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[BNHA OC] Seiryoku Sachi



so, I again updated her appearance
and I also rewrote her personality (since it seemed to me that I didn’t quite accurately describe my idea about her character), bio, added a couple of new facts and new stats
I hope you enjoy these changes ^^

 Sachi (幸)
Surname: Seiryoku (精力)
Hero name: Breaker (ブレーカ - Burēka)
Occupation: U.A. student, class 1-A

Birthday: September 5th (Virgo)
Age: 15 yaers
Blood Type: B
Height: 160 cm
Weight: 44 kg

Nationality: japanese
Location: Japan

VATanezaki Atsumi
Love interest: Midoriya Izuku

Quirk: Energy waves
Genetic line: from father
Due to her quirk, she can use her life energy as a force. When Sachi's hands touch the surface, she's able to release her own energy, thereby destroying objects.

Seiryoku replenishes its vital energy in a dream, so when she wakes up, Sachi has 100% energy. During the day, the girl spends energy, replenishing it with a little food and water. However, this doesn't give her much needed energy, only 5-10%. When Sachi needs to fight, and she doesn't have much strength, then Seiryoku uses the coffee that she carries with her on her belt. This drink increases her energy by 15-25%, but only by 10 minutes.

The more she uses coffee, the more she gets tired afterwards.

Initially, Seiryoku could create small waves of medium strength. As soon as she completed an internship with Penny, she realized that she could control the power of energy, the width and the length of wave. Therefore, she began to train herself, that in the future she could fully master quirk. However, she doesn't have enough vitality for strong attacks.

In the future, Sachi will master all the nuances and be able to become strong hero.


Sachi is a very sweet and friendly girl at first glance. She is very sociable and generally doesn't have any specific complexes that would interfere with her in establishing friendly relations. The girl always supports everyone and tries to say something good, and thanks to this, many like her. Sayreku is also modest, trying to behave decently. He does not express his negative opinion in relation to other people, considering this not particularly necessary. Moreover, she tries to maintain good relations with everyone, even if she doesn't like someone. But it's not that simple.

People don’t really know what her behavior is false. Don't get me wrong, Sachi is really a very friendly girl, but she tries not to show her other side of her character. Seiryoku is actually much more persistent and stubborn, and she can also be sarcastic or impudent. She is brisk, Sachi can fight back and is not at all embarrassed to be even loud. The reason for her behavior is very simple - she just wants to be a sweet girl for everyone, who has no flaws and who is loved by absolutely everyone, without exception. Roughly speaking, Sachi seeks to please everyone.

Everything comes from her childhood, since as a child she was told that "she was kind of rude, she should be much nicer, she’s a girl." Sachi was a child and at times acted like a boy, but she didn't notice this and believed that everything was fine (it just is). These words made her think about it. Seiryoku began to notice, based on films and TV shows, that cute girls were loved much more, so she decided that she should take care of herself. It so happened that Sachi preferred to hide her nature under the guise of a “good girl”, however the more she spent time with her classmates from U.A., the more she relaxed and trusted them. And thanks to her mentor Penny, Sachi accepted herself and decided to forever abandon such falsity, finally becoming herself.

No one noticed such changes, except Kaminari and Mineta. These two liked sweet and tender Sachi, but they had to come to terms with the changes x)

+ friendly | purposeful | persistent | active | funny
- secretive | lying | intrusive

Likes: short skirts, board games, cute animals, comfort
Dislikes: drowsiness, insects, sunbaths and the sun


Sachi was born into the most ordinary Japanese family. As a child, she often watched the work of heroes who were very struck by a young girl. Thanks to her boy friends, Sachi liked this profession even more, so she decided to choose such a career. She immediately reported this to her parents, who supported her decision. Sachi's father, Mosaji, decided to teach his daughter a couple of techniques so that she could defend herself and that she could use the quirk along with fighting techniques.

During that period of her childhood, Seiryoku more often communicated with boys. They constantly played heroes and fought jokingly, proving to each other who would become the best hero. After a while, when Sachi got older, she began to have girl friends, with whom she also quickly became friends. However, they once told her the same phrase about her character that she was too rude and behaved like a boy. These words made her think, which led to the appearance of the first complexes in her. Sachi at a certain point began to watch many films and TV shows and often began to play a cute girl in front of a mirror, trying to behave differently. At first, she didn’t do it very well, but over time, she learned to be "that sweet girl."

