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Ice Dragon

I painted an Ice Dragon some years back and I thought it would be great to revisit the subject.  Along the lines of my previously painted dragon:… , I wanted it to look like it belonged to the same world but on a continent far away.

Enjoyed painting this, took a bit longer then usual to get it out being busy between commissions.  

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Looks like metal. Neat.
ElvonUnicorn's avatar
Awesome ! nothing to say just feels :3
John-Stone-Art's avatar
Haha, thank you! A while now since I painted this one! 
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You are so good at detail my goodness!!
Lexion-the-dergon's avatar
Man, for some that's really 'cool, but for others that's a really 'chilling' sight...

.... I'll go now 
John-Stone-Art's avatar
thank you very much! :) 
darksidersreaperlord's avatar
That is an awesome dragon 
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GreenLinzerd's avatar

That's awesome.
John-Stone-Art's avatar
haha, thank you! Got a few in my collection if you want to take a squizz :) 
kelror13's avatar
Wonderful work. :) 
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I think tis is great! It would be really cool if you made versions of this one and the red one you made, breathing their respective dragon breaths. 
John-Stone-Art's avatar
Always a possibility ;) 
SylvioTenenbra's avatar
Hooooy damn, amazing picture! I love the sense of movement and he overall desing of the dragon! Great work!
John-Stone-Art's avatar
Thanks for all the comments. More awesome art on the way soon! :)
Zac-Films's avatar
I cant even begin to list all of the things I LOVE about this! He (or she) Look's so menacing, and the ice crsytals just add to that. And the detail, SO MUCH DETAIL! This is one of the most amazing things I have seen in a LONG time!
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Wow. What great compliments. Thank you, much appreciated. I can promise you more epic dragons in the future, I love painting them :D
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Beautiful detail~<333
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Cheers, appreciated :)
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