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HERE IT IS AT LAST! I finally decided to create a Patreon page (which is more complicated than Tipeee, so that’s why I was a bit reluctant at first!).The 1$ tier gives you access to at least one painting/illustration/comic as a high resolution png file per month (at the moment there’s only two of them, but I’m open to any number of requests for high resolution files of things I’ve already made!), the 3$ tier also gives you access to work-in-progress commented posts with photos (two of them at the moment), and the 8$ tier also gives you a drawing (png file) of a tiny monster thanking you personally. :) I also still ha

I'm sorry

I'm sorry

Sorry for the art dump today! I noticed I forgot to post a lot of things recently, so... yeah, everything was posted at once. I'll try to update more regularly in the future.

I've been tagged, so let's do this

I've been tagged, so let's do this

Tagged by ~SteampunkedKAT ( It's been a while since the last time anyone tagged me with a meme... Rules 1. You must post these rules. 2. Answer the questions the tagger set for you, and create new questions for people you tag to answer. 3. You have to choose 10 people to tag and post their icons on your journal. 4. Go to their pages and tell them you have tagged her/him.5. No tag backs. The questions :iconSteampunkedKAT: sent me: 1. If you could be any animal, what would you be and why? Some kind of small bird I guess, because I have some sort of fixation on birds and bird-like things, and small because I'm a bit awkward. Although I r

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Hi there,

I also wanted to say thank you for your great and cute Doctor Who Artwork.

I was always a fan of the new Doctors and only a short while ago I discovered the Eight Doctor and I am smitten with him. The Audiobooks are awesome and your comics related to them in a most fantastic way. In my opinion the Eighth Doctor has a very hard life, he came in to it alone and in the end he is also alone with no companion, but you captured his earlier more open self and his later one very well.

I would dearly love to read the novels to get to know Fitz better, but no chance for that these days, especially here in Germany.

So just thank you again and stay safe :)


You're welcome!

The books are out of print but there's pdfs of them floating around.

Stay safe & have a nice day

Call me a Fool. Thanks for the tip with pdf’s.

Again thank you and have a nice time :)

Stay safe out there.

Hey, I just wanted to say, everything doctor who related you draw is super wholesome :)))