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So lately, I have been trying to expand my portfolio of children's illustrations specifically. Once I have a set that fits that genre well, I want to join a children's book guild in San Diego. I need a few more pieces though! I need more pieces that look as if they could be part of a children's book. So I need ideas for new images. I am drawing a blank. I want a more action-oriented idea right now. Something where I can draw a lot of movement. So if anyone wants to give me concept ideas, or pass along stock images that work well for an active-looking children's book illustration, I would greatly appreciate the brainstorming help!!!

Congratulations to all the winners of Poetic-dragon's :iconpoetic-dragon: contest!!!
The contest was artwork made from Poe's stock from while she was pregnant with her son. Some beautiful work resulted!

Here are the winners, their winning pieces, and some other features of their work!!!

Grand prize: The Birth of Xavier by Doubtful-Della by Doubtful-Della :icondoubtful-della:
Some of her other amazing work: West Whitehill Winery vs II by Doubtful-Della :thumb27364647: Daddy's Arm by Doubtful-Della

First place image: A gift for Poe by Tattersail by Tattersail :icontattersail:
My favorites from her gallery: Valhall by Tattersail Lord of War's Last Stand by Tattersail Portrait of the Young Artist 2 by Tattersail

Second place image: Silver Statue by guardianleyevermore by guardianleyevermore :iconguardianleyevermore:
Other beautiful pieces by the artist: .My First Apophysises. by guardianleyevermore Guardian on Gaia by guardianleyevermore Jack and Kittie by guardianleyevermore

First place in Literature: At NightThe feast of a night,
Clouds ringing of fear,
Teeth long and pointy,
Eyes lingering a leer.
At a dark, haunted time,
This beast comes alight,
Slowly to your bedroom,
It scares you with fright.
Nowhere to run,
At this tainted time,
A vampires life you shall lead,
As you can tell by this rhyme.
And "So long", you shall say,
To your previous light,
A vampire you shall be,
A vampire of night.
by novran :iconnovran:
More of his wonderful work: Moooove it by novran FirefliesFireflies dance in the solid night,
Flittering and dancing around to sound,
Lighting up the beautiful sight,
Is the crystal clear night skies bound.
Thousands of lights spring up high,
Touching a star or two with the song,
They rest on the distant night sky,
Humming and listening all night long.
I lay on the hill gazing up at them,
They come to me and greet me well,
I lie back and sing with amen,
The night goes on as sight can tell.

Second place in Literature: Faint-Green EyesJessica Ender      
   Faint-Green Eyes
Now? Now, I am looking at a mural. It's icy figure and dark history reminds me of the most frightening thing that had ever happened to me. It was about three years ago, and we had just moved in a small shack in Alaska near a frozen lake. I was with my father and brother in a hunting trip, and we had just settled in. The lake, un-touched...or as it had seemed, with its blue coloring on the outside and black in the middle, was unavoidable. It's sheer beauty was unbelievable. It was like looking through a window to the mist lively sunset you would have ever seen.
“Hey, Colin! Have you heard the tale of the lake? People say that a man who had lived here had fallen through the ice and died. They also say that his body is still down there somewhere. I would want to see, but the ice is two feet think! Maybe it is an illusion!” my little brother, Martin, said.
I had highly doubted that the ice was thin
by Krystal447 :iconkrystal447:
The coolest pieces in her gallery: :thumb110600014: :thumb105478704: :thumb105784745:

Viewer's Choice award: Peaceful Not Forgotten by Flynn-the-cat by Flynn-the-cat :iconflynn-the-cat:
My favorite pieces from this gallery: YinYang by Flynn-the-cat Careless by Flynn-the-cat Angel of Music - lineart by Flynn-the-cat

Congratulations everyone!!!

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try to google filipino street games(like tumbang preso, luksong tinik, patentero, piko etc) might help..coz those games are usually played by kids and it's full of movements and energy..goodluck!
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Action... A playground story, boys love ride motocross on their bicycles, kite flying scenery, kids chasing a runaway cat causing a mess somewhere... An image of still unwritten story might be cool, because new stories in need of illustrations comes all the time. :thumbsup::)
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ShatteredSwordsProfessional General Artist
The little mermaid is always a classic tail (I pun :XD: badly but still) of which to illustrate. And anything underwater is always a challenge. I would suggest a Brother's Grimm vs Cinderella-esque magical depiction. Which you know would work for any fairytale. Staying away from truly iconic stories might be a good idea as well though, perhaps you could try a new take on the Emperor's New Clothes or a similar, little told today fairytale. Whatever you do I look forward to seeing :)
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iochoaHobbyist Digital Artist
I would try to "reinvent" a classic children's story, maybe something by Hans Cristian Anderson, or something from Asop's Fables. Just an idea ... Been going through a bit of a concept crisis myself ... trying something similar, myself.
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Poetic-DragonProfessional General Artist
Oh,and I forgot to add,if you do her, have her on her down time instead of working... Show her shopping in a mall with other fancy people/creatures or hanging out at home reading a book or watching the sunset at the beach or something like that.
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Poetic-DragonProfessional General Artist
Tooth faery!

Amy finally has her first loose tooth and she was asking me about the tooth faery the other day. I gotta find a picture of the tooth faery for her now because she wants to know what she looks like [most on here I came across were crap amazingly enough]. I was thinking a modern hip TF, not a grossly cutesy one like in all the other illustrations out there of her. One with one of these outfits: knee-high boots, short skirt, and fitted tshirt or blue jeans, tank top and bare feet [I like this one better]. And of course wings no matter what...but instead of little dragonfly like ones, make them big grand fancy butterfly like ones.
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skiesofchaosProfessional Photographer
Hmmm. A child riding a dragon, a horse, a unicorn. An otter in a Maxwell with time lord clothing, chasing a giant rolling cookie. A swarm of flying foxes wearing scarves chasing bear cubs that have their arms full of fruit. A Gnome blacksmith fixing a human pocket watch. Snowshoe rabbits pulling a sled with an ice elf driving the team. Two Lynx and a Otter ice fishing with a huge tuna leaping from the hole.

Any of those help?
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An Illustration theme approach might be to take a classic story - Hansel and Gretel perhaps (avoid the really big ones I think like Snow White and Cinderella) and create a few represe3ntative images for the story that most everyone knows. Alternately create a series of book cover illustrations for a half dozen or so of these stories.

Go back to teh original texts and find come passages that are a little bit obscure. You can include a brief passage in or near the illustration

good luck
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