Soon, when Sachi studied for a year in her junior high school, she and her friends transferred to another, because officials wanted to demolish the building of educational institution. The translation for her was not difficult, because she managed to make new friends and quickly adapted. At school, Sachi met Midoria and supported the guy when Bakugou again bullies him. He was pleased that someone reacted well to him at that moment, because Deku thought that he wanted to make friends with Seiryoku. Since that meeting, they began to communicate more often, and Sachi was very friendly to him, however, like to everyone else. But the more they talked and the more the heroes discussed, the more Sachi started falling in love with Izuku. The girl began to notice that he was very interested in her as a boy. This feeling frightened her a little, because she still didn't know what to do with all this. Seiryoku was embarrassed by her feelings and at first she hid them. This continued until the 3rd year of study.

In the last year of school, she decided to confess to Izuku in her feelings, but she chose the moment. She was then even more offended by how Bakugou treated to her friend, but she was afraid to tell him about it to his face, seeing how the others didn't stop him at all. However, her true persistent character forced her to do something about it, because Sachi could not just stay away. In the end, she still could not stand it and objected to Katsuki when he grabbed the notebook from Midoriya and threw it out the window. Then Bakugo was surprised at her behavior, because he had not previously noticed such character traits in her and noted that at that moment she was not at all afraid of him, even if she was able to object and frown at the offender of her friend. Even Midoriya was struck by her courage at that moment, which inspired the guy. Sachi helped Izuk get the notebook back and cheered him up, saying that they would become heroes and would also “kick Bakugou’s ass”. This sentence embarrassed Deku a little, but he agreed with her.

During this year, they stayed together, but Sachi didn't find the time to declaration of love.

In U.A. they were in the same class, which greatly pleased the girl. Sachi then became bolder and therefore she often hugged Deku, which greatly confused him. The rest thought that they were dating, so they didn't begin to be surprised. However, Sachi disliked Ochaco, as Seiryoku began to notice over time the feelings of Uraraka for Deku. But she could not express her dislike openly, because Sachi began to behave towards her not very well, although from the outside it seemed to everyone harmless. Even Uraraka didn't think about this, not seeing anything bad in it. Sachi then tried to somehow push her aside, intervene in the conversation between Deku and Ochaco. This really didn't raise any suspicion.

However, after Mina noticed that Ochaco seemed to fall in love, Sachi was very angry with Uraraka inside herself, but she tried to restrain herself. Then Seiryoku realized that they were talking about and Ochaco’s feelings for Midoriya. When the girls were about to sleep and Sachi was going to her room, then Seiryoku told Uraraka, without turning to face her, that she knew about her feelings. Then Ochaco was very embarrassed and tried to shrug off such a statement, but Sachi interrupted her, saying that she annoyed her. At that moment they quarreled and stopped communicating. Classmates noticed these changes in their relationship, so they decided to try to reconcile  these two. They gathered the girls together to discuss everything and make peace. Yaoyorozu then prepared tea for them so that her friends could relax. The classmates then retired, leaving Ochaco and Sachi alone. They were silent for a while, but Sachi first started the conversation. She said that Izuku means a lot to her and she knows him much better, therefore she will not abandon him. Ochaсo understood her feelings, so she told her that she decided to give up her feelings for him, believing that she needed to think about her hero career, so that Sachi don't have to worry.

Their conversation was difficult for both, but after it they felt better. Ochaco and Sachi didn’t contact so often, but they already knew exactly what they thought of each other.

At the moment, Sachi is friends with many and she is a very determined and friendly girl. She became even closer to Deku and after Christmas Midoriya began to feel warm feelings for her.


Power -  4/6 B+
Speed -  3/6 C
Technique -  2/6 D
Intelligence -  4/6 B
Persistent -  6/6 S+

Sachi's stats, according to the Ultra Analysis Book


- Sachi has a very sound sleep, it is difficult to wake her up.
- She sleeps with a sleep mask.
- On the advice of Penny, she decided to do yoga in order to better control her quirk.
- Since she is in love with Midoriya, sometimes she behaves like his girlfriend. Many in general think of them as a couple. Although in fact they are friends.
- As a child, Sachi's father taught her to fight, so at the moment she can show a couple of techniques and use them in combination with his quirk.
- At a sports festival, Sachi dropped out in the first round, because she was too tired. She then slept in the locker room and didn't immediately come to watch classmates fighting.
- Sachi loves roller skating.
- Sachi loves her long hair too much, so she doesn't plan to cut it.
- She considers her best friends Mina and Tsuyu.


