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Red Chinese Knots Necklace

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A recent macrame/ knotwork necklace with pendant.
This item has been sold.
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Wonderful, talented jewelry, is there a way to buy this necklace?
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Did you use a different string over the pendant? Its seems thicker than the rest of the necklace.
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It is the same thickness of cord, but it doubles up in that part of the necklace. :)
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I know how to do most of the knots you've used here, but that one directly over the pendant - how'd you do that? And the four little knots directly framing it, the ones that look like little four leaf clovers?

Very cool. :nod:
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This is made of only two types of knots-- square knots and Josephine knots (also called a double-coin knot.) Plus the little bit of braiding. Above the pendant, I've simply made two Josephine knots back-to-back. There are instructions for the double-coin or Josephine knot at [link]. Hooray for knots! :D
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Yar, I know how to do a Josephine knot, yes. :nod:

Interesting what you can do with just two simple knots. Very well done.
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Thanks! Macrame' is awesome that way, so much can be made with so little! :D
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very beautiful :clap:
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it\'s lovely ^^
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What was the pendant made from? Is it metal? Do you know what the characters say?
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Some kind of metal--the pendant is bought, I didn't make it. I don't know anything about metals, though I'd love to learn that stuff one day...I don't know what it says, either :) Wouldn't that be funny if it said something wierd, and I'd have no idea? i just like the shapes of Chinese characters...
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I am wanting to play in metals too. I only have one high school semester of that for experience.

I love the look of characters from many other languages too. I am always left wondering what they write (other than 'happeiness' and 'fortune';) on these ornaments and if I should really own it. LOL.
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I remember this necklace!
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omg i want sooooooooooooooooo bad
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That is really beautiful, I love it.
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Ohhh, gorgeous knotwork! Looks like silky cord, which seems like it would be difficult to work with, as far as keeping the knots secure. Nice job.
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Thanks! On some designs I do actually sew overlapping cords in place in the back...otherwise they come either loose or too tight!
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Oh dear Kami-Sama, that is lovely! I wish I could make a necklace that beautiful.
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Wow! That's very beautiful.
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Ooh, that knotwork is gorgeous. What does the pendant say?
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