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Prince of Ulthuan


Well I've been smashing #warhammertotalwar and having an amazing time. So it was natural to go off and paint some fan art. Plus its the comfort zone ;) . They don't actually have Griffons yet for the High Elves... buuuut, they are awesome so thought it would be cool. Thanks for looking! :)

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bonito dibujo.

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Love griffins!!!!
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Haha thank you! They are pretty awesome! :) 
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Gorgeous. Just, the colours, the perspective, the - just the whole thing, really.

"Wow" is wholly insufficient, but it shall have to do, since I'm too stunned to think of anything better.
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haha, thank you very much, appreciate it :) 
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This picture is just breathtaking. The level of detail is incredible.
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Thank you very much! Loved painting it! :) 
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Great concept and painting
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Thank you very much :) 
I like this. The background and the shiny armour are great.

The only slight criticism I would have is that the rear of the griffin looks a little out of perspective.
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thank you :) If you look again I think the issue wasn't really perspective, but issues with lighting, which I have now tweaked... Either way, i'll settle for this now :) Appreciate the feedback. 
It still looks a little weird but that could just be me (I am a little weird myself:) (Smile) ) still doesn't stop the pic looking great though.
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Amazing prince my friend, congratulations! Clap 
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Thank you again mate, appreciated :) 
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Glad you're enjoying yourself. Can't wait for the day when all the factions can have a Grand royal fight together, all together united by a love of friendly war and total destruction
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