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Basic Quilling Tutorial

A quilling tutorial. Check out :iconsilentwisdom: for instruction and examples of quilled snowflakes!
Here are some other amazing examples of quilling:

Feel free to download for personal, at home use only. DO NOT publish, distribute, or reproduce without my express written permission.
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Thank you for the tutorial. I have never done this before but think I found the one thing I would enjoy doing as I have been trying to figure out something like this for years that I could make for family gifts. 
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beautiful work, thanks for the tutorial
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Thanks, it's my pleasure! :D
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thanks for this tutorial :)
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Hey great tutorial!
I have made a snowflake yesterday.. [link] & its really fun to do! A toothpick works also fine to quill! (as i dont have any tools).

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Really want to learn this art, can I publish and reproduce all links?
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It is such a fun thing to learn! You can feel free to link to this, yes. :) So long as it isn't reproduced anywhere without links. :)
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Thank you for the tutorial - I`m just getting into quilling and this will be very helpful. :)
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I loved the grape! nice tutorial
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Glad you like it! :hug:
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ok... thanks for the tips! :)
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Thanks for this sharing! How long the strip need (at least) for making a freeform? I tried, but when I pull it to make a shape, it became a terrible one T__T
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Maybe six inches or so is a good start... any length is fine though depending on how big a shape you want when you are done. It just takes practice is all. :)
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how do you make an offset circle?
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I just make a regular, slightly loosened circle, then I put my thumb and finger on the top and bottom (flat sides) of the circle and pull them to one side. Then I glue it, either between the circles inside or underneath the whole shape. Wish I had the means of making a youtube video; it would be way easier to explain that way! :D
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thats really nifty!
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Awww I used to do quilling when I was younger, except I used a toothpick instead. It was fun to teach to the littler kids. ^_^
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Cool!!; I like the colors of your tutorial!!
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What a vivid and fun tutorial!! Thanks for sharing! One of the best I've seen-
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Thanks! :hug: hope it will be useful.
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So, to get the shapes like the teardrop, petal, and oval (basically, anything that isn't a scroll shape or tight circle), you make a loose circle and push it around a bit? :O
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