Father - Mosaji (茂三次 - もさじ)
Mother - Hane (羽 - はね)
Sachi's younger brother - Takemi (雄三 - たけみ)

Midoriya Izuku: They met in junior high school. At first Sachi didn't seek to have a closer relationship with him, but somehow they often began to spend time together. The girl fell in love with him and wondered when she can make a declaration of love to him. Izuku himself saw in her only his good friend. Although he noticed her sympathy for himself, but he didn't think about it seriously. Deku probably felt some kind of falsity coming from Sachi, and therefore he didn't see in her his possible girlfriend. As soon as Seiryoku began to show her true character, Midoriya more gradually began to fall in love with her.
School friends and future lovers.

Uraraka Ochaco: From the very beginning, their relationship didn't work out. Sachi began to be jealous of Midoriya for her, and when she found out about her sympathy for him, she was completely angry. Then they had a big fight, but then other girls tried to reconcile them. In the end, they have a tense relationship, and Ochaсo feels uncomfortable and even to some extent guilty in front of Sachi.
Not friends and not enemies.

Oota Kageyasu (character of :iconaneko-tyan:): Sachi and Yasu quickly became friends, however, the guy felt that Seiryoku was somehow not quite good. He noticed her some falsehood, and when he directly asked her about it, the girl only shrug off. He didn't like this feature of her character, because there was some tension between them. When Sachi changed after practicing with Penny, Yasu was pleased and their friendship only got stronger.

Arashi Homare: Arashi and Sachi are friends / buddies. They had an internship with Penny together and have a good relationship. But Homare reminds her of her younger brother, since he also likes to joke about "her green-haired nerd."

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reference sheet template - :iconiya5rt:
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where do you find this template ive been looking for it for awhile. ^^;

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Awesome character!, just, if you read a bit you'll notice that cofee doesn't replenish energy cus' cofee does not help the body with the nutrients it needs, cofee just maintain you focused Llama Emoji-23 (Shyness) [V1] . Just leting you know...keep making characters tho.

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So pretty, I love her new look! :love:

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You did a perfect job on this character, I love her!!! Great Work!!clap clap Rin okumura (Thumbs up)

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hello how did you do to create your character ?

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I got to say, it is a good OC design. I think that the last time I seen her is... that she's originally Sachi Kuroda, is it not? I do like her original, but that does not mean I do not like her current one as well. And... This is a little embarrassing for me, but... can I ask your permission to... borrow or something like that for my My Hero Academia Fan Fiction book?

Do not worry, I will give full credits to you since you made that OC with so much effort, just like your other deviations

If you are interested in reading my MHA Fan Fiction Book, here is the link:

As of today, I am currently rewriting all chapters, from Prologue to Chapter 60. After I publish a new chapter, I will focus on rewriting chapters that I can do before I will publish a new chapter.

So... what do you think? I am a man of my word. I will give credits to you 100%. If you see this, please reply within seven days.

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Wait the minute your the guy who made a Izuku like Spider-Man

Yo bro just wondering when are you going to update it?
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I don't know what image is that, but I think you're talking to the wrong guy, my friend. Might as well comment to the image you've seen.

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I don't remember that I previously gave permission to use my character for fan fiction (if I gave, then please show me, I really don't remember). In any case, I am against this whole idea.
Please don't use my character at all and remove her from your fan fiction. I don't like it especially because you first add my character to the fanfic, and then ask my permission for a borrow.
I hope you got what I meant.
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I see. Thank you for your response. Sorry for using your OC as well. Not that I am really sad, but it is also my fault that I included your OC in my book without your permission. But that time, I was totally immature. I promise that I will change the character with my own OC girl this time. New Year, New Me.

IF you would like to, can you think of a Quirk? Just a Quirk with strengths, weaknesses and tips on getting the girl get stronger.

You can quickly ignore this second paragraph. All I needed is the response and that I wanted to apologize to you as well.

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Bruh. THERE ARE SO MANY GREAT OC'S!! I LOVE HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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This is a interesting OC, the hero outfit reminds me of my Female OC Amy. Another note idk how people make the awesome looking backgrounds for their characters.
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I thought this was an actual character. 
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Well isn't she a cutie~ ^w^
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I love her hero costume!
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