I finally have a website!

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At least I know now that I never want to be a web designer. Making this was painfully tedious!
My website: www.johannachambers.com/
My etsy store: www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=…
My stock account: :iconchamberstock:


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Rocky River Side by johannachambers Mt Rainier Gouache Miniature by johannachambers Discarded by johannachambers Run Over by johannachambers Salt 'N' Pepper --Miniature by johannachambers Pills by johannachambers Street Urchins --Miniature by johannachambers

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Daphne by johannachambers
Diana Beneath the Trellis by johannachambers Red Chinese Knots Necklace by johannachambers Abandoned by johannachambers Kleanbore Composition by johannachambers Royal Blue Drop Necklace by johannachambers
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Peter-The-KnotterStudent General Artist
Nice journal, well done with the website thing...(I know what that's like...aaaaaargh! I'm doing mine at the moment..."tears hair" ;) )

You should enter our contest with your lovely knotted stuff: [link]

Good luck with everything my friend! sorry haven't been so present but been ill for a while but much much better now..legs working again... yaaaaay!
Shall now pop over and check out your website...
Best wishes, as ever,
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:thumbsup::) Fantastic work with your website, Johanna- Best wishes!
Hope you are enjoying the summer now? I hired pro's to create
a website for my me, or for my business I started, as I moved
to Portugal and have to make a living somehow. It's a web store,
but I tried to create a simple google site by myself and noticed
even that was quite a pain to put together. Still, even for the
designer one have to provide all pictures and material, so it's
taking a while until my site is ready.
johannachambers's avatar
Websites are a pain! Someday I'd like to just hire someone. Mine is ok for now, but not quite what I'd had in mind either.
The summer's been good- lots of visiting with family. Some time for art finally, though still not as much as I want! I wish there were 80 hours in a day, but without me getting tired. :)
Portugal!!! That has to be really different. What's it like there?
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It looks very nice I enjoyed looking. Good luck with it all.
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Thanks for checking it out! :hug: Glad you like it!
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:iconhumlaplz::flowerpot: Hey, the pages look great :hug: Congratulations and best wishes!

I've made one of my own once -ten years ago and it disappered into the cyberspace, I got so frustrated that even I later had own domain for a while, the pages were never done... It all need a greater idea than just being a website to boost one for the incredible work to make it for something meaningful... ^^ Now I got stress to get into this too, again.
johannachambers's avatar
A site just got totally lost!?!? That would be sad after so much work!
DimagerDesign's avatar
>< Yes, the pages never was up where they supposed and new could not be uploaded to same site ((?)) I just wonder the amount of lost files in the cyberspace, actually fascinating and also frightening to imagine where they all travel, when not reaching they adresses.
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corrasionStudent Traditional Artist
great job on the site! :clap:
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Great job on your Website. :clap: and I love your childrens stuff it is so awesome. So I was talking to my wife and if we wanted a print should we use deviant or talk to you about it through your website? We my want one when we move this summer.
johannachambers's avatar
Thanks very much! :hug:
When it comes to prints, I get the impression that dA will provide a higher quality than what I'd be able to do. But if you want anything different from what they offer let me know! :D
jgrockphotos's avatar
I will as soonas we move I will get in touch. :D
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P.S. you should put your website in your sig lines to.
M-I-R-I-E-L's avatar
Your website looks wonderful!
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Thanks very much! :D
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chris10belgiumProfessional Traditional Artist
your website is beautiful and classy! well done!! :clap:
johannachambers's avatar
Thanks very much! :hug:
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zanck19 Digital Artist
your site is really beautiful,
i have send the link to my friends.
johannachambers's avatar
Thanks very much! :hug: It's not quite what I wanted, but it works for now! :D
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zanck19 Digital Artist
it's beautiful,soft and simple,
that's fine for a site.
i like it!
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your website turned out really nice :) I try to make my own. God... for 3 years. So I can totally understand you (I never like the layout, I'm so fucking picky ;__; )
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Thanks! It's still not exactly what I was imagining, but... better than nothing and better than having to hire someone! :D
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It's always troublesome when it comes to layout and realizing it with HTML. Well, CSS helps a lot but... I'm really bad at css >__<
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