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April 19, 2015
The deceiver goddess by john-n-mary had wonderful stylization and colour that really pops.
Featured by Lyricanna
Suggested by lovelessdevotions
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The deceiver goddess

Fanart to "Onmyoji" by Yumemakura Baku. Abe-no Seimei dances in the guise of Ame-no Uzume, the deceiver goddess, wanting to draw Amaterasu's attention and entice her out of the cave she was hiding in.

Credits: captures from the "Onmyoji 2" film; Hokusai, "The great wave off Kanagawa" -- haha, i know its world-wide famous patterns look totally anachronistic in a pic about Heian era, but i've been in love with the expressive lines of this wave for years and wanted to put it somewhere; FubukiNoKo, "Bells" (special shrine bells -- suzu).

For Heian team on Winter Fandom Combat on Size A4, coloured pencils, pencil, white pastel, golden and bronze acrylics.

Upd: Ten thousand thanxxx to lovelessdevotions and Lyricanna for a DD, that was surprising and really joyful)
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(The ref links to the film no longer work.) Wow, can't recall a single picture with the nagabakama flowing this elegantly in the dance! Such beauty! All those fabric folds look fantastic and I like how the sleeve merges into waves. :) That mostly black torii also adds some nice mystery, but the most I like the flow of this piece! Awesome! :clap: 
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Your amazing artwork has been featured here: Voyage to the Unknown: Fan Art :heart:
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Thank you very much, that's so flattering)
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:w00t: Hey, congrats!  I just saw this :clap:
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Thank you, darling! Hug
That was just OMG OMG WHO, ME? RLY, ME? WHOOOA !11 XD
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You are welcome! :)
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I like this painting very much! It is very traditional in style, nicely evocative of the Japanese art of antiquity, yet you've done your own thing with it and the result is beautiful to behold. Great choice of subject matter... I like unusual subject matters, and this is actually a subject matter I am rather fond of. You can bet not a lot of people know who Abe no Seimei was (probably the greatest Onmyoji ever, as well as... if memory serves... pretty much the founder of that mystical art as we know it today). But, for those who do know, this is a pretty cool scene! I've always been fascinated by the Heian era... so many great legends came out of that time from Abe no Seimei to the Tale of Genji, it is a rich tapestry to draw from, and ideal for finding inspiration from. This was clearly an inspired image, and definitely one I will be sure to favorite! :D

That wave pattern might *technically* be considered by some to be anachronistic, but it is one of the ways you've made this image your own creation and me I love it, since it truly does add a strong sense of the magical and mystical to this scene. As it stands, I could not picture the image looking quite as lovely without it! Great work, all the way around. :)
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Thank you very-very much for such a thorough and kind comment! Heart

Abe-no Seimei is indeed not the most well-known person here on DA, so meeting someone who knows him and even is fond of him is just like a holiday -- and i'm really joyful you stopped here to leave some words to me) The novel "Onmyoji" and two films about Seimei are an unending source of inspiration for me, as much as whole Japanese art. For me, a Ukrainian, this is totally new, foreign culture, and different tries to combine Japanese images and some features of drawing style with my own way of thinking and drawing are always an interesting challenge. I even may call it adventure)
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Well, you're off to a great start on your adventure, my friend! Your art is nothing short of amazing, and methinks some of the best Japanese-themed work I've seen in a long time, at least as regards traditional styles of Japanese artwork. Myself, I've a deep and abiding love for Japanese art, culture, folklore, and mysticism! As well as being a huge anime and manga fan too. *Giggle* In the past several years, I've become rather more immersed in these things than previously in life, so when I spot stuff like your picture here it really sort of "calls" to me since it is something I have quite the interest in. Glad to leave some positive comments on your work! Keep up the great artistry... it is the kind of gift that is rare and wonderful, and can only get even better over time. :)
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I like how rich the colors are! Great movement, too :) Congrats on the DD :clap:
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Thank you a lot! I'm fond of deep colours, choosed the brightest pencils i could find)
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You're welcome ^-^
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I love the movement of your work!
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Thank you so much! That's great, 'coz showing dynamics is usually hard for me.
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Thank you, very-very glad you liked it!)
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that looks more like a male then a female
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That's because Seimei, even in disguise and crossdressed, remains a man)
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