alone, as they are a secret and unknown force to a great deal of the imperium, except of course to those in the order 666 and inquisition...
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makes perfact sense, in the way the game ever does.
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What a cracking piece, the rain and wind effect works a treat.
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Thanks mate, appreciate it! I like your work to.. i'll pop you a watch I think :)
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Custom Legion by any chance?? *w*
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Got 5 for a custom Ordos
Paladins of Vengeance
Imperial Crusaders
Astral Dragoons
Knights of the Fifth Griffon
and one undecided name wise :P

I'll take pictures of their color schemes that I've made for them on Space Marine x)
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righto, well I have a full battle company of these bad boys painted with 10 custom heroes. I'll put up more art in the future. 
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Niiiice =^= 

Still painting mine :P
plenty of custom weapons and such since I kitbash more than I paint x)
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I always enjoy custom building, its half the fun!
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Seems to be all the fun for me at the moment xD
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The detail 0.0

And that sword!

Amazing. Pure and simple.
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thankyou! :). Exactly the look i intended :)
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Wow....just wow...
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Haha. Thank you. Still one of my favourites!
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Oh wow, that is just pure awesomeness: the pose, the armour, the decals, the Chapter name - everything about this is freaking cool!
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Stella work man :) Can't wait to paint my Sons of Orar :)!!
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Very nice my friend! keep it up!
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